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Trest A Smrt - Isbn:9788074734045

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  • Book Title: Trest a smrt
  • ISBN 13: 9788074734045
  • ISBN 10: 8074734048
  • Author: Mats Olsson
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  • Category (general): Other
  • Publisher: KNIHA ZLIN
  • Format & Number of pages: 573 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Další knihy severských autorů v Nakladatelství Kniha Zlin Jo Nesbø: Nemesis Jo Nesbo: Pentagram Jo Nesbø: Lovci hlav Jo Nesbø: Spasitel Jo Nesbø: Sněhulák Jo Nesbø: Netopýr Jo Nesbo: Švábi Jo Nesbo: Červenka Jo Nesbø: Levhart Jo ...

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Project MUSE - Brokers of Public Trust

Brokers of Public Trust Introduction

Writing has a history. We know that story: how the ancient Mesopotamians etched marks on clay tablets, the Egyptians drew figures on walls, the Phoenicians invented a phonetic system of signs, and the Greeks added vowels. We know how the Latin alphabet originated, how its various scripts developed and were copied first in lead as movable type and then in electrical charges fired within our computers. We know.

CHAPTER 1: The Jurists: Writing Public Words

While public writing as a practice dates back to the dawn of written records, the notion of public words, scriptura publica, was a legal fiction crafted by the jurists of medieval Europe and handed down to their early modern successors.

CHAPTER 2: The Profession: Defining Urban Identities

Roman notaries must have been there earlier, but we see them at their work for the first time only in the fourteenth century. This is late by Italian standards. It is also paradoxical in a place where Europe’s earliest corps of notaries was writing for the popes by the year 600. 1 The elusiveness of Roman notaries does not end in the.

CHAPTER 3: The Laws: Shaping Notarial Pages

Was there something incongruous, even contradictory, about the way the notary straddled the boundary between personal gain and public duty, between profit and truth? In the medieval universe that had created him, the answer was no. The notary was like so many in that world who bore in their persons some small share of.

CHAPTER 4: The Archives: Creating Documentary Spaces

From the late sixteenth century, the Capitoline notaries presided over a notarial archive of a limited sort, as we saw in chapter 2, and a hundred years earlier had been the first public body to take any responsibility at all for the preservation of notarial acts in Rome. Though they did not sustain this initial effort, both the papal and.

CHAPTER 5: The Office: Building Scribal Lives

Public writing depended for its existence on a robust apparatus of legal principles and, increasingly, an array of disciplinary mechanisms. Without the bedrock of Roman legal conventions, ideas of proof and public office would not have taken the forms that they took in Italy’s notarial regimes, and without the attentions of those.

CHAPTER 6: The State: Policing Notarial Practices

Public authority had always had a crucial, indeed a constitutive, relationship to scriptura publica, but the changing forms of what the twentieth century called state power over the period 1350 to 1650 had profoundly altered the ways public writing was made, consumed, and preserved in Rome. Whether through doubling jurisdic-.


The notary of modern Italy is a recent construction. Until the 1920s the profession was in disarray, rent by regional and economic inequalities, struggling to find its footing in the new conditions of a unified nation. 1 Loosed from their moorings in the duchies, republics, and ecclesiastical kingdoms that had depended on and nurtured them for half a millennium, Italian notaries in the late 1800s found they had.





Crash Course: Infectious Diseases - 1st Edition ISBN: 9780723433873

Crash Course: Infectious Diseases Description

Covering all aspects of the syllabus, Crash Course offers students a fast way to recap on what they need to know to get through the exams with ease. Styled in an easy-to-follow, readily accessible format, each book is prepared by senior medical students or junior doctors - under faculty supervision - to give them the correct level of information perfectly tailored to current curricula requirements. The series now includes improved pedagogic features and a fully revised self-assessment section, updated to meet current examination needs.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Patient Presents With.

