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The Dawning Of Wisdom - Isbn:9780979320569

Category: Philosophy

  • Book Title: The Dawning of Wisdom
  • ISBN 13: 9780979320569
  • ISBN 10: 0979320569
  • Author: Raghavan Iyer
  • Category: Philosophy
  • Category (general): Philosophy
  • Publisher: Theosophy Trust Books
  • Format & Number of pages: book
  • Synopsis: JOY. OF. DEVOTION. The waters of immersion purify a man only if he is wholly immersed. Hasidic Saying True devotion is neither involuntary emotion nor gratuitous feeling, but an innate and indestructible soul-power. There is a vital ...

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The dawning of wisdom: essays on walking the path (Book, 2007)

The dawning of wisdom. essays on walking the path

xviii, 320 pages ; 23 cm

The dawning of wisdom --
The philosophy of perfection --
As above, so below --
The allegory of the cave --
Anamnesis --
Spiritual attention --
Mental posture --
The joy of devotion --
Thoughtfulness --
Spiritual perception --
The hero in man --
Between heaven and earth --
Evolution and karma --
Karma and destiny --
Individuation and initiation --
Self-transformation --
Evolution and consciousness --
The community of the future --
Universality and sectarianism --
The Gospel according to St. John --
Purity and pollution --
The healing of souls --
The Gandhian bridge between heaven and earth --
Buddhi yoga and svadharma --
Buddha and the path to enlightenment --
Choosing the Tao --
The zero principle --
Drawing the larger circle --
Theosophical glossary in brief.

by Raghavan Iyer ; compiled by the editorial board of Theosophy Trust.


The spiritually penetrating essays in this volume were written for the expressed purpose of shedding the pristine light of universal Theosophy on the path of spiritual self-regeneration in the service of humanity. The Theosophical philosophy is predicated on the ageless truth that divine wisdom exists, and that wise beings exist who dynamically embody it in world history; that sages and seers still grace the globe and continually oversee the spiritual, mental and physical evolution of man and nature. The secret Society of Sages that guides human progress periodically sends forth one of their own to sound afresh the Divine Philosophy and exemplify the spiritual life in all its richness and mystery. Such an enlightened spiritual teacher articulates eternal but forgotten truths in ingenious ways, adopting modes that inspire the mind, release soul perception, and cut through the miasma of an age. The wide-ranging articles in this volume span the spectrum of human thought from the metaphysical to the mystical, the ethical to the psychological, the spiritual to the material. They reveal the fundamental basis of religion, philosophy and science. The assimilation of these essays turns us back upon ourselves and releases that laser-like insight that allows us to increasingly discern the true, the good, and the beautiful in all religious teachings, philosophical musings, and scientific discoveries. When carefully meditated upon and skillfully applied to the realm of self-chosen duties, they purify the mind, cleanse the heart, and uplift the human condition. - Back cover.


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Short Stories - Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Short Stories

Know someone who is experiencing challenging times in their life, share one of these short stories with them, it may give them encouragement and positively influence their thinking. Many of these are true life experiences that we or people we know have gone through. Stories are written by Catherine Pulsifer or Byron Pulsifer.

No More Self Doubt - about a person who overcame other people's doubts and more importantly, her own doubts about what could be accomplished

How To Change Your Attitudes - What is your attitude towards your life. Does it impact your happiness?

Hope And Decide - about a young man who spent time in jail, and made a decision to do so.

Your Attitude Determines Your Future - Content here reflects how we react, the action we take, and, more importantly our attitude determines our future.

Yanni at the Acropolis - A memory of mine - I sat watching the DVD of Yanni, Live at the Acropolis.

Christmas Brings Memories - Reminds us what is important at Christmas

Flying With Struggle - Read this to get a different perspective on challenges you face.

The Trap Within - Are you caught in a mousetrap

Wolf Qualities - About two of my friends that appear to have wolf-like qualities

For Those Who Do Not Believe - especially written for those who do not believe in Santa

A Wise Woman I Met - about a wise women I met who is a role model of who I want to be

Dreams Are For Living - About a man who had a dream, but also had excuses for not living his dream

Moving Forward - A true short story about a situation that I found myself and how I handled it.

Fly Again And Soar - about a person who faced heart breaking challenges and how with time was able to move forward

If and When Were Planted - a message that is about procrastination

What Counts As A Miracle - recounts a miracle that has stayed with me for years

Happy To Return - about vacation feelings, how do you feel about returing to work after a vacation

The Big Achievement - hopefully this will encourage you to accomplish all that you are capable in life.

