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Il Risveglio Di Endymion - Isbn:9788834718902

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: Il risveglio di Endymion
  • ISBN 13: 9788834718902
  • ISBN 10: 8834718909
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Fanucci Editore
  • Format & Number of pages: 727 pages, book
  • Synopsis: Anno 3131.

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Endymion (Disraeli)

Endymion (Disraeli)

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image_caption = First edition book cover
author = Benjamin Disraeli
illustrator =
cover_artist =
country = United Kingdom
language = English
series =
genre = Novel
publisher = Longmans & Green
release_date = 1880
media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback )
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isbn = NA
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"Endymion " is a novel published in 1880 by Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield. the former Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It was the last novel Disraeli published before his death. He had been writing another, " Falconet ", when he died; it was published, incomplete, after his death.

Like most of Disraeli's novels, "Endymion" is a romance, although Disraeli took the unusual step of setting it between 1819 and 1859. This meant that the hero of the novel–Endymion Ferrars–had to be a Whig, rather than a Tory. The time period that Disraeli chose was dominated by the Whig party; there would have been little opportunity for a young, rising Tory. Given that, it seems likely that Disraeli chose the time period in order to move a final time in the world in which he grew up and began his ascent.

Characters in "Endymion"

*Endymion Ferrars
*Myra Ferrars
*Lord Roehampton
*King Florestan
*Lady Montfort
*Lord Montfort
*Count Ferrol
*Baron Sergius
*The Duke of St Angelo
*Bertie Tremaine
*Tremaine Bertie
*The Archbishop of Tyre
*St. Barbe

*1880, UK, Longmans & Green (ISBN NA), Pub date. 1880, Hardback (3 Volume First edition)

*Blake, Robert. "The Dating of Endymion" in "The Review of English Studies," New Series, Vol. 17, No. 66. (May, 1966), 177-182.

* [http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/7926 Project Gutenberg e-book ]

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010 .

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Endymion (Disraeli): Wikis Background

Like most of Disraeli's novels, Endymion is a romance, although Disraeli took the unusual step of setting it between 1819 and 1859. This meant that the hero of the novel–Endymion Ferrars–had to be a Whig. rather than a Tory. The time period that Disraeli chose was dominated by the Whig party; there would have been little opportunity for a young, rising Tory. Given that, it seems likely that Disraeli chose the time period in order to move a final time in the world in which he grew up and began his ascent.

First edition from 1880 title page from Vol iii

Characters in "Endymion"
  • Endymion Ferrars
  • Myra Ferrars
  • Lord Roehampton
  • King Florestan
  • Lady Montfort
  • Lord Montfort
  • Count Ferrol
  • Baron Sergius
  • The Duke of St Angelo
  • Bertie Tremaine
  • Tremaine Bertie
  • Thornberry
  • The Archbishop of Tyre
  • St. Barbe
Release details
  • 1880, UK, Longmans & Green (ISBN NA), Pub date. 1880, Hardback (3 Volume First edition)
  • Blake, Robert (1966). Disraeli. New York: St Martin's Press. ISBN 0-19-832903-2.
  • Blake, Robert. "The Dating of Endymion" in The Review of English Studies, New Series, Vol. 17, No. 66. (May, 1966), 177-182.
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Il Risveglio Di Endymion Ebook


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Il risveglio di Endymion - ISBN:9788834718902

The multiple-award-winning science fiction master returns to the universe that is his greatest triumph--the world of Hyperion and The Fall of
--with a novel even more magnificent than its predecessors.

Dan Simmons's Hyperion was an immediate sensation on its first publication in 1989. This staggering multifaceted tale of the far future heralded the conquest of the science fiction field by a man who had already won the World Fantasy Award for his first novel (Song of Kali ) and had also published one of the most well-received horror novels in the field, Carrion Comfort. Hyperion went on to win the Hugo Award as Best Novel, and it and its companion volume, The Fall of Hyperion. took their rightful places in the science fiction pantheon of new classics.

Now, six years later, Simmons returns to this richly imagined world of technological achievement, excitement, wonder and fear. Endymion is a story about love and memory, triumph and terror--an instant candidate for the field's highest honors.

From the Paperback edition.

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Toaru Majutsu no Index: Miracle of Endymion Manga

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Miracle of Endymion Manga

When all cross paths, the story of the miracle begins.

In Academy City, the completion of the space elevator Endymion is come at last. After meeting Kamijou Touma and Index, a certain singer by the name of Meigo Arisa is pleased to tell them that she had passed the audition. But suddenly, the magic side shows up to attack Arisa. Exactly what is their aim with the girl. Science and magic, space and the earth, all of Index and Railgun cross paths in the full adaptation of the Miracle animated movie.

Date of Release

October 22, 2013 [4]

Number of Pages

The story of curses and wishes cross paths once again with a miracle.

