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La Mélodie De La Séduction - Isbn:9781940559308

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: La mélodie de la séduction
  • ISBN 13: 9781940559308
  • ISBN 10: 1940559308
  • Author: Crista McHugh
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Crista McHugh
  • Format & Number of pages: 242 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Ethan est très secret, et le genre de choses qu'Elaine veut... eh bien, je détesterais lui demander ça. » Ari fit un signe de ... Non, je ne peux pas. » Becca lâcha son coussin et fit les cent pas devant le canapé. « Après tout, c'est à cause de moi si les paparazzi nous ont trouvés. ... On a cet endroit gratuitement, mais j' arriverai à peine à payer pour la nourriture et les factures courantes. » « Tu crois que je n'y ...

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La mélodie de la séduction - ISBN:9781940559308

'Sexy, unpredictable, sometime alarming, always entertaining. Most of the stories are previously unpublished, they're English, South African and American. There is one oddity - an awful lot of them seem to involve academics. The academics tend to be overweight or dreary to look at, but they star in the best stories. This is nice work - energetic, provocative, not to be taken lying down.'
The Observer

Now that sex is more fraught with danger than ever, seduction is an end in itself. The descent into voluptuousness, the surrender of control, pre-coital embarrassment - these are the essential elements of the chase. Here they produce stories as rich and varied as the game of love and chance itself.

'It's a hot little number this one, a page turning selection of steamy scenarios. Twelve writers with brutal humour and insight, explore seduction's many faces: the surrender of control, oblivion of passion and post-coital embarrassment.'
The Weekly Journal

'An unsettling but wonderfully eclectic collection of stories.'




The Masters Of Time


Highland warriors sworn to protect Innocence through the ages….

Malcolm of Dunroch has been chosen by the secret Brotherhood, a nameless society of pagan knights sworn to defend mankind. He is a novice to his extraordinary—and dangerous--powers. But he has already broken his vows--for an innocent woman’s death is on his hands. Malcolm is determined to fight his dark sexuality, denying himself all pleasure…until fate sends him another Innocent, the beautiful bookseller, Claire Camden.

Desire is the first weapon

Since her mother's murder, Claire has done everything possible to make a safe, secure life for herself in a city where danger lurks on every street corner, especially in the dark of the night. But nothing can prepare her for the powerful and sexual medieval warrior who sweeps her back into his time—a treacherous, frightening world where the hunters and the hunted are one and the same. Claire needs Malcolm to survive, yet she must somehow keep the dangerously powerful Master at arm’s length. For she has no wish to die in his bed like the others—in the throes of dark, forbidden pleasure…

"Bestselling author Joyce kicks off her Masters of Time series with a master's skill, instantly elevating her to the top ranks of the ever-growing list of paranormal romance author. Her strong, smart heroine, Claire Camden, is a woman damaged by the violent deaths of her mother and cousin; her life revolves around her dreams, her beloved bookstor and her efforts to keep safe. Those efforts prove less than successful when her apartment is invaded one night by a band of warriors from the past who make strange, threatening demands. Soon, Claire is carapulted into the 15th -century Scotland (a land she happens to have studied for years) with the help of a handsome medieval warrior named Malcolm, Malcolm is a Master, charged with protecting Innocents (a group that includes Claire), but he hides a secret that could lose him his soul. His quest is to defeat the evil Moray and retain the safety of his land and people; of course, unbeknownst to Claire, he can't do that without her. Steeped in action and sensuality, populated by sexy warriors and strong woman, graced with lush details and a captivating story, this title may not set a new standard in the paranormal/time travel romance genre, but it certainly qualifies as a superlative example."—Publishers Weekly



Author Raven Hart

W hen it comes to a wild and seductive nightlife, Savannah has bite.

Older than the United States and wealthy beyond his years, playboy William Cuyler Thorne is a vampire with a nice long undead life—one that includes a steady stream of admirers, a consistent supply of rejuvenating blood, and, best of all, a cover as one of Savannah's most prominent pillars of society.

But all good things must end.

Now an ancient enemy has come for William from across the seas. It is his sire, Reedrek, the vampire who created him. And Reedrek will stop at nothing until all that is precious to William—his beautiful mistress, his stable of willing female victims, his glorious estates, and his good-ol'-boy vampire sidekick, Jack—is within his voracious grasp. But William has an arsenal of his own—one that is enhanced by the power of voodoo. And when these two bloodsuckers meet, there will be hell to pay.

THE VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION, Ballantine mass market paperback, March 2006, ISBN: 978-0-345-47975-4

"Absolutely stunning prose. Raven Hart is an extraordinary writer, telling a dark and delicious tale that sucks you right in."
—Sunny, national bestselling author of Mona Lisa Craving

"Fans of the early Anita Blake books are sure to love the Savannah Vampires series."
—Deborah Smith, New York Times bestselling author

"Best debut by a new author"
—The Book Club Forum

"Dark, seductive, disturbingly erotic, Raven Hart drives a stake in this masterful tale."
—L.A. Banks, author of The Vampire Huntress Legends series

"Suspenseful. sexy. atmospheric. funny. "
—Publishers Weekly

"THE VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION was a real treat to read. Different from any vampire story I've read lately, it snagged my interest at once and kept me glued to the pages until the end. I can't wait for the story to continue. The characters are totally fresh and immediately likable, which left me yearning to learn more about them and the rest of the story. Pick this one up the first time you see it; I don't think it'll stay long on the shelf. An excellent read!"
—Lory Martin, Fresh Fiction

"I would recommend this book for all vampire lovers."
—Rosie Bindra, RomanceJunkies