I Wanted To Change The World - in life we sometimes try and change other people, but can you change other people?

Faced with Adversity - about a time we were faced with adversity and what we did to overcome it

The Cheese Cake That Lied - a funny story but one where wisdom is present!

The Two Pots We Have - a story with wisdom but will also make you smile!

A Lesson in Life - The message is one that reminds us we never know what tomorrow holds, what you do today may truly help you in the future.

Always Care - Reminds us no matter what others do we always need to care and help others. Even when it is not appreciated.

My Motivational Magnet - read about one magnet that is on my fridge.

A Mountain Of Dirt - if you are feeling overwhelmed by a project or by an issue in your life, read this one

The Beaver And His Goals - an account about our beaver and the message he gave us

Finally Made It - just when you think nothing else can happen it does

Gift Of Love In Many Ways - giving not only a gift of love, but about how those gifts can stay with you years later.

Found in a Book - the things you find in a book

IF and WHEN - IF and WHEN were friends.

How Many Points Would You Score - we sat around the table trying to decide who was the best candidate.

What Does It Take -about how one man was feeling down and how doing something for someone else changed his feelings.

A Music Lesson - to remind you that each of us has to make our own choices in life

Familiar But Often Taken For Granted - a gentle reminder to appreciate all that you have

People In Our Lives - I sat reflecting on the past year.

A Bear Memory - a memory of receiving when others did without

Good Friends or Not - a true account about a person who thought they had a friendship but ended up with a surprise

The Dentist Opportunity - read the thoughts of one man's outlook on going to the dentist, it might surprise you.

An Inspirational Person, Jaymac -in our lifetime, we meet many types of people.

Angel Smiling On You - an inspiring account of a granddaughter and a grandmother

Your Weakness - an interesting question, does your weakness win

All Freedom Has Costs - destiny, who controls it, is it beyond our control - a question that is answered in this short story

The Farmer and The Mule - how we handle adversity determines our success in life



Lovers of Wisdom 2e, 0534541461, Daniel Kolak

Lovers of Wisdom 2e

This is the most exciting and comprehensive text with integrated readings for introducing students to philosophy. It presents the big picture with all the right details. The central idea is to embed the best excerpts from the most important writings of the most important philosophers into one seamless, coherent adventure story in such a way that the reader takes part in the process of discovery. Instead of reading about philosophy, readers acquire philosophical insights into themselves and the world by acquiring a knowledge of philosophical ideas presented in their original contexts. Organized both historically and topically, the book can be used either chronologically or by topics, and to facilitate this for instructors it contains two separate tables of contents.

The book covers all the major philosophers from the pre-Socratics to twentieth-century philosophy with a scope wide enough to embrace all schools and traditions-from the analytic and continental to non-western. This approach enables readers to understand the connection between many different ways of looking at ourselves and the world, to obtain a broad and multi-perspectival vision of all the best that philosophy has had to offer, by building philosophical bridges across national, cultural, religious, historical, and scholarly borders.

  • Beautifully written, it reads like a novel or adventure story.
  • Contains the most important excerpts from the most important philosophers.
  • Includes all schools and traditions: analytic, continental, non-western.
  • Two separate tables of contents-can be used historically or topically.
  • Includes free student''s companion with sample tests along with reading and writing exercises.

