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The Farm - Isbn:9781101613511

  • Book Title: The Farm
  • ISBN 13: 9781101613511
  • ISBN 10: 1101613513
  • Author: Emily McKay
  • Category: Young Adult Fiction
  • Category (general): Young Adult Fiction
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Format & Number of pages: 432 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Emily McKay. I'd carelessly left the door to this classroom open. It was a miracle he hadn't noticed it already. Wedged betweenthe door and the wall, heart pounding, eyes squeezed shut,I reached down and slid the shiv free of my beltloop, my ...

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Neumeyer K

Neumeyer K. Sailing the Farm

The Speed Press, Berkeley, California, 1981, 259 p. — ISBN 0·89815·051·5.

Ever since I was 15 years old I knew that someday I would live on the sea. That was when my father bought a 27-foot Bristol sloop. At 15, that sloop seemed like a ship to me, and the Hudson River on which I lived, a sea. My father would take the family and friends for cruises through the Hudson Highlands to West Point and along the New England coast to Cape Cod, Block Island and other far away exotic lands. They were really rather nice sails and it was a very nice boat, but alas it was definitely a one-man boat. The sails responded only to my father's hand and the tiller only to his direction. To me, the beauty of sailing was much more than a sport: a sailboat could be a place to live, work, discover and entertain in a dramatically changeable environment.

The Sailing Homestead
Living on the sea
The perfect survival retreat
Independence on thirty feet

Shipboard Finances
Choosing a vessel/Real security
Real money / Goods for barter
Making money with the sea stead

Survival Tools
Solar stills, food driers, ovens
Water purifier
Galley aids
Sprouting trays
Security systems

Farming At Sea
Growing sprouts, herbs and vegetables
Growing Spirulina algae
The Ocean Dairy
Seed, nut and dairy milks
Cottage cheese, hard cheese
Yogurt cheese

Sea Vegetables
The value, uses and preparation of edible seaweeds
Forager's guide

Preserving Food
Drying fruits, vegetables and fish
Pickling fish
Preserving eggs

Food Selection and Storage
How to determine requirements
Best long-term storage foods
Combining vegetable proteins for optimum nutrition
Storage systems

Seafarer's Recipes
Juices, drinks, smoothies
Dips, sauces and dressings
Salads and sandwiches
Breads, chips, cookies and leathers
Pies, puddings and fruit sauces




The Farm

Life was different in the Before: before vampires began devouring humans in a swarm across America; before the surviving young people were rounded up and quarantined. These days, we know what those quarantines are—holding pens where human blood is turned into more food for the undead monsters, known as Ticks. Surrounded by electrical fences, most kids try to survive the Farms by turning on each other…

And when trust is a thing of the past, escape is nearly impossible.

Lily and her twin sister Mel have a plan. Though Mel can barely communicate, her autism helps her notice things no one else notices—like the portion of electrical fence that gets turned off every night. Getting across won’t be easy, but as Lily gathers what they need to escape, a familiar face appears out of nowhere, offering to help…

Carter was a schoolmate of Lily’s in the Before. Managing to evade capture until now, he has valuable knowledge of the outside world. But like everyone on the Farm, Carter has his own agenda, and he knows that behind the Ticks is an even more dangerous threat to the human race.

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Agrodok publications

Agrodok – Popular series of 44 books on small-scale sustainable agriculture, published by the Agromisa Knowledge Centre for Small Scale Sustainable Agriculture. based in Wageningen in the Netherlands. Agromisa is linked to Wageningen University and Research Centre, one of the world's leading research institutes on tropical agriculture. Agromisa operates a worldwide online Question-and-Answer Service on small-scale sustainable agriculture and rural development issues, working with Wageningen University and Research Centre staff members and graduates and a network of organisations with expertise in specific fields, free-of-charge to individuals and intermediate organisations in developing countries. Agromisa:

The Agrodok books focus on the tropics, but the information is relevant anywhere. Clear and concise but thorough illustrated guides, savvy, written from experience, well presented.

Titles cover compost preparation and use, soil fertility management, green manuring, erosion control, water harvesting, soil moisture conservation, fruit growing, the vegetable garden, urban agriculture, agroforestry, soya and other legumes, seed production, mushrooms, greenhouses, granaries, storage, preservation of foods, crop protection, donkeys for traction and tillage, pigs, chickens, goats, dairy cattle, fish, rabbits, ducks, bees and honey, marketing, cooperatives.

In English, French, many also in Portuguese and Spanish.

