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Poetry - Isbn:9780748688982

Category: Criticism

  • Book Title: Poetry
  • ISBN 13: 9780748688982
  • ISBN 10: 0748688986
  • Author: John Strachan, Richard Terry
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Category (general): Criticism
  • Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
  • Format & Number of pages: 256 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within (2005) is an accomplished (and witty) guide to writing poetry, especially metrical poetry. Those UK readers interested in writing poetry should consider joining the Poetry Society ...

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Ian Beckett: Poems - Hello Poetry

Dublin and Vienna 1956 -

A Gentle Madness - 2013 - ISBN: 978-1-304-16159-8
First Love - 2011 - ISBN: 978-1-4477-3086-6
Butterflies for Breakfast - 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-4452-0961-6
Reflections - on the road - 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4092-7104-8

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Comfort in Patterns - 2013 - ISBN: 978-1-304-53792-8
Traces - 2011 - ISBN: 978-1-4478-0549-6
Growing Old With You - 2011 - ISBN: 978-1-4478-1209-8
Poems of Love & Passion - 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-4452-1071-1
50 is only half way to 100 - 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-4092-8954-8

A Gentle Madness - 2013 - ISBN: 978-1-304-16159-8
First Love - 2011 - ISBN: 978-1-4477-3086-6
Butterflies for Breakfast - 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-4452-0961-6
Reflections - on the road - 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4092-7104-8

Also available on Kindle and iTunes

Comfort in Patterns - 2013 - ISBN: 978-1-304-53792-8
Traces - 2011 - ISBN: 978-1-4478-0549-6
Growing Old With You - 2011 - ISBN: 978-1-4478-1209-8
Poems of Love & Passion - 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-4452-1071-1
50 is only half way to 100 - 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-4092-8954-8




Poetry - ISBN:9780748688982

A shot rings out, the clock-springs taut unwind
as Tunisia fresh-quenched is set alight;
the mob's on fire, for opposition head
outspoken Chokri Belaïd is dead.

He aimed to steer the new democracy
in jasmine-scented fragile infancy,
a balance to the government in power,
headed by 'Renaissance' Ennahda.

But murder paints a red line too extreme,
"uncrossable" in our mentality
they say. Not like Algeria next door
which suffered such a bloody civil war.

As Chokri rests in Jellaz cemetery
a climate cold of fear reclaims the streets.
'They stole our revolution,' screams the crowd,
what bearing will the Arab Spring set now?

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  • Source:


    Pattern Poetry

    Pattern poetry--poetry from before 1900 that fuses literature and visual art--has existed since the times of ancient Crete and Egypt. Less well known than modern visual poetry, pattern poetry has been produced in most European and American literatures, and, as close analogues, in many oriental literatures.

    This book tells the history of pattern poetry, documenting and classifying more than 2,000 works. Illustrations of each major genre of pattern poem are included. The book also explores related forms, such as graphic music notations, shaped prose, sound poetry, and poetic labyrinths, to name a few. A glossary, essays by two world authorities on the oriental analogues to the pattern poem, and the first full bibliography on pattern poetry complete the work. With this book, Dick Higgins has provided an indispensable tool for opening up the area of pattern poetry to the scholar and the lay reader alike, bringing order to what has been an obscure and confusing area, and delighting the eye and mind by casting light on these forgotten treasures.

    Dick Higgins is an artist, poet, and Research Associate of the School of the Arts at the State University of New York at Purchase. He has been studying pattern poetry since 1968, when he was publisher and designer of Emmett Williams' Anthology of Concrete Poetry, which introduced that type of modern visual poetry to North America. He keeps his studio and library in a former church at Barrytown, New York, in the Hudson River Valley.