PREFACE. INTRODUCTION. 0. THE DAWN OF PHILOSOPHY. The Birth of Wisdom. The Legend of Socrates: Knowing the Unknown. Selection: Plato, Apology. The Wisdom of Unknowing. PART 1: THE LEGACY OF THE ANCIENTS. 1. THE FIRST PHILOSOPHERS. Indian Philosophy: The Vedas, the Upanisads, and the Bhagavad-Gita. Selections: The Rg-Veda, Song of Creation. The Kena Upanisad. The Katha Upanisad. The Bhagavad Gita. Thales: The First Philosopher. Selection: Aristotle on Thales. Anaximander: The Infinite Boundless. Selection: Anaximander, The Infinite. Anaximenes: A Question of Language. Selection: Anaximenes, The Breath of the World. Confucius: The Moral Way. Selections: Confucius, Lun Yu. Karl Jaspers, The Axial Period. Lao Tzu: The Way of the Tao. Selection: Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching. Buddha: The Way of Enlightenment. Selection: Buddha, Fire Sermon. Pythagoras: Form, Limit and Number as the Basis of All Things. Selection: Aristotle on the Pythagoreans. The Rational vs. the Irrational. Heraclitus: The Way of the Logos. Selection: Heraclitan Fragments. Parmenides: The Way of Truth. Selection: Parmenides, Nature. Zeno of Elea: The Way of Paradox. Selection: Zeno, Paradoxes. Protagoras and the Sophists: The Way of Relativism. Selection: Plato, Protagoras. Democritus: The Way of Materialism. 2. PLATO. Plato. Plato''''s Euthyphro. Selection: Plato, Euthyphro. The Trial and Death of Socrates. Plato''''s Epistemology and Metaphysics: The Myth of the Cave. Selection: Plato, Republic. Plato''''s Next Step: The Birth of Self-Criticism. Selection: Plato, Parmenides. 3. ARISTOTLE. Aristotle: The Birth of Logic. Aristotle''''s Epistemology: Knowledge for Its Own Sake. Selection: Aristotle, Metaphysics. Aristotle''''s Criticism of Plato''''s Ideal Forms. Selection: Aristotle, Categories. Aristotle''''s Theory of Mind. Selection: Aristotle, On the Soul. The Nichomachean Ethics. Selection: Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics. PART II: THE MIDDLE PERIOD. 4. THE EPICUREANS, STOICS, AND SKEPTICS. Epicurus. Selections: Epicurus, Letter to Herodotus. Epicurus, Letter to Menoeceus. Epictetus. Selections: Epictetus, Echiridion. Epictetus, Discourses. Marcus Aurelius: The Philosopher King. Selection: Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. Sextus Empiricus: The Way of Skepticism. Selection: Sextus Empiricus, Outlines of Pyrrhonism. Nagarunja: The Way of Nirvana. Selection: Nagarunja, The Unity of Being. 5. CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY. The Fragmentation of Philosophy: Fear of the Known. Plotinus: The Twilight of Philosophy. Selection: Plotinus, Enneads. Augustine: The Beginning of Christendom. Selections: Augustine, Confessions. Augustine, Against the Manichaens. Augustine, City of God. Augustine, Self Knowledge and the Nature of Mind. Anselm: The New Scholasticism. Selections: Anselm, Proslogion: The Ontological Argument. Guanilo, On Behalf of the Fool. Anselm, Reply to Guanilo. 6. THE ISLAMIC INFLUENCE. Averroes. Selection: Averroes, Commentary on De Anima. Maimonides. 7. THE MEDIEVALS. Aquinas: The Godhead. Selection: Aquinas, Summa Theologica. Duns Scotus: The Logical Analysis of Being. Selection: Duns Scotus, Ordinatio. Ockham: The Razor''''s Edge. Selections: Ockham, Logic. Ockham, Theory of Knowledge and Metaphysics. 8. THE RENAISSANCE. Nicholas of Cusa: Everything is Everything. Selection: Nicholas of Cusa, Everything is Everything. Roger Bacon: The Idols of the Mind. Selections: Bacon, The Idols from Novum Organum. Bacon, On Induction from Novum Organum. Giordano Bruno: The World Soul is You. Selection: Bruno, The Cause, the Principle and the One. PART III: THE MODERN RATIONALISTS. 9. PRELUDE TO MODERN PHILOSOPHY: The Copernican Revolution. The Copernican Revolution: The Second Dawn. Selection: Copernicus, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. From the Religious Authority of the Church to the Secular Authority of Science. Selections: Thomas Kuhn, The Copernican Revolution. Paul Feyerabend, How to Defend Society Against Science. Thomas Hobbes: The Materialist, the New Science, and the Quest for Secular Ethics. Selections: Hobbes, Leviathan, Part I: Of Man. Hobbes, Leviathan, Part II: Of Commonwealth. 10. DESCARTES. Descartes: The Founder of Modern Philosophy. Selection: Descartes, Discourse on Method. The Cartesian Method: The Axioms of Rationality. Selection: Descartes, Discourse on Method. The Cartesian Coordinate System and the Invention of Analytic Geometry: Toward the Unification of Perception and the Intellect. How to Become a Genius: Descartes'''' Rules for the Direction of the Mind. Selection: Descartes, Rules for the Direction of the Mind. The Revival of Skepticism: Descartes'''' First Meditations. Selection: Descartes, Meditation I (complete). I Think, Therefore I Am. Selection: Descartes, Meditation II (complete). The Cartesian God. Selection: Descartes, Meditations III-VI (excerpts). 11. SPINOZA. Spinoza: The Philosopher''''s Philosopher. Spinoza''''s Ethics: The World is God. Selections: Spinoza, Ethics, Book 1: On God. Spinoza, Ethics, Appendix to Book I. Ethics, Book II: The Origin and Nature of the Mind. Selections: Spinoza, Ethics, Book II, The Origin and Nature of the Mind. Spinoza, Ethics, Book III, The Origin and Nature of Emotions. 12. LEIBNIZ. Leibniz (1648-1727): The Great Calculator. Leibniz and the Origin of the Modern World View. Selection: John Dewey, Leibniz''''s New Essays Concerning Human Understanding. Infinite Realities: The Monadology. Selection: Leibniz, The Monadology. The Calculus: The Mathematics of Reality. The Machine Within the Machine Within the Machine. Selections: Leibniz, The Monadology. Leibniz, Discourse on Metaphysics. PART IV: THE MODERN EMPIRICISTS. 13: LOCKE. Locke: In Search of the Mind''''s Eye. Selection: Locke, Essay concerning Human Understanding. The Political Philosopher: Locke''''s Legacy. Selection: Locke, Two Treatises of Civil Government (Second Treatise). 