1. Fevers and rashes
History/Examination /Investigations
2. Meningitis
History/Examination /Investigations
3. Upper respiratory tract symptoms
History/Examination /Investigations
4. Lower respiratory tract symptoms
History/Examination /Investigations/Severity scoring
5. Diarrhoea
History/Examination /Investigations
6. Jaundice and right upper quadrant pain
Jaundice/Right upper quadrant pain
7. Urinary symptoms
History/Examination /Investigations
8. Genital symptoms
History/Examination /Investigations
9. Cellulitis
History/Examination /Investigations
10. Complications from intravenous drug use
History/Examination /Investigations
11. Unwell from abroad
History/Examination /Investigations
12. Fever when immunocompromised
Respiratory infections/Oral infections/Abdominal infections/Central nervous system infections/Eye infections /Skin infections
13. Pyrexia of unknown origin
History/Examination /Investigations

Part II: Diseases and Disorders

14. Childhood exanthemas and other rashes
Chickenpox (varicella zoster virus)/Shingles or herpes zoster (varicella zoster virus)/Measles (paramyxovirus)/Rubella (Rubella virus)/Scarlet fever (Streptococcus pyogenes)/Erythema infectiosum (parvovirus B19)/Mumps (paramyxovirus)/Other rashes/Rheumatic fever/Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi)/Erythema multiforme
15. Meningitis and encephalitis
16. Upper respiratory tract infections
Viral infections/Bacterial infections
17. Lower respiratory tract infections
Community-acquired typical pneumonia/Community-acquired atypical pneumonias/Viral infections/Hospital-acquired infections/Infections in immunocompromised patients
18. Gastroenteritis
Bacterial causes/Viral causes/Protozoal causes
19. Liver and biliary tract infections
Hepatitis/Other liver infections/Biliary tract infections


No. of pages: 294 Language: English Copyright: © Mosby Ltd. 2007

Published: 11th May 2007 Imprint: Mosby Ltd. eBook ISBN: 9780723437888 Paperback ISBN: 9780723433873



Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions

Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions Editorial Board

Andrew Colin Gow, Edmonton. Alberta (General Editor)

Sara Beam, Victoria, BC
Falk Eisermann, Berlin
Berndt Hamm, Erlangen
Johannes Heil, Heidelberg
Martin Kaufhold, Augsburg
Erik Kwakkel, Leiden
Ute Lotz-Heumann, Tucson, Arizona
Jürgen Miethke, Heidelberg
Christopher Ocker, San Anselmo and Berkeley, California

Founding Editor: Heiko A. Oberman †


[. ] a truly distinguished series, the list of whose authors reads like a Who's Who of early modern historians.William V. Hudon. The American Historical Review

There were some who worried that Brill’s Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions might languish once separated from the guiding hand of Heiko Oberman. One need not worry.David M. Whitford. Renaissance Quarterly

Mario Biagioni presents an account of the lives and thoughts of some radical reformers of the sixteenth century, showing that the Radical Reformation played a pivotal role in the rise of modern Europe.



ERIC - Closer to Learning: Social Networks, Trust, and Professional Communities, Journal of School Leadership, 2014-Jul

Liou, Yi-Hwa; Daly, Alan J.

Journal of School Leadership. v24 n4 p753-795 Jul 2014

Researchers, educators, and policymakers suggest the use of professional learning communities as one important approach to the improvement of teaching and learning. However, relatively little research examines the interplay of professional interactions (structural social capital) around instructional practices and key elements of professional learning communities (relational and cognitive social capital) from the lens of social capital. We employed a mixedmethod design that draws on social network analysis, surveys, interviews, and observations to understand what accounts for the pattern of professional interactions within four high-performing professional learning community schools. The results indicate that teacher trust, principal trust, professional dialogue with the principal, and years of teaching in the school play a significant role in explaining teachers' close network relationships. Implications and limitations are discussed.

Rowman & Littlefield. 4501 Forbes Boulevard Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706. Tel: 800-462-6420; Tel: 717-794-3800; Fax: 800-338-4550; Fax: 717-794-3803; e-mail: custserv@rowman.com; Web site: http://rowman.com/Page/Journals



Trust Your Vibes « PDF Free Download eBook

Trust Your Vibes Book Description

In this breakthrough audio experience Sonia Choquette reveals the secrets to awakening your intuitive voice and shows you how to ‘Trust your Vibes’. Within this 6 pack CD set Sonia explains why it’s essential to become six-sensory and how to develop your personal guidance system as well as techniques for staying grounded and protecting yourself from negative energy. Sonia also offers suggestions on how to stop listening to your ego and guides you through meditations for meeting your guides and your psychic supporters, and for healing and raising your vibration.