    Table of Contents


    A Short History of Pattern Poetry

    Pattern Poems by Language and Literature

    Dutch and Flemish

    British and English-language Literatures

    Other European Languages and Literatures

    Analogues of Pattern Poetry from Outside the European Languages and Literatures

    The Citrakavyas and Other Analogues in India

    Languages and Literatures in which no Pattern Poems have been Reported or Published

    Analogues of Pattern Poems

    Acrostics, Telestics, and Mesostics

    Magical Inscriptions and Formulae

    Mathematical Arrays and Poems
    Musical Analogues of Pattern Poetry
    Proteus Poems

    Rebuses and Other Puzzle Poems

    The Life and Death of Forms

    Hypotheses Towards a Theory

    Chinese Patterned Texts

    By Dr. Herbert Franke

    Sanskrit Citrakavyas and the Western Pattern Poems

    By Dr. Kalanath Jha

    A Glossary of Terms



    Poetry Read-alouds

    Teachers First - Thinking Teachers Teaching Thinkers Poetry Read-alouds

    For Upper Elementary Students

    Upper elementary students are able to tackle more complex poetic forms, pay more attention to craft techniques, and relate what they see in poetry to what they’ve studied in Language Arts—simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification, point of view, etc. They may also be ready to appreciate more serious poems and poems written about topics in content areas such as science or math.

    Use TeachersFirst’s keyword search to find ideas for poetry lessons and activities in all grades or narrow the grade range with the pulldowns. Here is a sample search for “poetry lesson” in grades K-12. Our lesson on figurative language (gr 3-5) includes related resources. You can also find resources specifically for figurative language and other poetry-related “tags” by clicking these at the end of descriptions in TeachersFirst reviews.

    Before reading
    Survey the class to find out what they already know about poetry and how much experience they’ve had writing it in the lower grades. Introduce vocabulary that will be important in your unit. Include words for crafting poetry as well as the words for the poetic forms you’d like to explore.

    Turn the students loose in the 800’s section of your library. Let them choose a variety of poetry to have in the classroom library for a few weeks. Encourage reading the poems independently, sharing them, responding to them in a writer’s notebook, trading with others, practicing several for performance pieces, etc.

    Look for opportunities to get outdoors or provide sensory experiences for students to write from.

    Consider some healthy competition, either among poems (which published poems are most popular in our class?) or among poetry performances. Jonah Salsich gives directions here for a Poetry Madness “competition” that’s reminiscent of March Madness in basketball, complete with the Final Four.

    Stage a poetry reading during a lunch time or in the evening. Bring out the round tables, the linens, maybe some candlelight, and celebrate your students’ voices!

    Have students try their hand at fridge magnet poetry. They can email their creations to three friends. Fun!

    A Kick in the Head: an Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms. (selected by Paul B. Janeczko)ISBN: 076360662-6.
    Twenty-nine different poetic forms are showcased here! Couplets, tercets, senryu, clerihew, double dactyls, roundels, etc. are shown (in groups of two or three) and then briefly explained in the back of the book. Even your most reluctant poets can find a form that they can have success with!

    A Poke in the I: a Collection of Concrete Poems.(selected by Paul B. Janeczko) ISBN: 0-329-41368-6.
    Sometimes called shape poems, this collection shows many clever ways words have been arranged to reflect the topic. Visual thinkers and graphic artists will enjoy this.

    Fletcher, Ralph. A Writing Kind of Day: Poems for Young Poets. ISBN: 1-59078-276-3.
    Older students will definitely see themselves in the narrator of these poems. Fletcher reflects on parts of speech, writer’s block, five-paragraph essays, metaphor, the creative process, etc. The message here? Poems can have layers of meaning; it’s the emotion that counts.

    Harley, Avis. Sea Stars: Saltwater Poems. ISBN: 978-1-59078-429-7.
    Inspired by Margaret Butschler’s lush photography of marine life, Harley created short poems in a number of styles (haiku, tanka, acrostic). Use with Yolen’s book (below) as a jumping off place for students to start with an image and then create poems.

    The Place my Words are Looking For: What Poets Say about and Through their Work(selected by Paul B. Janeczko). ISBN: 0-02-747671-5
    Thirty-nine amazing poets have some of their work represented here. Besides some excellent examples of poetry for your students, the book also gives a glimpse into the process poets use. Each poet reflects in a few paragraphs about their writing, or the back story of the poem that’s represented.