14. BERKELEY. Berkeley: The Thoroughly Modern Idealist. The Primacy of Language. To Be Is to Be Perceived: A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge. Selection: Berkeley, A Treatise Concerning the principles of Human Knowledge (Introduction). Newton (1642-1727): The World According to Modern Physics. Selection: Newton, Fundamental Principles of Natural Philosophy (from Principia). Would the Real World Please Reveal Itself? 15. HUME. Hume: The Skeptical Inquirer. Hume''''s Theory of Ideas. Selections: Hume, Treatise of Human Nature. Hume, Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Hume''''s Fork: The Analytic-Synthetic Distinction. Selection: Hume, Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Cause and Effect: Dissolving the Cement of the Universe. Selection: Hume, Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding. The Problem of Induction. Selection: Hume, Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding. The Death of God. Selection: Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. I Do Not Exist. Selections: Hume, Of the Idea of Exstence and of External Existence. Hume, Of Personal Identity. PART V: KANT AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF GERMAN PHILOSOPHY. 16. KANT. Kant. Awakening From Dogmatic Slumbers. Selection: Kant, Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics. Transcendental Idealism. Selection: Kant, Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics. Kant''''s Copernican Revolution. Selection: Kant, Critique of Pure Reason. The Phenomenal and Noumenal Worlds. Rousseau: The Romantic Influence. Selection: Rousseau, The Social Contract. The Moral Law Within. Selection: Kant, Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals. 17. HEGEL AND THE GERMAN IDEALISTS. Fichte: The Subjective Idealist. Selection: Fichte, The Science of Knowledge. Schelling: The Objective Idealist. Selection: Schelling, System of Transcendental Idealism. Hegel: The Absolute Idealist. Selections: Hegel, Logic. Hegel, Lectures on the Philosophy of History. Schopenhauer: The Will of the World. Selection: Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Idea. 18. KIERKEGAARD AND NIETZSCHE. Kierkegaard: Prelude to Radical Subjectivity. Selections: Kierkegaard, Either/Or. Kierkegaard, Concluding Unscientific Postscript. Nietzsche: The Philosopher as Superman. Selections: Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil. Nietzsche, The Will to Power. PART VI: THE SOCIAL PHILOSOPHERS. 19. THE SOCIAL PHILOSOPHERS: WOLLSTONECRAFT, COMTE, BENTHAM, MILL AND MARX. The Shift to the Social Arena. Wollstonecraft: The Rights of Women. Selection: Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. Comte: The Founder of Sociology and Positivism. Selection: Comte, Course of the Positive Philosophy. Bentham and Mill: The Utilitarians. Selections: Mill, Utilitarianism. Mill, On Liberty. Marx: The Birth of Communism. Selections: Marx, Communist Manifesto. Marx, Alienation. Marx, The Power of Money. PART VII: THE 20th CENTURY. 20. THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: PEIRCE, JAMES, DEWEY AND ROYCE. Perice: The American Pragmatist. Selections: Peirce, The Fixation of Belief. Perice, How to Make Our Ideas Clear. James: The Radical Empiricist. Selections: James, The Will to Believe. James, Does ''''Consciousness'''' Exist? Dewey: Epistemology Naturalized. Selections: Dewey, The Quest for Certainty. Dewey, Thought and Experience. Royce: The American Idealist. Selections: Royce, The Spirit of Modern Philosophy. Royce, The World and the Individual. THE EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE. Brentano: The Intentional Philosopher. Husserl: The Founder of Phenomenology. Selections: Brentano, Intentionality. Husserl, The Phenomenology of Internal-Time Consciousness. Husserl, The Idea of Phenomenology. Husserl, Ideas. Heidegger: In Search of Being. Selections: Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics. Heidegger, Being and Time. Sartre: The French Existentialist. Selections: Sartre, Existentialism. Sartre, Being and Nothingness. 22. THE NEW METAPHYSICIANS: BRADLEY, BERGSON, AND WHITEHEAD. Bradley: The Absolute Idealist. Selection: Bradley, Appearance and Reality. Bergson: The Spiritual Metaphysician. Selection: Bergson, Introduction to Metaphysics. Whitehead: The Process Philosopher. Selection: Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead. 23. ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY: FREGE, RUSSELL, WITTGENSTEIN AND QUINE. The Legacy of Frege: Sense and Reference. Selections: Frege, The Basic Laws of Arithmetic. Frege, Sense and Reference. Russell: Upon the Wings of Logic. Selections: Russell, the Problems of Philosophy. Russell, The Principles of Mathematics. Russell and Whitehead, Principia Mathematica. Russell, Logical Atomism. Carnap, The Elimination of Metaphysics. Russell, Our Knowledge of the External World. Russell, Mysticism and Logic. Russell, Why I Am Not A Christian. Wittgenstein: Philosophy''''s Blind Spot. Selctions: Wittgenstein, Notes on Logic. Wittgenstein, Tractatus. Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations. Quine: From a Logical Point of View. Selections: Quine, On What There Is. Quine, Two Dogmas of Empiricism. 24. THE POSTMODERNISTS: GADAMER, MERLEAU-PONTY, FOUCAULT AND DERRIDA. Gadamer: The Philosopher''''s Apprentice and the Birth of Hermeneutics. Selections: Heidegger, Being and Time. Gadamer, Truth and Method. Merleau-Ponty: Many Selves, Many Worlds. Selection: Merleau-Ponty, The Structure of Behavior. Foucault: The Death of the Self. Selections: Foucault, Madness, the Absence of Work. Foucault, Truth and Power. Foucault, What is an Author? Derrida: The Art of Deconstruction. Selections: Derrida, Signature, Event, Context.