Meet the author

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher who specializes in helping us recognize that we’re all endowed with a sixth sense that we can count on. A masterful teacher committed to strengthening intuition in our daily lives, she’s the bestselling author of seven books and numerous audio editions, such as Trust Your Vibes, HC edition, ISBN: 1401902324, with sales of 9,000 copies; Diary of a Psychic. ISBN: 1401901921; sales 20,000; and Your Heart’s Desire. 90,000 sold, ISBN: 0609800116.
Sonia was educated at the University of Denver and at the Sorbonne in Paris, and holds a Ph.D. in metaphysics.

Free Download Link (PDF - Epub - Mobi)




SMRTers Bill, Jay, and Nik will be attending the Light and Health Institute tomorrow to learn more about how light affects human health. In preparation for this seminar, all of the participants have worn daysimeters, a device that records light exposure, over the last week. They'll analyze the data…

Vote for Wall-E completed by the Columbia Construction & SMRT team! Clink the link below and LIKE the photo to cast your vote!!

Columbia Construction and SMRT Architects + Engineers
WALL-E's World
Canstruction Boston 2016

The American Institute of Architects has a long tradition of recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture and the AIA.

The 2016 AIA New England Regional Conference was held in Portland, Maine this year with the Design…

Nicole Rogers accepted the People's Choice Award on Friday night for the The Salvation Army Camp Sebago at the # AIANewEngland Design Awards.



Trest bez viny - CD, MC

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Track Name: Tisíce očí 1) Tisíce očí
Tisíce očí nedají ti spát
tisíce očí nechtějí se ptát
tisíce očí, co hlídají řád
svobodu nám chtějí brát!

Svobodu! Čas vrátit svobodu zpět!
Svobodu! Čas vrátit lidem svět!
Svobodu! Proti kamerovým systémům
bojovat - svobodu si nenech brát!

Chodíš městem - bez pocitu soukromí
kdo se dívá - to se nikdo nedoví
mocipáni - kupují si takhle klid
v ulicích - svobodu je zákaz mít!

Thousands of eyes
Thousands of eyes don´t let you sleep
Thousands of eyes don´t want to ask
Thousands of eyes those watch the rules
they want to take us a freedom

Freedom! Time to taking it back!
Fredom! Time for returning world to people!
Fredom! Against camera systems
fight - don´t let them to take your freedom!

You walk the city - with no feeling of privacy
Who is watching you? - that nobody knows
lords buy calm by this way
no freedom in the streets! Track Name: Hyperchtíč 2) Hyperchtíč
Konzum tě svírá - snad ze všech stran
město billboardů - přijď nakoupit k nám
jenom se neboj - nebudeš tu sám.
když peníze máš!
Obrovská krychle - co spolyká nás
vycucne, vyflusne - dík, přijďte zas
přijďte zas nakrmit - obsahy kas
všechno jim dát!

Consume compresses you of all the sides
city of billboards - come to us for shopping!
don´t be afraid - you won´t be alone here
if you have money!

Hyperpassion - you must want!
Hyperpassion - eat up you!

Giant cube - that swallow you,
suck, spit out - thanks you, come again.
Come to feed coffers, give them all! Track Name: I like punk 3) I like punk - Já mám rád punk
Pouhé slovo s obrovským významem
texty kapel pro minoritu lidí
idea skládaná z částí myšlenek
životní styl s vlastní cestou svobody

Vzhled, co nasírá druhý
koncerty pořádaný s nadšením
distro, veganský žrádlo
tohle je můj punk, I like punk!

I like punk
Pure word with huge sense,
Texts of bands for minority of people.
The idea folded of parts of thoughts.
Lifestyle with own way of freedom.

Look, that discomfort others
Gigs arranged with passion
Distro, vegan food
This is my punk, I like punk! Track Name: Life possession 4) Life possession - posedlost životem
Life possession - další, hlukový násilí!

Life possession
Life possession - Another, noise violence! Track Name: Bílé zlo 5) Bílé zlo
Zas další zdvižená pravice,
zdvižené ve jménu tradice,
prý bojují pro blaho národa,
to už bylo, to není náhoda!