    Prelutsky, Jack. If Not for the Cat. ISBN: 0-06-059678-3.
    Rich vocabulary abounds in this collection of haiku poems about different animals. Great to reinforce how important it is to use just the right word, especially when economy of words (and syllables!) is so important.

    Raczka, Bob. Lemonade: and other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word. ISBN: 978-1-59643-541-4.
    Fun to read, and challenging to write, these short poems all tell a story using only words spelled with the letters used in the topic/title. Nice introduction by the author. Students who enjoy word play will love this one!

    Sidman, Joyce. Butterfly Eyes and other Secrets of the Meadow. ISBN: 978-0618-56313-5.
    This book (and the selection below by the same author) is a great example of integrating poetry into the content areas. Sidman writes about the creatures of the meadow and the pond in poems that truly celebrate the habitat and all of its sights and sounds. Interspersed with the poems are scientific facts and beautiful scratchboard and woodcut illustrations by Beckie Prange and Beth Krommes.

    Sidman, Joyce. Songs of the WaterBoatman and other Pond Poems. ISBN: 978-0-618-13547-9.

    Singer, Marilyn. Mirror, Mirror: a book of Reversible Verse. ISBN: 978-0-525-47901-7.
    Older students can really appreciate this clever collection. Singer uses fairy tales as the basis for her poems and crafts two very different stories using the exact same words in reverse order. Challenge students to name the narrator for each. These would be great performance pieces for a duo.

    Whipple, Laura. If the Shoe Fits: Voices from Cinderella. ISBN: 0-689-84070-5.
    The poetry in this volume brings to light many aspects of the familiar tale of Cinderella from the point of view of all of its players, right down to the slipper itself! A logical extension would be to have students create similar assortments of poems from other familiar tales, or books from their Literature Circles or Readers Workshop.

    Wonderful Words: Poems about Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.(selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins) ISBN: 0-689-83588-4.
    Use this one as an introduction to your unit of study about poetry because it is foremost an homage to words themselves and the magic they create. Individual poems deal with metaphor, punctuation, the writing process, etc.

    Worth, Valerie. All the Small Poems and Fourteen More. ISBN: 978-0-329-57336-2.
    This book is a wonderful example of the ways poets take ordinary things and experiences and turn them into something extraordinary. Topics include coins, chairs, shoes, garbage, tractor, etc. Great for discussion.

    Yolen, Jane. Least things: Poems about Small Natures. ISBN: 1-59078-098-1.
    Inspired by a quote about nature from Henry David Thoreau, Yolen teamed up with her photographer son to create haiku poems about “least” things such as snails, crabs, and spiders. Each poem is also accompanied by brief facts about the creature.



    Poetry - ISBN:9780748688982

    Michael Madsen Poetry Burning in Paradise

    Actor and writer Michael Madsen is best known for his roles in Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, Thelma and Louise, The Getaway, and dozens of other films. In Burning in Paradise, Madsen’s poetry explores the intense and gritty experiences of a man living life on the edge. These highly readable prose poems take us behind the scenes of Madsen’s life, from the bedrooms and barrooms, hotels and jail cells, to the car wrecks and countless movie sets all over the globe. From his childhood in Chicago to his legendary excesses in Hollywood, his writing is stark yet vivid; he’s been “sewn up, blown up, x-rayed, drugged up, tied up, and locked up”.

    Paperback: 160 pages

    Publisher: Incommunicado Pr; illustrated edition edition (June 1998)

    American Badass

    American Badass follows the success of The Complete Poetic Works of Michael Madsen, Vol I: 1995-2005 (c. 2005 13 Hands Publications) and Signs of Life ( c. 2006 13 Hands Publications). This is Madsens anticipated eighth book of new poetry selections which features never before seen candid celebrity shots and badass photos from his movies off and on the sets. Madsen dedicates this book to the memory of his friend and Kill Bill co-star David Carradine.

