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Chrono Trigger Game Guide & Walkthrough - Cheats, Tips, Tricks, And More!

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  • Book Title: Chrono Trigger Game Guide & Walkthrough - Cheats, Tips, Tricks, AND MORE!
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  • Synopsis: Disclaimer: This guide is an unofficial version and is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this video game or its licensors. This guide complies with the US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use".

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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

By: Chris Buffa July 2, 2008 0 Comments

Square Enix's timeless SNES classic is reborn on Nintendo DS.

Chrono Trigger, released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, is one of the best role-playing games, an excellent fusion of phenomenal gameplay and a grand presentation. A dream team of developers, including Final Fantasy alums Hironobu Sakaguchi and celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu, also designed it. Now Square Enix resurrects its classic on the Nintendo DS, which will release this holiday season to a whole new generation of gamers.

Much like Final Fantasy III and the upcoming Final Fantasy IV remakes, Chrono Trigger will feature its original content as well as bonus features. However, it doesn't seem like Square Enix has the intention of taking those adorable 2-D sprites and bringing them into the third dimension. That said, we expect the game to appear in all its old school, top down glory. In addition, the time traveling tale of Crono and his friends is intact, as they race to stop an evil from destroying the world and alter history in the process. That also means you'll enjoy the game's wonderful soundtrack, a collection of music so grand you'll hum it yourself long after you hit the power button.

Gameplay is a great mix of classic RPG adventuring where you visit towns, talk to hundreds of non-player characters and fight a host of enemies. Chrono Trigger has Active Time Battles and Tech skills, with all members of the party getting in on the action once their counters hit zero. Furthermore, you have the option of skipping battles, since enemies appear on the map.

As for the new features, expect touch screen gameplay as well as a new dungeon to explore and a Wireless Play mode, though Square Enix hasn't commented on what that entails. Perhaps two players can beat the game co-operatively or compete against each other to see who nabs the most loot.

Square Enix has shown DS lots of love and Chrono Trigger might be the best game yet. Its amazing audio, addictive combat and intriguing narrative makes it one of the best of all time. Prepare to embark on this magical journey and keep an eye out for our hands-on impressions.

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Chrono Trigger Cheats and Codes for Nintendo DS

Chrono Trigger Cheats Nintendo DS Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

We currently don't have any Chrono Trigger cheats or cheat codes for Nintendo DS .

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Nintendo DS Savegames

We currently don't have any Chrono Trigger savegames for Nintendo DS. Please check back at a later date for more game saves to be added.

Nintendo DS Achievements and Trophies

We currently don't have any Chrono Trigger achievement or trophy lists for Nintendo DS. Please check back at a later date for more achievements and trophies to be added.

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Chrono Trigger - ds - Walkthrough and Guide - Page 1

Published: Jan 20, 2009

As the J-RPG genre cedes more and more ground to the W-RPG revolution taking over gaming consoles in America and Europe, many gamers have to look back -- way back -- to find J-RPGs truly worth their time. The 1990s represent the height of J-RPGs, with the Super Nintendo and PlayStation dominating the biggest releases, from Final Fantasy IV and VI to Wild ARMs and Tales of Destiny. Sitting somewhere comfortably in the latter-released titles for the Super Nintendo is Chrono Trigger, a game widely considered to be one of Square's masterpieces.

Regardless of Chrono Trigger's bona fide status as a quintessential RPG that everyone should play, the game has seen extremely limited release since its heyday in the mid-90s, and finding a working SNES cartridge is an expensive endeavor. Stateside, the game has only seen the light of day post-SNES once, on the PlayStation. Regrettably, the collection it was on (bundled with Final Fantasy IV and called Final Fantasy Chronicles) was a broken and jumbled mess, making it virtually unplayable. So much relief was felt when Chrono Trigger was announced to be coming to the DS, complete with myriad extras.

Chrono Trigger isn't a vast RPG like Final Fantasy VI, nor is it epically challenging to the point of being nearly impossible, like Wild ARMs. Instead, Chrono Trigger falls somewhere many classic RPGs don't, concentrating on story and characters far more than many of its contemporaries. But there's a lot to see, too, for you'll be time travelling all over the place, to the past and to the future, to save humankind from the destructive forces of a being known as Lavos. Our guide aims to get you through the game from front to end. Our Basics section runs down Chrono Trigger's finer points, while our Walkthrough will get you from point A to point Z, and everywhere in between.