Download. All 44 Agrodok books are available for free download as pdf files from the Agromisa website: http://www.agromisa.org/. Select Publications > Agrodok series > click on the “Show publications” button. There are four pages listing the titles. Click on the title you want. See “Download”: right click on the Acrobat logo and choose "Save Target As" to download the book. Click on “Go back to Publication List” at the end of the page to select further titles to download.

34 of the Agrodok books can be downloaded direct from the Small Farms Library, see list below.

Agrodok publications list

Pig keeping in the tropics -- Housing, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, healthcare, AD-1, ISBN 90-77073-53-1, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Soil fertility management -- Problems, plant nutrients, fertilizers, green manuring, crop husbandry methods, AD-2, ISBN 90-77073-03-5, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Preservation of fruit and vegetables -- Preservation techniques, storage life, AD-3, ISBN 90-77073-30-2, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Small-scale chicken production -- Breeds, housing, nutrition, health care, hatching and raising, improving local chickens, products, records, AD-4, ISBN 90-8573-069-4, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Fruit growing in the tropics -- Cropping systems, form and function, propagation, growth rhythm, crop protection, harvesting, AD-5, ISBN 90-8573-056-2, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

The preparation and use of compost -- Composting methods, materials, liquid manure, bokashi, AD-8, ISBN 90-8573-006-6, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

The vegetable garden in the tropics -- Vegetables, small-scale crops, cultivation, garden tools, AD-9, ISBN 90-77073-50-7, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Erosion control in the tropics -- Erosion process, technical & agronomic control methods, cropping systems, AD-11, ISBN 90-8573-013-9, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Preservation of fish and meat -- Preservation techniques, storage life, AD-12, ISBN 90-72746-01-9, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Water harvesting and soil moisture retention -- Water harvesting techniques, land rehabilitation, run-off, contour systems, AD-13, ISBN 90-77073-40-X, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Dairy cattle husbandry -- Cattle farming systems, breeding, calf rearing, nutrition, health, administration, AD-14, ISBN 90-77073-66-3, English, French -- Download here

Small-scale freshwater fish farming -- Fish farming practices, fish pond construction, carp, tilapia, catfish, AD-15, ISBN 978-90-8573-077-4, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Agroforestry -- Agroforestry practices, improved land use, farmers extension, AD-16, ISBN 90-72746-92-9, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

How to grow tomato and peppers -- Tomato, pepper, paprika, cultivation, seed production, AD-17, ISBN 90-77073-27-2, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Protection of stored grains and pulses -- Storage pests, preventive methods, non-chemical control, use of pesticides, AD-18, ISBN 90-77073-49-3, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Propagating and planting trees -- Multiplication techniques, on-farm nursery, natural regeneration, AD-19, ISBN 90-77073-99-X, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Backyard rabbit farming in the tropics -- Housing, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, diseases, administration, AD-20, ISBN 90-77073-74-4, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

On-farm fish culture -- Integrated fish farming natural fish food, fertilizing fish ponds, rice-fish culture, AD-21, ISBN 90-77073-44-2, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Protected cultivation -- Construction, requirements and use of greenhouses in various climates, AD-23, ISBN 90-77073-90-6, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Urban Agriculture -- Growing vegetables in cities, AD-24, ISBN 90-8573-015-5, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Granaries -- Storage, food security, income generation, AD-25, ISBN 90-8573-018-X, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Marketing for small-scale producers -- Trade, pricing, food security, production management, financing, cooperatives, AD-26, ISBN 90-77073-89-2, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Establishing & managing waterpoints for livestock -- Livestock water supply, finance, creation, management, AD-27, ISBN 90-77073-64-7, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Non-chemical crop protection -- Pests, insects, diseases, weeds, striga, Farmer Field schools, AD-30, ISBN 978-90-8573-074-3, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

