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Emotion - Isbn:9781111346133

Category: Emotions

  • Book Title: Emotion
  • ISBN 13: 9781111346133
  • ISBN 10: 1111346135
  • Author: Michelle N. Shiota, James W. Kalat
  • Category: Emotions
  • Category (general): Emotions
  • Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
  • Format & Number of pages: 454 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Blending unprecedented scholarship with a friendly and accessible writing style, this text resonates with students by making the study of emotion both interesting and relevant.

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The Expression of Emotion: Philosophical, Psychological and Legal Perspectives - Free eBooks Download

The Expression of Emotion. Philosophical, Psychological and Legal Perspectives

Author. Date: 30 Oct 2016, Views:

by Catharine Abell and Joel Smith
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1107111056 | 335 Pages | PDF | 26 MB

The Expression of Emotion collects cutting-edge essays on emotional expression written by leading philosophers, psychologists, and legal theorists. It highlights areas of interdisciplinary research interest, including facial expression, expressive action, and the role of both normativity and context in emotion perception. Whilst philosophical discussion of emotional expression has addressed the nature of expression and its relation to action theory, psychological work on the topic has focused on the specific mechanisms underpinning different facial expressions and their recognition. Further, work in both legal and political theory has had much to say about the normative role of emotional expressions, but would benefit from greater engagement with both psychological and philosophical research. In combining philosophical, psychological, and legal work on emotional expression, the present volume brings these distinct approaches into a productive conversation.

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Emotion - ISBN:9781111346133


Drs. James W. Kalat and Michelle N. Shiota wrote Emotion, International Edition in response to a growing need for a broad-based text on the topic. Now in its Second Edition, this text includes the most recent research to reflect new thinking about the area of emotion, and surveys both theoretical and practical topics ranging from neuroscience to development and culture. It also includes a strong emphasis on research methods and measurement. Blending unprecedented scholarship with a friendly and accessible writing style, this text resonates with students by making the study of emotion both interesting and relevant.

1 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

2 Cognition and the Brain: Basic Principles

5 Short-Term and Working Memory

6 Long-Term Memory: Basic Principles

7 Everyday Memory and Memory Errors

9 Visual Imagery

11 Problem Solving

12 Reasoning and Decision Making

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Ebook Emotion - Website of onlinelibraryva!

Ebook Emotion - Website of onlinelibraryva! Ebook Emotion
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Author - University Of California, Berkeley, James W. Kalat, North Carolina State University Michelle N. Shiota
Type of this book - eBook
Date Released (if available) - 0000
Format of the book - pdf
Language of the book (if available) is English
Codes [if available]
Isbn10 - 1111346135
Isbn13 - 9781111346133

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Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology



The Rationality of Emotion


In this urbane and witty book, Ronald de Sousa disputes the widespread notion that reason and emotion are natural antagonists. He argues that emotions are a kind of perception, that their roots in the paradigm scenarios in which they are learned give them an essentially dramatic structure, and that they have a crucial role to-play in rational beliefs, desires, and decisions by breaking the deadlocks of pure reason.The book's twelve chapters take up the following topics: alternative models of mind and emotion; the relation between evolutionary, physiological, and social factors in emotions; a taxonomy of objects of emotions; assessments of emotions for correctness and rationality; the regulation by emotions of logical and practical reasoning; emotion and time; the mechanism of emotional self-deception; the ethics of laughter; and the roles of emotions in the conduct of life. There is also an illustrative interlude, in the form of a lively dialogue about the ideology of love, jealousy, and sexual exclusiveness.Ronald de Sousa teaches philosophy at the University of Toronto. A Bradford Book.


“"De Sousa builds his case in a highly informed and readable way. He is in complete control of the literature on the emotions (historical, philosophical, physiological, and psychological). He also manages to bring in an extraordinary range of references from surprising places - Erica Jong, André Gide, Dorothy Dinnerstein. This sort of humane ease and wide-ranging vision makes for fun and often funny reading, but always, happily, in the service of the main argument. One of the virtues of de Sousa's book is that it offers an analysis of the emotions that will be congenial to many philosophers working in the cognitivist tradition." Owen Flanagan. Wellesley College”

“"De Sousa demolishes just about all the reasons there could be for thinking that there is anything intrinsically irrational or anti-rational about any interestingly wide class of emotions, and makes a good case for the claim that we are capable of rationality - thought, reasoned decision and social coordination - largely because we are the creatures with the emotions we have. This is an interesting and important claim." Times Higher Education Supplement