So, without further ado, IGN Guides presents to you our guide for Chrono Trigger DS.

In this Chrono Trigger DS strategy guide, you'll find:

  • BASICS // Time travellin' ain't easy. We'll rundown the fundamentals.
  • WALKTHROUGH // We bend space and time to get you from beginning to end.

Guide by: Colin Moriarty

PLEASE NOTE. This guide was written specifically for the Nintendo DS re-release of the game. While the guide will be completely accurate for the SNES and PSX releases of the game, be aware that the DS deals with a new translation. Thus, differences in item names, enemy names and the like will differ if you're playing other versions of the game, especially the SNES original.



Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Contents

Chrono Trigger is an RPG developed and released by Square. originally for the SNES in 1995. In 1999 it was re-released for the PlayStation and in 2001 it was included in Final Fantasy Chronicles. In 2008. it was released for the Nintendo DS. In 2011. Chrono Trigger was released for in Japan for iOS. Later that year it was released globally on the Wii 's Virtual Console. The original PlayStation version was re-released on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 in the fall of 2011. An Android version was released on February 27. 2014. The iOS version was released internationally by June 6. 2014 (version 1.0.4's release date).

The game features a version of the "Active Time Battle" system that is sometimes used in the Final Fantasy series (which means players can be attacked while choosing options in battle), and incorporates original concepts throughout the game. In addition, time travel is an important plot element that is used constantly over the course of the adventure. This game is also notable for having a large variety of endings.

Story [ edit ]

Crono, the main character, wakes up one day, ready to go to the once-in-a-lifetime Millennial Fair. His childhood friend, Lucca, has decided to build and show off a teleportation machine for the fair. While on his way to see her invention, Crono bumps into another girl, Marle, who decides to accompany him. As a good friend, Crono volunteers to be Lucca's guinea pig, allowing himself to be moved from place to place. Marle, excited and now feeling safe, decides that she wants a turn and steps up to the machine. As Lucca and her father work the controls, Marle's necklace begins to glow, setting in motion a time travel journey of epic proportions none of them could have expected.

From the manual

Living in the seemingly peaceful kingdom of Guardia in 1000 A.D. the child CRONO was chosen by guardian spirits to save the world from ultimate devastation. Though Doomsday will not happen until the year 1999, the ancient seeds of destruction were planted long ago by the evil LAVOS. Your mission in the world of CHRONO TRIGGER is to travel back and forth through time to change the course of history, and stop Lavos from succeeding in his dark plan. On your journey, you will battle monsters and meet many helpful people in both the past and the future. Some will become your faithful and powerful companions, while others will give you clues by telling you stories. Pay attention to what they say, and good luck in your adventure.

Artwork [ edit ]

SNES box back cover.

Super Famicom front cover.

Super Famicom back cover.

Nintendo DS USA front cover.

DS USA back cover.

DS European front cover.

DS European back cover.

DS Japanese front cover.

DS Japanese back cover.

DS Japanese Ultimate Hits front cover.

Table of Contents

Nintendo DS Extras

External links [ edit ] Navigation menu Personal tools Search Navigation Tools Table of Contents



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Fallout: New Vegas Strategy Guide & Game Walkthrough - Cheats, Tips, Tricks, AND MORE!

Description ★ Featured in Apple's “What's Hot“ Category for 2016 ★ ★ Amazon #1 Best Seller ★ Focused on helping fellow gamers not just complete their games, but completely conquer them!

An in-depth strategy guide & game walkthrough for Fallout: New Vegas – Everything that a gamer – both casual and hardcore – would ever want and more!

This game guide includes:

✓ Story
✓ Walkthrough
✓ Side Quests
✓ Dead Money DLC
✓ Honest Hearts DLC
✓ Lonesome Road DLC
✓ Old World Blues DLC
✓ Snow Globes
✓ Skill Books
✓ Traits
✓ Perks
✓ Achievements
✓ Trophies
✓ Unlockables

Every chapter is incredibly detailed and streamlined making it a definite must-have resource for any true fan!