    Hardcover: 120 pages



    2008 in poetry - The Full Wiki

    2008 in poetry: Wikis

    • June — the release in the United Kingdom of a new film, The Edge of Love . Dylan Thomas' relationship with two women, starring Keira Knightley. Sienna Miller. Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys (as Thomas) [ 1 ]
    • September — A United Kingdom exam board, Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, asked schools to withdraw copies of its anthology which contain the poem, Education for Leisure by Carol Ann Duffy after some teachers complained about the poem’s reference to knives. Other teachers opposed the move, and Duffy respoded with a new poem, Mrs Schofield’s GCSE. [ 1 ]
    • December 15 – the American Academy of Arts and Sciences begins awarding the May Sarton prize. Five "emerging poets" each year will receive a $2,000 honorarium and an opportunity to have their work published in the Academy’s journal, Daedalus (for winners, see "Awards and honors" section, below). [ 2 ]
    • Dennis Brutus is awarded the Lifetime Honourary Award by the South African Department of Arts and Culture for his lifelong dedication to African and world poetry and literary arts [ 3 ] Brutus was also an activist who was imprisoned and incarcerated in the cell next to Nelson Mandela 's on Robben Island from 1963 to 1965. [ 4 ]
    • Dmitry Vodennikov wins a Russian poetry competition television show, "King of the Poets". [ 5 ]
    • POETomu (a play on the English word "poet" and the Russian word poetomu ("because"), a glossy magazine about poetry, was founded in Russia. [ 5 ]
    Works published in English

    Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:

    • Kyle Buckley, The Laundromat Essay. a long poem (Coach House Books) ISBN 9781552452066
    • Margaret Christakos. What Stirs. (Coach House Books) ISBN 9781-552452042
    • Jen Currin, Hagiography (Coach House Books) ISBN 9781552451977
    • Jeramy Dodds. Crabwise to the Hounds (Coach House Books) ISBN 9781552452059 [ 6 ]
    • Randall Maggs. Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems (Brick Books) ISBN 978-1894078627
    • George McWhirter. The Anachronicles (Ronsdale Press) ISBN 978-1-55380-054-5
    • Nancy Holmes. Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems. Wilfrid Laurier University Press ISBN 978-1554580330
    • Jordan Scott. Blert (Coach House Books) ISBN 9781552451991
    • David Silverberg. editor, Mic Check: An Anthology Of Canadian Spoken Word Poetry. Quattro Books, ISBN 978-0978280659
    • Todd Swift. Seaway: New and Selected Poems (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 9781903392928
    • R. M. Vaughan. Troubled. (Coach House Books) ISBN 9781552451984
    • Zachariah Wells. editor, Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets. (Biblioasis) ISBN 9781897231449
    • Guzstáv Báger, Object Found. translated by Thomas Kabdebo; Hungarian poet published in Ireland (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392782
    • Ciaran Berry. The Sphere of Birds. Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 9781852354428
    • Dermot Bolger. External Affairs. 80 pages, New Island Press, ISBN 9781848400283
    • Andrew Carpenter. editor, Thornfield: Poems by the Thornfield Poets (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392799 (anthology)
    • Ciaran Carson.
      • Collected Poems. Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 9781852354336
      • For All We Know. Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 9781852354404 ISBN 9781852354398 [ 6 ]
    • Eileen Casey, Drinking the Colour Blue
    • Gerald Dawe. Points West. Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, ISBN 9781852354473
    • Frank Golden, In Daily Accord (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392751
    • Maurice Harmon, The Mischievous Boy and other poems (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392867
    • Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, To Keep the Light Burning: Reflections in Times of Loss. poetry and prose (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 9781903392966
    • Kevin Higgins (poet). Time Gentlemen, Please (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392768
    • Peter van de Kamp. In Train. Dutch native living in Ireland (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392850
    • Caroline Lynch, Lost in the Gaeltacht (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392843
    • Alan Jude Moore, Lost Republics (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 9781903392935
    • Patrick Moran (poet), Green (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392959
    • Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin. Selected Poems Gallery Press. London: Oldcastle and Faber, Irish work published in the United Kingdom [ 7 ]
    • Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill. The Fifty Minute Mermaid. translated from Irish by Paul Muldoon. Gallery Press, ISBN 1852353740 [ 6 ]
    • Ulick O'Connor. The Kiss: New and Selected Poems and Translations (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392973
    • Lorna Shaughnessy, Torching the Brown River (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392775
    • Eamon Wall, A Tour of Your Country Irish native living in the United States, published in Ireland (Salmon Press) ISBN 9781903392805
    • Jenny Bornholdt. The Rocky Shore. winner of the Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry (announced September 2009) [ 8 ]
    • Kevin Ireland. How To Survive The Morning. Cape Catley Ltd, ISBN 9781877340178
    • C. K. Stead. Collected Poems 1951–2006. winner of the"reference and anthology" category of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards (announced September 2009) [ 8 ]
    • Vladimir Nabokov (posthumous), edited by Brian Boyd (New Zealand academic) and Stanislav Shvabrin, ' 'Verses and Versions: Three Centuries of Russian Poetry Selected and translated by Vladimir Nabokov' ', English translations of Russian poetry, presented next to the Russian originals, Harcourt (published in the United States)
    • Sam Sampson, Everything Talks. Auckland University Press and Shearsman Books; winner of the 2009 New Zealand Society of Authors Jessie Mackay Best First Book Award for Poetry