“"One of the virtues of de Sousa's book is that it offers an analysis of the emotions that will be congenial to many philosophers working in the cognitivist tradition." Owen Flanagan. Wellesley College,”



Emotion - ISBN:9781111346133


Emotion is a comprehensive text that integrates traditional psychological theories and cutting-edge neuroscience research to explain the nature and role of emotions in human functioning. Written in an engaging style, the book explores emotions at the behavioral, physiological, mental, and neurofunctional (i.e. chemical, metabolic, and structural) levels, and examines each in a broad context, touching on different theoretical perspectives, regulatory processes, development, and culture, among others. Providing greater insight and depth than existing texts, the book offers a holistic view of the field, giving students a broader understanding of the mechanisms underlying emotions and enabling them to appreciate the role emotions play in their lives. In dedicated chapters, the text covers past and current theories of emotion, individual emotions and their bodily representation, the role of emotions for behavior and cognition, as well as interindividual differences.

Part I: Emotion Theories from Antiquity to Modernity

Chapter 1: The Passions of the Soul: Early Emotion Theories

Chapter 2: Brain and Thought Processes as Antecedents to Emotion: Emotion Theories of the 20th century

Chapter 3: What Is an Emotion? Modern Thoughts and Concepts

Part II: Foundations for Emotion Research

Chapter 4: Biological Foundations

Chapter 5: Methodological Foundations I: Eliciting Emotions

Chapter 6: Methodological Foundations II: Exploring Emotions



Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100–1800

Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100–1800 Biographical note

Susan Broomhall, FAHA, is Professor of Early Modern History at The University of Western Australia and currently holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship within the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, 1100-1800.


This volume will be of interest to scholars of medieval and early modern history interested in intellectual, social and cultural historical approaches to the new history of the emotions.

Table of contents

List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Contributors
Hearts and Minds: Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100–1800
Susan Broomhall
1. Nine Angry Angels: Order, Emotion, and the Angelic and Demonic Hierarchies in the High Middle Ages
Juanita Feros Ruys
2. Christ’s Masculinity: Homo and Vir in Peter Lombard’s Sentences
Clare Monagle
3. Modes and Manipulation: Music, the State, and Emotion
Carol J. Williams
4. Avarice, Emotions, and the Family in Thirteenth-Century Moral Discourse
Spencer E. Young
5. Affective Memory Across Time: The Emotive City of Christine de Pizan
Louise D’Arcens
6. Nicholas of Modruš’s De consolatione (1465–1466): A New Approach to Grief Management
Han Baltussen
7. Hearts on Fire: Compassion and Love in Nicolas Houel’s Traité de la Charité chréstienne
Susan Broomhall
8. Living Anxiously: The Senses, Society and Morality in Pre-Modern England
Danijela Kambaskovic
9. Conceptual Eclecticism and Ethical Prescription in Early Modern Jesuit Discourses about Affects: Suárez and Caussin on Maternal Love
Raphaële Garrod
10. Anatomy of a Passion: Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale as Case Study
Louis C. Charland and R.S. White
11. Arts and Games of Love: Genre, Gender and Special Friendships in Eighteenth-Century Jesuit Poetry
Yasmin Haskell
12. Androgyny and the Fear of Demonic Intervention in the Early Modern Iberian Peninsula: Ecclesiastical and Popular Responses
François Soyer
13. Medical Effects and Affects: The Expression of Emotions in Early Modern Patient–Physician Correspondence
Robert Weston

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The Passionate Muse: Exploring Emotion in Stories by Keith Oatley PDF DOWNLOADS TORRENT: guittennezomar

The Passionate Muse: Exploring Emotion in Stories by Keith Oatley PDF DOWNLOADS TORRENT

The emotions a character feels Hamlet s vengefulness when he realizes his uncle has killed his father, Anna Karenina s despair when she feels she can longer sustain her life, Marcel s joy when he tastes a piece of madeleine cake are vital aspects of the experience of fiction. As Keith Oatley points out, it s not just the emotions of literary characters such as these in which we are interested. If we didn t ourselves experience emotions, we wouldn t go to the play, or watch the film, or read the book. In The Passionate Muse, Oatley, who is both a prize-winning novelist and a distinguished research psychologist, offers a hybrid book that alternates sections of an original short story, One Another, with chapters that illuminate the psychology of emotion and fiction. Oatley not only provides insight into how people engage in stories, he also illuminates the value of emotion and the importance of stories for our psychological well-being. Indeed, he offers evidence that the more fiction we read, the better is our understandings of others. Through fiction, we come to know more about the emotions of others and ourselves.