The storage of tropical agricultural products -- Storage methods, dry seeds, oily seeds, root crops, AD-31, ISBN 90-77073-60-4, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Beekeeping in the tropics -- Bee keeping practices, honey production, bee wax, beehives, feeding, diseases, AD-32, ISBN 90-77073-57-4, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Duck keeping in the tropics -- Breeding, housing, healthcare, feeding, products, administration, AD-33, ISBN 90-77073-85-X, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Hatching eggs by hens or in an incubator -- Artificial incubation, construction of incubators, improved natural hatching, AD-34, ISBN 90-77073-96-5, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Donkeys for traction and tillage -- Donkeys, use, training, equipment, AD-35, ISBN 90-77073-95-7, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Preparation of dairy products -- Significance, hygiene, processing techniques, starter cultures, recipes, cheese, AD-36, ISBN 90-8573-062-7, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Small-scale seed production -- Variety improvement of cereals and pulses, AD-37, ISBN 90-77073-43-4, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Starting a cooperative -- Establishing a cooperative; advantages, types, organization, statutes, finance, pitfalls, AD-38, ISBN 90-8573-046-5, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Non-timber forest products -- Relevance, ownership and rights, processing and preserving, transport and marketing, pitfalls, AD-39, ISBN 90-8573-027-9, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Small-scale mushroom cultivation -- Oyster, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms, AD-40, ISBN 90-8573-038-4, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Small-scale mushroom cultivation - 2 -- Biology, spawn, composting, harvesting, marketing, AD-41, ISBN 978-90-8573-083-5, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Bee products -- Pollination, marketing, quality and regulation, bee bread, honey, royal jelly, brood, AD-42, ISBN 90-8573-028-7, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish -- Download here

Rainwater harvesting for domestic use -- Basic principles, pre-conditions, designing a system, materials, costs, water quality aspects, maintenance, AD-43, ISBN 90-8573-053-8, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

Ethnoveterinary medicine -- Diagnosis, materia medica, administration, conventional medecine, practical applications, AD-44, ISBN 978-90-8573-080-4, English, French, Portuguese -- Download here

A nursery man and his trees -- The work of John Maurice in Israel, the Negev Desert, and remote areas in tropical countries -- Mini-trees, fruit, nut, roots, AS-1, ISBN 90-77073-82-5, English -- Download here

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Farms and Children s Books

It's fun to look through a library collection of old and new books and make connections. Sometimes a whole theme springs up and other times all you have is an interesting hour or so of reading and thinking ahead. Today my books have lead me to the farm, a nice place to visit on a lovely spring day. I know the theme gets done to death in social studies for the primary grades, but maybe we can give it a breath of freshness.

Picture Book Starter

I always like to lead into something like this with something off-beat and unexpected and Stephen Gammell's Once Upon MacDonald's Farm (Macmillan, 1990 ISBN 0-689-71379-7) should give the audience a clue that this isn't going to be the same old unit. Lulled by the name of the farm's owner we think we're in for more e-i-oing, but Gammell's MacDonald is not an adept farmer. Sensing that his farm needs animals, he purchases an elephant, a baboon and a lion. The look on the baboon's face as MacDonald comes ready to gather eggs is only outdone by the look on the lion's at milking time. Even when a kindly neighbor gives him proper farm animals, MacDonald has one more laugh and surprise for us.


However, backhandedly or not, Gammell has brought us to the song. Bring out as many versions as possible: I like Colin Hawkins' (Price Stern, 1991 ISBN 0-8431-2884-4,) and Glen Rounds' (Holiday, 1989 ISBN 0-8234-0739-X.) A discussion of everybody's favorite version means you're looking primarily at illustrative styles. Make a list of the various animals in all the versions and you've got the starting list for research. Sing the song of course and print it on a large chart for some whole language work, asking the kids what they notice about the words. Then take a leaf from Gammell's book and bring out some non-fiction books on some of the exotic animals living on farms these days: ostriches, llamas and exotic fowl. Sing the song again putting in some of those animals and their sounds. Children who live in rural areas and even some who don't will know that cows don't say "Moo" and horses seldom say "Neigh." How about another rendition with real animal sounds? Enough? Let's move on to more farm songs like "How Ya Goin' Keep `em Down on the Farm," "Sweetly Sings the Donkey," "When Cows Get Up in the Morning," "Oat, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow," "The Farmer in the Dell," and "Knock-Kneed Chicken," are a few from my muddled brain. What can you add? How about the kids?

Bulleting Boards

Is it time for a bulletin board? When I think of farms, I think of scarecrows and there are many of them in literature. Sid Fleischman and Peter Sis ' Scarebird (Greenwillow, 1988 ISBN 0-688-07317-4) is one of my favorite books so it springs to mind first. Will you put him on the board the way he looks at the beginning and end of the book or the view from the middle where he's become a silent companion to John? Wizard of Oz 's Scarecrow will be familiar to most of the children. If there are scarecrows, there have to be crows and other birds not so far off. Which ones will you choose from literature? Joan Aiken's Mortimer? Mrs. Gaddy's crows? (see below) Brock Cole's "Winter Wren"? Mary Lennox's robin? Bill Peet's Homer? Nancy Van Laan's Rainbow Crow ?