  • Section on Indian Philosophy, with selections from The Vedas, Upanisads, and Bhagavad Gita.
  • Section on Confucius, with selection from Lun Yu.
  • Section on Lao Tzu, with selection from Tao Te Ching.
  • Section on the Buddha, with the Fire Sermon.
  • Addition of three Sophists to the pre-Socratic section, Protagoras, Gorgias and Thrasymachus.
  • Section on Hindu philosopher Nagarunja, with the Unity of Being.
  • Expansion of Catholic and Jewish philosophy sections.
  • Expansion of Islamic philosophy section.
  • Addition of Hobbes section, with readings from his Leviathan that include both his metaphysics and political philosophy.
  • Section on leading 18th century woman philosopher Wollstonecraft, with selections from A Vindication of the Rights of Women.
  • New section on Brentano.
  • Chapter on Bradley, Bergson and Whitehead.
  • Section on Gadamer, with selections from Heidegger, Being and Time and Gadamer''s Truth and Method.
  • Section on Merleau-Ponty, with selections from The Structure of Behavior and Phenomenology of Perception.
  • Section on Foucault, with selections from Truth and Power, and What is an Author?
  • Section on Derrida, with selections from Signature, Event, Context.
  • Pictures of all the philosophers.
  • Key images of philosophical interest.
  • A FREE Study Guide by Joe Salerno is packaged with the text. It contains sample tests, exciting and original reading and writing exercises, helpful hints on how to get the most from each section, and even "fun things to do,": all designed and class-tested to maximize the reader''s experience with the text.
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The Dawning of Wisdom - Theosophy Trust Books