Disclaimer: This guide is an unofficial version and is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this video game or its licensors. This guide complies with the US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". All characters, their names, places, and other aspects of the video game described within this guide are trademarked by their respective owners. This guide does not copy any portion of the game, nor does it contain screenshots of the game. If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark volition that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us to discuss. We would like to credit those who helped contribute to this guide. With their contribution, we are able to produce a more content rich guide.



Chrono Trigger Cheats & Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Chrono Trigger cheats & more for PlayStation (PSX) Hints, Easter Eggs & Glitches Beating Lavos

Your're problably not going to be able to beat Lavos at the end unless you have a level around 56. Make sure throughout the game you managed to keep all your elixers, barriers, and shields. On what charecters to pick is up to you but the best combination I chose was Crono, Magus, and Frog. Equip Crono with the PrismSpecs, Moon Armor, Prism Helmat, and the Rainbow. The rest of the time through the battle you can use Luminair and Dark Matter over and over and have Frog reheal hp and mp. When you get to his secound form, just use confuse once on the left part of lavos. Then use Luminair and Dark matter over and over until the middle one dies. Then have Magus keep useing Dark Matter and have Crono attack with his sword. He should do about 1700 damage each time. BUT BE CAREFUL. The right part of lavos will regenerate the other parts and always make sure you defeat the middle part. Out of all the attacks, the attack Grindstone can kill everyone with one hit, even do 750 hp damage to Crono. Use the Barriers and Shields when needed.

Get The Mop (weapon For Crono)

To get the mop all you have to do is use Ayla's charm technique and you'll get it. The mop is weaker than the wooden sword so it's not that important.

Valkery And Moon Armor

To get the Valkery and Moon Armor, complete all that is supposed to be complete of the manor that has the ghosts and reapers in it, including Cyrus's spirit. Now that you have done all of this, go to all of the sealed chests and press the X button. It should ask you if you want to open them, say no. Come back in the future and get the Valkery and Moon Armor, and then go back and get the others.

New Game+

Once you beat the normal game, New Game+ will be available.

Get Better Items

You know those little boxes that you cant seem to open without the pendant? Well once you get the pendant and Epoch walk up to a box in 600 A.D. and open it BUT say no when it asks you if you want to take it. Return to 1000 A.D. and open the same box in this era. It will "power up" and become better then the item in 600. You get the best armor in the game, Marle's ultimate weapon and crono's second best weapon.

Get Items Twice

This may work in other places but I have only tried one. In the sub-quest Cyrus's Ghost were you have to put his ghost to rest. After you defeat the monsters in the place then the repair crew will fix some of it up. Now all the inaccesible chests will now be yours! This all happens is 600 AD. But wait! Go to 1000 AD, visit the new hero's honor building, get the chests and you can still go back to 600 AD and get the same items. There are some pretty good ones too. Some armor and weapons for Chrono.




Dots: A Game About Connecting Tips, Cheats, Tricks and More - IOS and Android Games Cheats, Strategy and Tips

Dots: A Game About Connecting Tips, Cheats, Tricks and More

Date: Nov 03 2013 22:22:54 Source: BBGsite.com Views:
KeyWord: Dots, Dots Tips, Dots Guide, Dots Hints, Dots Cheats, Dots Tricks, Dots: A Game About Connecting Tips, Dots: A Game About Connecting Tricks, Dots: A Game About Connecting Guide, Dots: A Game About Connecting Cheats, Dots: A Game About Connecting Walkthrough

In order to help you find useful information with Dots: A Game About Connecting . we create this post: a series of guide, tips, tricks and battle videos that will help you get the most out of the game without too much hassle.

As you connect dots, a new wave of dots slides down the screen. They're multi-colored and you connect dots with like colors. Here are some tips to help you improve your score in Dots: A Game About Connecting .

Dots are not only your points in the game but they are also your primary form of currency, meaning that you can use them to buy all of the boosts that you need for each round. Read on to find out how to get more Dots in Dots: A Game About Connecting . both in the stages as points and in your collection as currency!

If you have questions on Dots: A Game About Connecting or if you are brand new to the game and trying to figure out how the worldwide leadeers get their insane scores, read on for the beginner's guide!

In Dots: A Game About Connecting . your goal in this game is simply to clear as many dots as possible during one round. One round lasts only 60 seconds, so you only have that amount of time to clear off dots. You can compete against your friends, and against everybody in the world who has downloaded this game. It’s not easy though, so read on for some tips and tricks for the game!



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