Word Play

While you're on the subject of scarecrows, notice that Fleischman used "Scarebird." Since he played with the word, maybe you and the children can look for other synonyms for scare and crow and come up with new compounds like: shockrobin, terrorsparrow, frightenwren, alarmraven, dismaywarbler, and panicpigeon.

Farm Books: Humorous

There are so many great books with settings in and around a farm that you'll have no trouble finding many choices. Can we go for mood instead of strict subject? If we make three main categories: Humorous, Descriptive and Factual, will we have it covered? Humorous books about the farm would include Beats Me, Claude (Viking, 1986 ISBN0-670-80781-8.) Those of you who read my columns regularly already know about my delight in that one. I also like Mrs. Gaddy and her love/hate relationship with a crow by Wilson Gage and all of those adventures have been brought out in one cover: My Stars. It's Mrs. Gaddy! (Greenwillow, 1991 ISBN 0-688-10514-9.) Pat Hutchins ' Rosie's Walk (Macmillan, 1971 ISBN 0-02-745850-4) remains an all time slapstick favorite. Try having the kids tell or illustrate the story from the fox's point of view. And don't assume this is only a book for the youngest. Older students can analyze the book. What makes it funny? What role does anticipation have in the humor here? Are there other books in which the illustrations tell a different story from the words? William Steig's Farmer Palmer's Wagon Ride (Farrar, 1974 ISBN 0-374-32288-0) belongs with the funny farm books (no pun intended.) Can we include David Macauley's Why the Chicken Crossed the Road (Houghton, 1987 ISBN 0-395-44241-9) because it starts with a farm animal at least? Speaking of which, isn't that book really a fifth part of the author's prize winning Black and White (Houghton, 1990 ISBN 0-395-52151-3)?

Descriptive Books

Descriptive books might include Whoo-oo Is It? by Megan McDonald and S. D. Schindler (Orchard, 1992 ISBN 0-531-08574-0) which zeroes in on the sounds heard in a barn by a barn owl. Peter Parnall's Winter Barn (Macmillan, 1986 ISBN 0-02-770170-0) goes in that pile as well. So does Bonnie Pryor's Greenbrook Farm (Simon and Schuster, 1991 ISBN 0-671-69205-4.) There's no shortage of descriptive and lyrical books about the farm.

Other Farm Books

Where will we put books like Chris Van Allsburg's The Stranger (Houghton, 1986 ISBN 0-395-42331-7)? We need more categories. Maybe weird, fanciful, and sad will give us more room. Surely Jan Andrews' The Auction (Macmillan, 1991 ISBN 0-02-705535-3) belongs among the sad books although there's a note of hope at the end.

The point is that, by exploring a topic through children's books, children get many views of the same subject. Comparing fictional with non-fictional material is an obvious and useful activity. We can also compare personalities. What would a hen party composed of the Little Red Hen, Hattie from Hattie and the Fox . by Mem Fox (Bradbury, 1988 ISBN 0-02-735470-9) Rosie and the chickens from The Millionth Egg by Bernice Myers (Lothrop, 1991 ISBN 0-688-09887-8) be like? Would they like Roger Duvoisin's Petunia? Would the Cow that Fell into the Canal from Phyllis Krasilovsky's book (Doubleday, 1985 ISBN 0-385-07585-5) strike up a romance with Ferdinand? What would the Boy with questions in his head from Bill Martin Jr's Barn Dance (Holt, 1986 ISBN 0-8050-0089-5) think of Lonesome John? Would he invite him to the next hoe down?

We haven't even touched the non-fiction. We haven't talked in many languages about the various animals and objects on the farm. We haven't designed a farm of the future. There's a whole pile of novels with farm settings. So many farms. So little time.

More Related Books

Hello, Day! by Anita Lobel. (Greenwillow, 2008 ISBN 9780060787660. Order Info .) Picture Book. Grades PreK-K.
This is a good example of how a common concept, farm animals and the noises they make, can be rendered by a master using a simple style and yet result in something that transcends its simplicity. Rich paintings which both inspire and soothe accompany predictable text: 'The Cat said, 'Meow.'" A perfect match for the preschool set or a young beginning reader.

It Is the Wind by Ferida Wolff. Illustrated by James Ransome. (2005, HarperCollins. ISBN 9780060281922. Order Info .) Picture Book. 32 pages. Gr PreK-2.
Lyrical text with rhyming onomotopoeia describe the thoughts of an African American boy awakened during the night by the sounds of the country. The text is accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations. Read More.