Násilí a smrt - to jediné nám můžou dát - umírat!
Strach a temnotu - tohleto už musíte znát - to bylo tak!

Tenhle boj začíná v ulicích,
v ulicích zdvižených pravicí
a kde končí, to už jsme zažili,
miliony lidí život položily!

White evil
Just another risen right,
Risen in the name of tradition
They fight for the good of nation, is said.
That was here, it isn´t change.

Violence and death - they only things,
those they can give us - to die.
Fear and darkness - you must know it - it was so!

This fight begins in the streets
In the streets of risen right,
And where end this, we saw.
Milions of people laid down their lifes Track Name: Vražedný hlad 6) Vražedný hlad
Svůj hlad uspokojuješ vraždou
nenasytný hladový, přesto vražedný
utýraná zvířata pro nenasytnost lidí
člověk je od malička vychováván k barbarství

Trpící zvířata zrozená k smrti
vraždící lidé bez výčitků svědomí
soucit se změnil v pohou frázi

Zvířata proměněná ve stroje
pro lidskou sobeckost
kdy už tohle skončí?
dějini nelžou, lidi jsou odjakživa barbaři!

Killing hunger
you fill your hunger by the murder
insatiable hungry, thought killing
animals tortured to death for insatiability of people
man is nurtured to barbarism from a child

Distressful animals born to death
killing people with no remorse
pity has changed to pure phrase

animals changed to machines
for human meanness
when finish this?
history doens´t lie - people are barbarians ever Track Name: Outsider´s scene 7) Outsider's scene - člověk scény
Hej, chlape řekni mi, proč se chceš prát
Když chceš být s punx?
Chodíš na koncerty, jen aby ses popral
Tys to nepochopil - my milujeme muziku

Je to dobrá věc - jednota
Ale bez násilí v naší scéně
Kde je tvoje tolerance?
Je to v tvém mozku - prázdnota!

Jednou říkáš - punx skins spolu!
Podruhé posíláš agresivní pohledy
Kurva, co se to stalo - mlátíš svého kamaráda
Tohle nemůžu pochopit - to je konec!

Outsider's scene
hey man you say - why you want beat
when you just want - with punx to be
you go in concert - only for fight
but you don't understand - we music like

It is nice thing - the unity
but without scene brutality
where is you placebility?
It's in your brain - nihilty!

one time you say - punx skins unite!
next time you send - your fighting sight!
oh, shit what happened - you fight your friend
I can't this get on - this is the end! Track Name: Your life - your choice 8) Your life - your choice - Tvůj život - tvoje volba
Naše scéna není na prodej
a ty to zkoušíš každý den
věci - peníze, to je tvoje
ale tvůj život je úplně nudný

Kamarádi - zábava - to je naše scéna
ne v prní řadě peníze, tos ještě neviděl?
Aktivita znamená žít,
ne sedět a celý život prospat

your life - your choice
our scene's not for sale
you attemp it day by day
things - money, it is yours
but your life is fully bored

friends - funny - it is our scene
not firs money, you've not this seen?
activity means to be
not to sit and all life sleep Track Name: Kudla v zádech 9) Kudla v zádech
Zradit - vraždit - příteli lhát!

Kudlu v zádech - jsi nečekal
marný nádech - zůstal jsi sám
vidíš světlo - smrt už přichází
nevzdáváš to - boj o přežití

Vyhráváš - vyhráváš - vyhráváš
pomsta bude sladká.

Knife in your back
Forsake - murder - lie to friend!

Knife in your back - you didn´t wait it
Vain breath - you stayed alone
Seeing the shine - deatht is coming
You don´t hang in - fight for survival.

Blare out.
Vengeance will be sweet Track Name: Trest bez viny 3) Trest bez viny
Zrozeni z zabití, k snězení
vražděni, mučeni, vězněni
Trestáni bez viny, bez křivdy
pro lidskou sobeckost zabiti

Vraždili bez viny, bez křivdy
tisíce životů zničili
Svou lidskost dávno už zabili
v potoku krve utopili

Punishment without blame
Born to killing, to eating
murdered, tortured, prisoned
punished with no blame, with no wrong
killed for the human meanness

they killed with no blame, with no wrong
they destroyed thousand of lives
killing their own humanity
drowned in stream of blood



Lets Visit The SMRT Bishan Depot!