    The year's guest editor, who chose 25 poems for inclusion, was Paula Green. The list appeared at the series website in February 2008. [ 9 ]

    • Paul Thomas Abbott, FLOOD (Clutag Press ) ISBN 0-9553476-2-9
    • Mourid Barghouti. Midnight and Other Poems. translated by Radwa Ashour, Palestinian poet published in the United Kingdom (Arc Publications), ISBN 9781906570088
    • Marck L. Beggs, Catastrophic Chords (Salmon Poetry) ISBN 9781903392898
    • Felix Dennis. Homeless in my Heart. Ebury Press (Random House), ISBN 0091928001
    • Anne Gorrick, Kyotologic. Shearsman Books, ISBN 978-1848610040 [ 6 ] (American. published in the United Kingdom )
    • Liam Guilar, Lady Godiva and Me (Nine Arches Press) ISBN 9780956055910
    • David Harsent. Selected Poems 1969-2005. ISBN 9780571234011 [ 6 ]
    • Mick Imlah. The Lost Leader. Faber and Faber. ISBN 9780571243075
    • Clive James. Angels Over Elsinore: Collected Verse 2003-2008 (Picador)
    • Daniel Kane. Ostentation of Peacocks. (Egg Box Publishing) ISBN 9780954392093
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    Poets in The Best American Poetry 2008

    These poets appeared in The Best American Poetry 2008. with David Lehman. general editor, and Charles Wright. guest editor (who selected the poetry) (Scribner ISBN 0743299736):