The Life of Rice: From Seedling to Supper by Richard Sobol. (2010, Candlewick. ISBN 9780763632526. Order Info .) Nonfiction Photographic Essay. 40 pages. Gr 2-6.
In Thailand life centers around the growing and harvesting of rice. Here, with beautiful photographs, Sobol gives us a tour of the harvest celebrations and the families and farms that tend this essential crop. This is an excellent entry in the Traveling Photographer series.

Alida's Song by Gary Paulsen. (2001, Yearling. ISBN 978-0440414742. Order Info .) Short Novel. 96 pages. Gr 4-8.
The grandmother who dominated Cook Camp is back in this brief and very accessible novelette. With his alcoholic parents alternating between neglect and abuse, the young man is set for a summer of wary survival until the invitation comes from his grandmother to spend the summer with her.

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Agriculture E-bulletin No

New DVD compilations: Vehicle Safety on Farms and Child Safety

HSE has recently produced the following two DVD compilations:

Vehicle safety on farms – training films to improve transport safety on the farm

This DVD compilation of five HSE training films that look at safety with farm vehicles, plus a series of short Worksmart stories that have appeared on HSE’s website. The film contains English and Welsh subtitles.

  • Riding for a fall (14 mins) – just one or two days on an all terrain vehicle (ATV) training course can offer farm workers the skills to ride ATVs safely. This film features dramatic reconstructions and real life cases to emphasise the need for training to ensure safe driving of these vehicles.
  • A ridge too far (10 mins) – is a useful reminder of basic ATV safety procedures. It covers the importance of checking tyre pressures, steering and brakes, how to load an ATV, towing trailers, stability and negotiating steep hillsides safely.
  • Fatal traction (12 mins) – is a hard-hitting film, not recommended for younger viewers. It highlights the danger and gives practical advice to those working in agriculture and forestry on how to avoid them. It includes graphic reconstructions of fatal accidents and interviews with families of victims and gives examples of simple control measures that can help reduce the risks.
  • Tractor action (17 mins) - is a gritty and realistic film describing safe working practices for tractor operation. It is aimed at younger workers but is also of value to any users of tractors or tractor-operated machinery.
  • Safe Driving on slopes (19 mins) – informs and instructs people working in agriculture about the dangers and safe methods of driving farm vehicles and machinery on slopes, a major cause of injuries and fatalities in the farming industry.
Kidsafe – a compilation of child-safety training films

This compilation of child-safety films is ideal for teachers of both primary school pupils and young secondary school children. It will also be useful to youth clubs and employers, farmers, construction firms, parents and other relatives. It consists of two films previously only available on video from HSE plus a series of short Worksmart clips that have been available to view on HSE’s website. In addition, it contains a film from HSE Northern Ireland (HSENI) aimed at young children.

  • Dangerous playground (13 mins) – provided by HSENI, this film is set on a farm where the characters are younger and is ideal for primary/first school pupils.
  • Safe! Helping children to stay safe on the farm (14 mins) – Josh, Tanya and Alex (these characters are aged about 11) lead viewers around the farm pointing out all the potential dangers including moving vehicles, water, slurry pits, hat stacks, animals and machinery
  • Game over (9 mins) – is designed to keep children off building sites. Aimed at 7-11 year olds, the film is in two parts. The first is a drama about three children who go onto building sites with disastrous results. The second part gives a rundown of other hazards that could harm them and reinforces the message ‘never go on a building site’.

The DVD also features 18 Worksmart stories involving children telling stories in their own way and covers agriculture, construction, railway and falls from height. These 45-second mini-documentaries feature stories about accidents, near misses, hazards and risks to health and safety in the workplace. They have a lot of impact and while they may sometimes be sad and moving, they are thought-provoking and positive in their message.

Both DVD compilations are available from HSE Books (http://books.hse.gov.uk ) at a price of £25.00 each plus VAT. Vehicle safety on farms ISBN 978 0 7176 6252 4. Kidsafe ISBN 978 0 7176 6221 0.

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Energy in Farm Production - 1st Edition ISBN: 9780444886811

Energy in Farm Production Description

This last volume of the Energy in World Agriculture series is in many ways the series' Alpha and its Omega. It addresses the broad issues related to the use of energy in agricultural production, and also characterizes and quantifies the energy involvements of many agricultural production technologies. It is a compilation of descriptive and analytical information and design principles and data of energy use in this field. A significant aspect is the relationship between energy and agricultural productivity, increased knowledge and resulting improved management of energy-consuming operations on the farm. Information provided here has not been published elsewhere before. Throughout the book are examples of the important role that energy inputs have played in increasing productivity of the world's agricultural systems. Together with a revived interest in energy for agricultural production due to increases in energy costs, this volume meets that interest with valuable information and insights.