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Design and Emotion - CRC Press Book

Design and Emotion Features
  • Presents a unique collection of research findings, new methods, and techniques presented by international researchers and designers
  • Reflects the current trend in emphasizing emotional responses when designing products
  • Offers a broad spectrum of approaches, methods, and tools representing the state-of-the-art in design and research Summary

    There is considerable interest in and growing recognition of the emotional domain in product development. The relationship between the user and the product is paramount in industry, which has led to major research investments in this area.

    Traditional ergonomic approaches to design have concentrated on the user's physical and cognitive abilities. However, new approaches also take into consideration the user's emotional relationship with their belongings. Design and Emotion is an edited collection of papers given at the 3rd Design and Emotion Conference 2002. These contributions outline the latest developments, findings, and techniques in industrial applications and in research, bringing you up-to-date with the current thinking in this field.

    As a forum for discussing the latest ideas in emotion-driven design, this book will prove to be essential reading for all human factors specialists involved in design.

    Table of Contents

    The Design of Emotion
    From Disgust to Desire: How Products Elicit Emotions
    Design Expression and Human Experience
    The Comprehension Shift, HMI of the Future

    Slightly Pregnant
    Fit and Hit
    Bridging the Emotional Gap
    Positive Space
    Light, Emotion and Design
    Textile Fields and Workplace Emotions
    Eliciting Audience Participation throughout the Graphic Design Process
    The Branded Hotel: An Educational Experience
    Emotive Communication Using Mobile IC Devices

    Generative Tools for Context Mapping: Tuning the Tools
    Can Personality Categorisation Inform the Design of Products and Interfaces?
    Gender Designs
    How to Create Linus' Blanket
    Science and Design
    Prospective Design Oriented Towards Customer Pleasure
    Communicating Product Experience
    The Use of Images to Elicit User Needs for the Design of Playground Equipment

    Researching Users' Understanding of Products
    Gettinng What You Want, or Wanting What You Get?
    Using an Experimental Tool to Explore the Communication of Jewellery
    Semiotic Product Analysis
    Experiential Design in a Virtual Character System
    Emotional Factors in Design and their Influence on Purchase Decisions

    Using "Visual/Verbal Interplay" to Tap into Collective Memory and Shared Understanding
    Lyrical Visual
    Dynamic Interactive Aesthetics
    Colour and Emition in Design
    Colour, Design and Emotion
    Emotional Responses to Solid Shape
    Colour Preference and Colour Emotion
    Type, Motion and Emotion
    Animated Emotion
    Using Virtual Reality for Sensory Stimulation
    The Gourmet Foodstuff
    Emotions in Action
    Shop Image and Interaction

    Sensory Interaction with Materials
    Dreamy Hands: Exploring Tactile Aesthetics in Design
    Design of Sensorial Sporting Goods
    Compact Disc Cover Design
    The Emotional Townscape

    An Accessible Framework of Emotional Experiences for New Product Conception
    Mobile Phone Games: Understanding the User Experience
    Emotional Intelligence in Interactive Systems
    The Use of Social Representations in Product Design
    On the Conceptualisation of Emotions and Subjective Experience
    Emotionally Rich Products

    Feeling Your Way Home
    Measuring User Satisfaction on the Web
    Towards an Understanding of Pleasure in Product Design
    Does Usability = Attractiveness?
    Emotional Response to Food Packaging

    A Perspective on the Person-Product Relationship
    Design's Personal Effects
    Designing Consumer-Product Attachment
    More Than Meets the Eye
    Meaningful Product Relationships

    Happy, Cute and Tough
    Brand and Product Integration for Consumer Recognition
    Why a Porsche 911 is Better Than an Audi TT
    Branded GENES, Designer JEANS, Marketing DJINNS

    Body and Soul
    Towards a Rehetoric on Interaction
    The Total Depravity of Inanimate Objects
    See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me
    Beyond Emotions in Designing and Designs
    Towards a Better World
    The "in between" Factors Needed for Tomorrow's Product Creation
    Questioning the Validity of Emotion in Design

    When You Feel, the Brain Blinks
    Introducing the Student Designer to the Role of Emotion in Design
    The Role of Emotion in Design Reflection
    The Development of Empirical Techniques for the Investigation of Design Perception

    Sleeping Policemen: A Workshop in Cathexically Affective Design
    Close Encounters of the First Kind: Meet the Material World
    The Brand is the Product, The Product is the Brand

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