    French language
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    • Philippe Jaccottet. Ce peu de bruits ("This Little Noise"), publisher: Gallimard
    • Vénus Khoury-Ghata. Les Obscurcis. publisher: Mercure de France
    • Abdellatif Laabi. Tribulations d'un rêveur attitré. coll. La Clepsydre, La Différence, Paris, Moroccan author writing French and published in France
    • Jacques Prévert (illustrated with photography by Izis Bidermanas ), Grand bal du printemps. publisher: Le Cherche midi
    • Jean Max Tixier. Le grenier à sel. publisher: Encres vives
    • Jean-Vincent Verdonnet, Mots en maraude. illustrated by Marie-Claude Enevoldsen-Bussat, Publisher: Voix d'Encre
    Canadian poetry in French
    • Roger Des Roches, Dixhuitjuilletdeuxmillequatre. winner of the Prix Chasse-Spleen [ 15 ]
    • Hélène Dorion. Le Hublot des heures. Paris, Éditions de La Différence; Canadian poet published in France
    • Kazimierz Brakoniecki, Glosolalie
    • Ryszard Kapuściński. Wiersze zebrane. posthumously published
    • Ludwik Jerzy Kern, Litery cztery. Wiersze prawie wszystkie
    • Krzysztof Koehler, Porwanie Europy ("Kidnapping Europe")
    • Tadeusz Różewicz. Kup kota w worku. Wrocław: Biuro Literackie [ 16 ]
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    • Christoph Janacs:
      • die Ungewissheit der Barke/la barca sin certidumbre ("The Uncertainty of the Boat"), publisher: Arovell
      • Nachtwache ("Nightwatch"), Edition Thanhäuser, 37 poems; St. Georgs Presse
    • Bjoern Kuligk and Jan Wagner, editors, Lyrik von Jetzt 2 ("Poetry of Now 2"), publisher: Berlin Verlag, featuring poetry by 50 authors born after 1969 (a follow-up volume to Lyrik von Jetzt. published in 2003 ; Germany
    • Steffen Popp, Kolonie zur Sonne: Gedichte ("Colony to the Sun: Poems"), Kookbooks, 59 pages, ISBN 978-3937445359
    • Sabine Scho:
      • Album: Gedichte ("Album: Poems"), Kookbooks, 62 pages, ISBN 978-3937445298
      • Farben ("Colors"), Kookbooks, 78 pages, ISBN 978-3937445342

    Danish poet Pia Tafdrup

    • Michael Longley. Το χταπόδι του Ομήρου ("The Octopus of Homer"), translated from the original English of the Irish author by Harris Vlavianos, Athens: Patakis
    • Katerina Iliopoulou, Asylum. Melani editions [ 17 ]
    • George Koropoulis (Γιώργος Κοροπούλης), Αντιύλη ("Antimatter'"), Athens: Upsilon
    • Dionysis Kapsalis (Διονύσης Καψάλης), Όλα τα δειλινά του κόσμου ("All the Sunsets in the World"), Athens: Agra
    • Stamatis Polenakis, Notre Dames. publisher: Odos Panos Editions [ 18 ]
    • Sarvenaz Heraner, Sarrizha-yi sukut (“Overflowing of Silence”) [ 19 ]
    • Mohammad Reza Shafi'i Kadkani, editor, Gozideh-ye Ghazaliyat-e Shams extensive, annotated selections from Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi ("The Collected Poems of Shams of Tabriz")by Rumi ; Persian. published in Iran [ 20 ]
    • Ru'ya Muqaddas, Ru'yaha-yi 'ashiqanah: 'ashiqanahha-yi Ru'ya ("Loverly Reveries: Love Songs of Ru'ya") [ 19 ]
    • Yelena Fanailova, Baltisky dnevnik ("Baltic Diary") [ 5 ]
    • Yelena Shvarts, Collected Works. Volumes 3 and 4 [ 5 ]
    • Books of poetry were published by Mikhail Aizenberg, Vasily Borodin, Nataliya Gorbanevskaya, Alla Gorbunova, Vadim Mesyats, Andrey Rodionov and Aleksey Tsvetkov [ 5 ]
    Other languages Awards and honors

    Although Markham's earliest writing was as a dramatist, he first achieved national recognition in Britain as a poet and it is as a poet that he will mainly be remembered, though he also produced significant fiction and edited two major anthologies of Caribbean writing, Hinterland: Caribbean poetry from the West Indies and Britain (1989) and The Penguin Book of Caribbean Short Stories (1996).

    He prefaced a selection of his own poetry in Hinterland with a brief autobiographical note entitled "Many Voices.

    His early poetry defied the stereotypes that British commentators often imposed on Caribbean-born poets of his generation, and he particularly resisted any tendency to categorise him as either a Caribbean or a British poet.

    His scholarly work continued, including the book-length bibliography The Poetry of the Scots (1991) and co-editing an anthology of translations by Scottish poets, European Poetry in Scotland (1989).

    But he was also a uniquely important poet, a pioneering critic and a crucial publisher and editor committed to the enablement of others, with an open, inquisitive eye for poetry from around the world.

    Glen found a special welcome in the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, whose newsletter he designed and edited from 1988 to 2007.



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