The Dawning of Wisdom

Essays on Walking the Path

ISBN 978-0-979-3205-0-7 and 0-979-3205-0-X

by Raghavan Iyer

The Avatar earned first-class honors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, a doctorate in Philosophy, and then was selected to be an Oxford Don in philosophy and politics. He lectured throughout Europe and also in Africa, and his extensive writings have been published by Oxford University Press and Concord Grove Press. He also lectured for many years at the United Lodge of Theosophists in Santa Barbara, where he also founded the Institute of World Culture.

The spiritually penetrating essays in this volume were written for the expressed purpose of shedding the pristine light of universal Theosophy on the path of spiritual self-regeneration in the service of humanity.

The Theosophical philosophy is predicated on the ageless truth that divine wisdom exists, and that wise beings exist who dynamically embody it in world history; that sages and seers still grace the globe and continually oversee the spiritual, mental and physical evolution of man and nature. The secret Society of Sages that guides human progress periodically sends forth one of their own to sound afresh the Divine Philosophy and exemplify the spiritual life in all its richness and mystery. Such an enlightened spiritual teacher articulates eternal but forgotten truths in ingenious ways, adopting modes that inspire the mind, release soul perception, and cut through the miasma of an age.

The wide-ranging articles in this volume span the spectrum of human thought from the metaphysical to the mystical, the ethical to the psychological, the spiritual to the material. They reveal the fundamental basis of religion, philosophy and science. The assimilation of these essays turns us back upon ourselves and releases that laser-like insight that allows us to increasingly discern the true, the good, and the beautiful in all religious teachings, philosophical musings, and scientific discoveries. When carefully meditated upon and skillfully applied to the realm of self-chosen duties, they purify the mind, cleanse the heart, and uplift the human condition.

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The Wisdom Religion



Books by Benjamin Creme

Unity in Diversity
The Way Ahead for Humanity - NEW

We need a new, hopeful vision for the future. This book presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic.

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of every man, woman and child. It is about the future of the Earth itself. Humanity, Creme says, is at a crossroads and has a major decision to make: to go onwards and create a brilliant new civilisation in which all are free and social justice reigns, or continue as we are, divided and competing, and see the end of life on planet Earth.

Creme writes for the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, whose Plan for the betterment of all humanity he presents. He shows that the path forward for us all is the realisation of our essential unity without the sacrifice of our equally essential diversity.

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity

Published: June 2012
ISBN: 978-90-71484-98-8
Paperback: 167 pages
Price: US$18 / £9 / €12

The Gathering of the Forces of Light
UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

The Gathering of the Forces of Light is a book about UFOs, but with a difference. It is written by someone who has worked with them and knows about them from the inside. Benjamin Creme sees the presence of UFOs as planned and of immense value for the people of Earth.

According to Benjamin Creme, the UFOs and the people in them are engaged on a spiritual mission to ease humanity’s lot and to save this planet from further and faster destruction. Our own planetary Hierarchy, led by Maitreya, the World Teacher, now living among us, works tirelessly with their Space Brothers in a fraternal enterprise to restore sanity to this Earth.

Creme shows how all the planets of our solar system are inhabited, but on physical levels beyond present human sight, the so-called etheric planes. The spacecraft are constructed on the same principle; they too are in etheric matter and have complete control of energies in space. Our Space Brothers are responsible not only for crop circles but also for preparing the way on Earth for a new technology of light which will give us unlimited power from the sun. When we banish war forever and are endeavouring to live in right relationship, that technology will be ours. For the Spiritual Hierarchy of both our own and the sister planets of our system, right human relationship involves the end of competition and the beginning of an era of co-operation with sharing, justice and freedom as its hallmarks.

The book also addresses the emergence of new and more inclusive forms of education, which will be needed as we experience a huge shift in consciousness and a growing awareness of the richness of life ahead, unfettered by the stranglehold of commercialism and the dominance of market forces.

Fantasy? Benjamin Creme writes with such cogency and authority that it is difficult to gainsay his message. We leave it to the readers to come to their own conclusion; in any case, according to the author, the truth will soon be apparent for all to see, awakening humanity to their own divinity and the establishment of the rule of spiritual law on Earth.

The book contains talks by Benjamin Creme, articles by Benjamin Creme’s Master and Questions and Answers, and is in two parts: the first, ‘UFOs and their Spiritual Mission’, deals with the work of our Space Brothers on behalf of humanity; the second, ‘Education in the New Age’, looks at the changes in education that will be necessary in the coming time, as we adopt new technologies introduced by the Space Brothers and become increasingly aware of the hitherto hidden forces that underlie our lives.