SMRT Open House & Charity Bazaar
Sunday, 11 February 2007

FREE! Take a train ride (8am - 5.30pm) from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station directly into the SMRT train depot at Bishan and witness the SMRT Cram Jam!

ONE-DAY ONLY! Be among the first in Singapore to tour the SMRT train depot at Bishan and see what really goes on inside our train workshops and on the test tracks (10.30am - 3.30pm). $15 per person. FREE! Charity Bazaar Games coupons, souvenir Polaroid photograph and drinks and snacks.

To register, please visit smrt.com.sg or call 6331 1176.
Walk-in registrations are welcome.

From what I can understand from the quote above, its free to see the Cram Jam but 15 a head if one wants to see the workshop and test tracks. Anyone going?

Sunday, 11 February 2007
SMRT Bishan Depot

Launch of SMRT Cram Jam!
Bishan Depot Open House & Charity Bazaar

ONE DAY ONLY! FREE admission and FREE shuttle train from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station into Bishan Depot from 8 am - 5 pm

Guest of Honour
Mr Raymond Lim
Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs

8.30 am Arrival of Guests
9.00 am Arrival of Guest of Honour
9.05 am Welcome Address and Speech
9.15 am Launch of SMRT Cram Jam!
Open House & Charity Bazaar
Guided Tours

Dress code

But from the email sent to me, it seems everything is free. SO CONFUSING!

I don't think is free as the aim is to raise funds for the needy.


Over 5,000 people to cram into SMRT train car, bus and taxi in aid of SMRT Silver Tribute Fund

1. SMRT is hunting for some 5,000 participants to leave a record in the Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) in its first-ever SMRT Cram Jam! on Sunday, 11 February 2007 at SMRT Bishan Depot.

2. The largest of six anchor events of the SMRT Silver Tribute Fund, the SMRT Cram Jam! will officiated by Guest of Honour, Mr Raymond Lim, Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs. It will be a day of fun and excitement as teams battle, within a given time, to create records in the SBOR for the most number of people on board a SMRT train car, a SMRT bendy bus and a SMRT SPACE MPV taxi. The capacities for a SMRT train car, bendy bus and SMRT SPACE taxi are 300, 128 and eight persons respectively. The winning teams of each SMRT Cram Jam! challenge will see the record numbers of persons, the organisation or school names entered into the

3. Registration is now open for teams to sign up for any of the three SMRT Cram Jam! challenges. Participants must be between 15 and 50 years old. The registration fee is $5 per person per vehicle for educational institutes, and $10 per person per vehicle for other category of participants. All proceeds from the registration fees will go towards the eight beneficiaries comprising homes for the elderly and caregiver associations.

4. Interested participants may download application forms at www.smrt.com.sg. or call 6331 1157 for more information. Registration closes on Thursday, 25 January 2007.

5. In conjunction with the record-setting endeavour, SMRT will be organising a SMRT Open House comprising a mini fun fair and guided tours at Bishan Depot from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm on Sunday, 11 February 2007. For $15 per person, members of the public can gain admission to the Open House, participate in games and take a specially chartered train from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station into Bishan Depot where a guided tour
awaits them. All proceeds from the Open House registration fee will go to the SMRT Silver Tribute Fund. Those who are interested in the Open House should register their details (name, NRIC number, age and contact number) via email to stevenlim@smrt.com.sg or call 6331 1176 by 31 January 2007.

6. The inaugural SMRT Silver Tribute Fund comprises six anchor fundraising events spanning a period of eight months from December 2006 to July 2007. The funds raised will be channelled to eight beneficiaries and their programmes to help abandoned, lonely and in need of care elderly lead more meaningful and dignified lives, as well as to strengthen the families and communities that care for them. The setting up of the SMRT Silver Tribute Fund is in conjunction with SMRT’s 20th Anniversary in 2007.

7. The SMRT Silver Tribute Fund was launched on 17 December 2006 with an island-wide flag day led by President and CEO, Ms Saw Phaik Hwa. Over the next few months, a Charity Movie Premiere, Charity Concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Charity Art Sale and Pledge Card Campaign will be rolled out.



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