"Naughty and nice. Just the way I like them. humorous, vividly descriptive and creative without being silly. I have dibs on the surely-in-the-works sequel."
—Shannon Johnson, Romance Reader at Heart



A Shameless Seduction (Seduction, book 2) by Janelle Denison

A Shameless Seduction

WHEN SHE WAS BAD, SHE WAS BETTER! Secretary Melodie Turner has languished in lust for her boss, P.I. Cole Sommers, for years. and now she's going to do something about it! Cole might be able to resist her sassy new hairstyle, barely there lingerie and sexy new attitude. But when she takes a cue from his current case, seducing Cole's mind with highly erotic letters, she knows his body won't be very far behind. P.I. Cole Sommers is definitely in over his head! He's got more cases than he can handle, but all he can think about is taking his secretary to bed. At every turn, Melodie is there, taunting him, teasing him, making him burn. But Cole had promised to protect her -- even from himself. Only, he hadn't counted on being the target of Melodie's sensual assaults. Nor had he planned to lose his heart in the battle.

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Paperback Editions

April 2003. UK Paperback

Title: A Shameless Seduction (Sensual Romance)
Author(s): Janelle Denison
ISBN: 0-263-83553-7 / 978-0-263-83553-3 (UK edition)
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA

July 2002. UK Mass Market Paperback

Title: A Shameless Seduction (Harlequin Temptation)
Author(s): Janelle Denison
ISBN: 0-373-25988-3 / 978-0-373-25988-5 (UK edition)
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA

Kindle Editions

November 2014. UK Kindle edition

Title: A Shameless Seduction (Mills & Boon Temptation)
Author(s): Janelle Denison
Publisher: Mills & Boon Temptation
Availability: Amazon UK

February 2014. USA, Canada Kindle edition

Title: A Shameless Seduction (Heat)
Author(s): Janelle Denison
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation
Availability: Amazon Amazon CA



IOS Press

€115 / US$150 Excl. VAT

The primary objective of the authors of this publication is to understand the efficacy of terrorists’ use of the Internet and the scope of this activity, and to analyze the content, graphics and source code. Topics covered include the use of the Internet for psychological warfare in general and for terrorist “narrow-casting” to specific audiences. The discussion focused in particular on the Global Jihad. Terrorist websites were analyzed in terms of common graphical and linguistic motifs. Different methodologies for targeting different audiences were discussed, including the increasing outreach on the part of extremist groups to young children in both Muslim countries and the West. Readers can learn how online communities evolve, and how membership in an online community can promote isolation and radicalization, particularly among immigrant societies. The psychological side of these communities was also dealt with, including extremists’ manipulation of the younger members of immigrant communities.
The ultimate goal of this publication is not only to evaluate the effectiveness of terrorist propaganda on the web and its influence on the target audience, but to recommend practical steps that can be taken to counter this effectiveness. This includes the exploitation of vulnerabilities resulting from jihadists’ behavior online, and the analysis of jihadist forums and websites for intelligence gathering.


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Seduction in Death by J


Lieutenant Eve Dallas is searching for a Casanova killer with a deadly appetite for seduction.

Dante had been courting his victim in cyberspace for weeks before meeting her in person. A few sips of wine and a few hours later, she was dead. The murder weapon: a rare, usually undetectable date-rape drug with a street value of a quarter million dollars.

Detective Eve Dallas is playing and replaying the clues in her mind. The candlelight, the music, the rose petals strewn across the bed - a seduction meant for his benefit, not hers. He hadn't intended to kill her. But now that he had, he is left with only two choices: to either hole up in fear and guilt. Or start hunting again. Full Synopsis

About the Book

Print / eBook / Audio

Age Level:
Series Time Period Setting
  • New York City, New York
Genre Classification What Readers Are Saying
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A Night of Seduction: (Seductive Nights: Nate and Casey 0

A Night of Seduction: (Seductive Nights: Nate and Casey 0.5) by Lauren Blakely PDF DOWNLOADS TORRENT

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Author(s): Lauren Blakely

Publisher: Lauren Blakely Books

Category: Adult Novels

The offer is too tempting to let slide through his fingers. Having been the star of his fantasies for years now, the chance to guide Casey Sullivan step-by-step, night-by-night, O-by-ecstatic-O in how to let go of control is a dream come true for Nate Harper. The hands-on training begins tonight, in the first night of seduction.

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Tasty Treats Anthology, Volume 1 Rachel s Seduction, Riding Lessons, MacKenzie s Meltdown, the Elix: grenkedestinz

Tasty Treats Anthology, Volume 1 [Rachel's Seduction, Riding Lessons, MacKenzie's Meltdown, the Elix

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Author(s): Jenny Penn

Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.

Category: Adult Novels

Rachel s Seduction by Jenny Penn: [M/F/M Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance] In a reckless attempt to escape boredom, Rachel tumbles into a Cattleman s fantasy. Adam and Killian intend to keep her there. ** Riding Lessons by Eve Adams: [M/F/M Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance] When Cole brings Leah home for a night of passion, his brother Jesse joins and together they show Leah exactly how a country boy survives. ** Mackenzie s Meltdown by Amber Carlton: [M/F/M Menage a Trois Romance] Computer crash. Backstabbing co-worker. Meddling mom. Dead battery. No chocolate. In the hands of two gorgeous hunks, Mackenzie s meltdown just changed directions. ** The Elixir by Dee S. Knight: [M/F/M Paranormal Menage Romance] Barb Morrison s stuck centuries in the future where an elixir and two sexy guys set her afire. Can she get home? Does she want to?

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