In Part One, ‘UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission’, topics include: The Space Brothers’ Work on Earth, Contacting the Space Brothers, George Adamski and other Contactees, Encounters with Spaceships, Benjamin Creme’s Work with the Space Brothers. Topics under ‘The Invisible Peril’ cover Etheric Matter and Current Science, Pollution and Nuclear Radiation, Saving the Planet. Also included: The ‘Star’ heralding Maitreya’s Emergence, Maitreya’s First Interview and Maitreya’s Light-ship. Includes colour photographs.

In Part Two, ‘Education in the New Age’, topics include: We do not know who we are, Intuition and Creativity, Educating Young Children, Educational Role of the Groups, Family and Karma, the Technology of Light.

The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

Published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-90-71484-46-9
Paperback: 240 pages
Price: US$20 / £12 / €17



Ocean Wisdom – Walkin Lyrics


These are the lyrics from Masta Wizzy himself. So they are right this time read more »

Walkin' Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ocean Wisdom]
See me I'm walking, why cause i don't run fam
Make a film about me find a proper fucking stuntman
I'm captain wiz and I'm actually shoving dirt in a dustpan
And blowing it back in faces of wastemen who try and brush man
I get a wheel in the club on the microphone
They didn't know I handle bars, it's a minor though
They offered me some gear but I'm over tired
All this talkin make a bredda wanna cycle home, yo
I flabbergast that bredda my stamina can be coming in handy
Flipping the script, I'm doing a what? I'm telling a story, doing a plan B
How the fuck on earth did we become so angry?
Couple years ago, man was just reading the dandy
So how'd I go from reading the beano to beating up emos
Swimming in speedos to swinging in chinos
Mimicking heroes to zeros
From Zoro to Tarantinos, we're living like wierdos
I guess the level of violence increases as the fear grows, but
Just can't spit on beats, I'mma spit acapella
Don't think I won't rap a fella
Smack that nigga make an aki swell up, leave him black and yellow
I ain't talking Wiz Khalifa, this wiz kidda the beater, you a rancid dweller
Got the dank piff in my cellar, I'm the dank piff seller
Thing is smelling way too much so wrap that in some cella
Celebrate ca man wan tell a mate about this massive fella
On the beat, and on the tune there ain't no aki better fassies fed up
Yo, in my raps, there's unlimited lyrics and syllables
Hitting my pinnacle isn't a miracle it's kinda literal
Feeling a feeling that's minimal
Physical feeling it's more of a spiritual
Healing a visual audible justification of lyrically winning
That's why I be spitting again, and again and again
Gripping the tip of the pen, hitting a spliff of the lem
They lyrically stepping to me and I be lyrically stepping to them Yeah they levelling up but I'm levelling better than them
Tell it to lesser men wizzy be stressing 'em
Never addressing 'em, never ever again, never ever again

[Verse 2: Ocean Wisdom]
Watch me, clock me, knock me but don't stop me
I got flocks that watched and got knocked knee properly
I got props from lots of chops it's often got me
Gassed as a motherfucker lost and cocky, what G?
You can't tell me that i don't win
Ca on the beat I'm like a granddad I go in
Unique bredda yeah I got my own thing
You neek, you're not unique with gold rings
I'm a young brother with a lot of heart
Been at it from the start, I can tell you're gonna chart
But how you gonna hold a man when older man ain't half as smart Trying to control a man like Zola can in Upton Park
I'm holding more knowledge than a folder can
I'm focused and you know I love my art
Ain't no more holding grams For Ocean man
Notice that I know my plan
Teedot told me Ropa Dope's a joke you need to go for man
So Ocean goes for man, I owe you fam
Owe you dat, came in the game with a whole new act
Invading the brain with a whole new rap
Blatantly stating that your whole crew's wack
I had to do that, had to man up
If you ain't got the balls to copy then bad luck
You ain't got the balls to copy you fat fuck
You ain't got the balls to copy I'm that much, I got
Exquisite ability mimicking vividest imagery lyrically stinging a killer bee
Killing the similes willyly nillily, wanna be chillin with Fiddy and Diddy
And Cudi the Kidy listening to Biggie
Buming a ciggy with Dizzy and Weezy
Sucking a titty like giggiddy giggiddy. my ability can't mimic me
Flow, buggsy, bigadibobadi
Gota be properly on it to stop a G
Copping the hottest of property, not a monopoly
Actual life, ain't no topping me, stopping and floppin is comedy
Honestly quality optical oddities, not in an oddessy
Tell a man straight you've been warned, no wallaby
Ca man ain't feelin the court, don’t follow G's
People we need to abort this policy horriblly
Course discographies making me feel like I'mm waring constantly
Applaud and follow me