Meigo Arisa who is targeted by both magic and science side has been taken before Ladylee after a scuffle. Knowing of the circumstances surrounding Arisa, Kamijou Touma and Index go into space where Arisa's concert is being held, vowing to get Arisa back. Will the story of Shutaura's wish and Ladylee's curse be once again visited by a miracle. All the popular characters of the Toaru series make an appearance to give a miraculous closure to this comic adaptation of the movie.

References Edit
  1. ↑ 224 page long volume! "Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie Miracle of Endymion" For those who come will get Kamachi-sensei’s newly written novel. 103,000 copies to be distributed. Retrieved on 2013/01/8.
  2. ↑ A Certain Magical Index Film's Manga Listed as Ending in Volume 2 from the Anime News Network. Retrieved on 2013/09/2.
  3. ↑ とある魔術の禁書目録 エンデュミオンの奇蹟 1巻 (Japanese). Retrieved on 4/9/2013.
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Review: Endymion by Dan Simmons


It's 250 years after the events of The Fall of Hyperion. The book opens with a prisoner in a creative execution device, writing the story of how he became the bodyguard of the One Who Teaches, the messiah foreshadowed and foretold at the end of The Fall of Hyperion. who turns out to be a twelve-year-old girl (at least at the start of this story). His story begins as a native guide to off-world hunters on now-familiar Hyperion and then develops into a travelogue and chase through some of the worlds of the old Hegemony.

Endymion is the weakest book of the Hyperion series. While some hooks were left for a sequel, Endymion feels a bit bolted on at times and Simmons engages in some retconning (retroactively changing or reinterpreting the past story). It's also a less interesting story; it doesn't have the storytelling brilliance of Hyperion or the space opera sweep of The Fall of Hyperion. and sometimes feels boring or pointless. It is mostly a travelogue; how much you enjoy the book is likely to have a lot to do with how interesting you find the exploration of the worlds of the old Hegemony.

There is a larger plot, though. Endymion introduces the Pax, the new government that has taken over after the conclusion of The Fall of Hyperion and now dominates mankind far more than the Hegemony did. Half the book is told from the perspective of Raul Endymion and the other half from the perspective of a priest of the Pax who is chasing Raul and Aenea, and the Pax sections I thought were the strongest of the book. The Pax government is chilling but believable given their technology, and for most of the book Simmons does a good job slowly building a picture of their nature and motives. Unfortunately, he then spills many of the beans in exposition near the end of the book rather than giving the reader a chance to put two and two together, which partly spoils the effect.

Much of the trouble with Endymion is that it's a bridge book. It's trying to take the world of a mostly completed space opera story and prepare it as a backdrop in which to tell a very different story about religion, belief, and messiahs. Accordingly, it is neither fish nor foul, ends up feeling occasionally forced, and leaves one with the feeling that not a lot really happened. The Rise of Endymion is the real payoff to this story, and Endymion serves primarily to get the reader to the point where that story can be told.

I understand why people don't like this book. I still did like it, due largely to the enjoyable conversation with Marin Silenus at the beginning of it, the Pax portions of the book, and Aenea. Aenea becomes one of my favorite fictional characters in The Rise of Endymion. but her self-confidence and playfulness are already present here. But this isn't Hyperion or even The Fall of Hyperion ; expect the process of setting up the story to feel awkward.

Rating: 7 out of 10



The Rise of Endymion - Free eBooks Download

The Rise of Endymion

Author. Date: 05 Feb 2011, Views:

The Rise of Endymion By Dan Simmons
Publisher: S p e c t r a 1998 | 720 Pages | ISBN: 0553572989 | EPUB | 1 mb

This conclusion of the Hyperion saga (Hyperion, Fall of Hyperion, and Endymion) finds Raul Endymion, Aenea, and M. Bettik still on the run from agents of both the Pax and the TechnoCore. But Aenea is reaching maturity, clearly growing into the messiah who will one day bring down the church and stop "the resurrection." One answer lies in Aenea's blood, which she shares with her followers through a ritual of communion; the blood allows anyone to travel through the Void Which Binds, but it cannot coexist with the cruciform that brings immortality. And although Aenea's gift makes her both a power and a danger, she is also a young woman, vulnerable to the forces allied against her.

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Download EBOOK Endymion PDF for free Description of the book "Endymion":

Two hundred and seventy-four years after the fall of the WorldWeb in Fall of Hyperion, Raoul Endymion is sent on a quest. Retrieving Aenea from the Sphinx before the Church troops reach her is only the beginning. With help from a blue-skinned android named A. Bettik, Raoul and Aenea travel the river Tethys, pursued by Father Captain Frederico DeSoya, an influential warrior-priest and his troops. The shrike continues to make enigmatic appearances, and while many questions were raised in Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, still more are raised here. Raoul's quest will continue.

Dan Simmons

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