Table of Contents

General Preface. Preface to Vol. 6. 1. Energy and Agriculture (L.W. Faidley). 2. Energy Inputs in Production Agriculture (D. Pimentel). 3. Energy of Human Labor (R.C. Fluck). 4. Energy of Agricultural Products (R.C. Fluck). 5. Energy Analysis in Agricultural Systems (R.C. Fluck). 6. Commodity Losses and their Relationship to Energy in Agricultural Systems (M.L. Esmay). 7. Time-related Aspects of Agricultural Energy Use (D. Hunt). 8. Agricultural Energy Costs: National Analyses (V. Smil). 9. Energy Requirements for Land Clearing, Forming, and Ditching (S.F. Shih). 10. Agricultural Field Equipment (W. Bowers). 11. New Technology - Energy Implications (B.A. Stout and M. McKiernan). 12. Energy Conservation in Agricultural Transportation (R.C. Fluck). 13. Energy and Alternatives for Fertilizer and Pesticide Use (Z.R. Helsel). 14. Estimating Energy Use in World Irrigation (G. Sloggett). 15. Energy Requirements for Frost Protection of Horticultural Crops (J.D. Martsolf). 16. Greenhouses: Structure, Heating and Ventilation, and Related Equipment (D.R. Mears). 17. Energy Use in Animal Production (R.A. Bucklin and I.A. Nääs and P.B. Panagakis). 18. On-farm Processing of Plant and Animal Products (C.D. Baird and M.T. Talbot). 19. Economics of Energy in Agriculture (G.E. Grinnell). 20. Social Dimensions of Energy Use in Agriculture (C.G. Harris and G.E. Macheski). 21. Policy for Energy Use in Agriculture (H.F. Breimyer). List of Contributors. List of SI Units and Conversion Factors to SI (V.H.A.M. Oosterbaan). Subject Index.


No. of pages: 384 Language: English Copyright: © Elsevier Science 1992

Published: 11th March 1992 Imprint: Elsevier Science eBook ISBN: 9780444597816 Hardcover ISBN: 9780444886811


This last volume of the Energy in World Agriculture series is in many ways the series' Alpha and its Omega. It addresses the broad issues related to the use of energy in agricultural production, and also characterizes and quantifies the energy involvements of many agricultural production technologies. It is a compilation of descriptive and analytical information and design principles and data of energy use in this field. A significant aspect is the relationship between energy and agricultural productivity, increased knowledge and resulting improved management of energy-consuming operations on the farm. Information provided here has not been published elsewhere before. Throughout the book are examples of the important role that energy inputs have played in increasing productivity of the world's agricultural systems. Together with a revived interest in energy for agricultural production due to increases in energy costs, this volume meets that interest with valuable information and insights.

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Bill Willingham - Fables 02: Animal Farm

Fables 02. Animal Farm

A group of fairy tale characters are exiled from their mythical homelands and forced to take up secret residence in modern-day America. Those that can pass as human have taken to living as part of an underground community called Fabletown in New York City. The non-human fables (who can't live undetected in the city) reside at the Farm, an upstate annex of Fabletown. Something strange is happening at the Farm and it's Snow White's job to find out. devamı

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Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics - A Practical How-To Guide for the Farmer (2015)

Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics - A Practical How-To Guide for the Farmer (2015).epub Gooner torrent

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (February 3, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1629144452
ISBN-13: 978-1629144450

A reference and instruction guide to the mechanics of working the land.

The Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics combines three classic farming texts for the first time, compiling knowledge from the best sources published as far back as 1884. A comprehensive reference book that belongs in any farming household today, it offers an array of farm knowledge for both experts and amateurs alike.

The book is divided into three parts: the first covers general skills such as woodworking and blacksmithing, the second is dedicated to farm engines and how to run them, and the third teaches readers how to construct classic labor-saving devices such as an effective milking stool, plowing gear for a kicking mule, and a nest for egg-eating hens. Readers are taught to mend broken tools, make fertilizer and corn fodder, buy engine parts, and manage gasoline engines safely and economically.

Filled with intricate illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics offers a wealth of knowledge still indispensable to the modern-day farmer. Both the casual and amateur reader will learn valuable lessons from the old teachers of early twentieth-century farming in the United States.



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