[Verse 3: Ocean Wisdom]
But I ain't even trying to be that type of guy
Ain't trying to be that type of breh
Ain't tryng toa lead that type of life you know
I ain't even trying to meet myself a wife
Ain't trying to meet myself a dame
I'm trying to keep myself alright, you know
I feel the sudden rush of heat when I'm on stage
I don't compete with none you pagans
Cause it's peak to fuck with wastemen
My flow is sweet I know the streets they love to taste it
But im feelin undertakerish, putting niggas in graves and shit
Ask True Fizz, us man are runnin shit
But the truth is, these man are runnin quick
But if the shoe fits, wear it, and it fits me
I'm runnin oh so quickly. so stick me
On the top of the roster where Big be
Big beats got me feeling like twigs in a sandwich I stick to the wrap
No giving it back
I'm flipping a packet of cigs, ripping the cig down the mids
Sprinkling cig on my riz, sprinkling piff on the cig on the riz
Sprinkling cig on the piff on the cig on the riz
Twist it an get it lit, nigga what

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The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

by John Michael Greer

Acclaimed as an instant classic on its original publications and eagerly sought by students of magic ever since, Paths of Wisdom is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of the magical Cabala, as practiced in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and most other contemporary Western occult traditions. Engaging and accessible, yet packed with material found in few other books, it illumines the Cabalist underpinnings of today’s Hermetic magic as never before.

From the fundamentals of Cabalistic philosophy, through a detailed examination of the Spheres and Paths of the Tree of Life, to the magical disciplines that bring the symbolism to life as a potent toolkit for self-knowledge and esoteric attainment, Paths of Wisdom is your guide to the principles and practices of the magical Cabala.

Unlock the hidden potentials of the universe and yourself through the magical Cabala. Explore the essential theory and practice of Cabalistic magic from a modern perspective. Paths of Wisdom goes beyond fragments of symbolism and correspondences to reveal the actual practices at the very heart of the teachings of the Golden Dawn.

"An excellent book which thoroughly explains the Qabalah from a Golden Dawn perspective and offers complete instruction in Qabalistic magic, mediation, pathworking, ritual, and prayer. This book is reader-friendly and provides easy-to-understand material for the beginner as well as practical material on the advanced levels of Golden Dawn Qabalistic magic. A valuable, insightful, and comprehensive overview of a sometimes difficult subject. Highly recommended."
Chic & Tabatha Cicero, authors of Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition

"One of the best introductions to the magical Cabala available."
David Godwin, author of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia



In Search of Wisdom - Quest - World of Warcraft

Comment by Dayta

follow the link to see the quest done from start to the end feel free to tell me what you did not like or if you think something important was missing so i can improve upcoming videos. thanks for watching.

Comment by selvin

When you arrive you get some curious panda kids that follow you around, proudly declaring "I'm not afraid of you!"

Comment by sandriq

If you want to see walkthrough of this quest, click here !
I hope it will be useful.
Thanks !

Comment by xxdragonxriderxx

When you /wave at the curious cubs, they will run off. Pretty cute.

Comment by Bengarion

If you have gotten the flight path from Kitemaster Ut-Nam you will not be offered this quest. It falls in the breadcrumb category.

Comment by Ikshuki1 In Search of Wisdom Description

Lorewalker Cho came by and asked for you while you were gone.

He needs your assistance urgently in the town of Dawn's Blossom to the north. For what reason, he did not say.

Speak to Kitemaster Ut-Nam. He would be happy to send you there.

Your deeds have sparked a long forgotten memory I have of an ancient prophecy. This deserves investigation.

In order to investigate, I need jade though. I have instructed Toya to gather as much as he can find and give it to you when he is done. Bring it to me and we will see about deciphering the ancient "Emperor's Omen."

While he gathers the jade, feel free to explore. You may find the people of this town are in need of a person of your caliber.


You will receive: 4 90

Gains Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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