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Once Upon A Crime - Isbn:9781416912484

Category: Juvenile Fiction

  • Book Title: Once Upon a Crime
  • ISBN 13: 9781416912484
  • ISBN 10: 1416912487
  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • Category: Juvenile Fiction
  • Category (general): Juvenile Fiction
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster
  • Format & Number of pages: 185 pages, book
  • Synopsis: When Nancy's favorite mystery writer joins forces with a local charity to build a community center, Nancy decides to volunteer, but gets stuck doing the dirty work for the other volunteers and soon believes that someone is trying to ...

Another description

Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime A Brothers Grimm Mystery

From New York Times bestselling author P. J. Brackston comes the prequel to Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints. the new novel in the rollicking series featuring Gretel, all grown up and working as a private investigator in 18th century Bavaria.

Gretel (yes, that Gretel) is now 35, very large, still living with her brother Hans, and working as a private investigator. The small, sleepy town of Gesternstadt is shaken to its pretty foundations when the workshop of the local cart maker is burnt to the ground, and a body is discovered in the ashes. It is Gretel who notices that the cadaver is missing a finger. At first she does not see this as significant, as her mind is fully focused on a new case. Not that she wouldn’t far rather be investigating an intriguing murder, but her client is willing to pay over the odds, so she must content herself with trying to trace three missing cats. It is not until she is further into her investigations that she realizes the two events are inextricably and dangerously connected, and that the mystery of the missing cats will lead her into perilous situations and frightening company. Very soon Gretel finds herself accused of kidnapping Princess Charlotte, twice locked up in the cells at the Summer Schloss, repelling the advances of an amorous troll, strapped to a rack in Herr Schmerz’s torture chamber, and fleeing a murder charge. With dubious help from her brother (whose scant wits are habitually addled by drink), she must prove her innocence, solve the puzzle of the unidentified corpse, and find the stolen cats before they meet a grisly end.

P. J. Brackston is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Witch's Daughter; The Winter Witch; and Nutters. She is also the author of Gretel and the Case of the Frog Prints, available from Pegasus Books. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University and is a Visiting Lecturer for the University of Wales, Newport. Brackston lives in Wales with her partner, Simon, and their two children.

Endorsements & Reviews

“Clever and cute. Delightfully witty vignettes matched with a solid plot. A real charmer. A wonderful mystery series, something truly different and enjoyable to read.” Bookgasm “P. J. Brackston has taken fairytale characters, fleshed them out with real life experiences and human frailties and foibles, dropped them into storybook-perfect towns, added a whole lot of humour and created a rollicking and entertaining novel. Thoroughly enjoyable.” Historical Novel Society “Brackston sets her fairy-tale sequels in the Bavaria of 1776, blending fantasy and whimsy with a touch of satire. Another entertaining outing for those readers who like the idea of mixing fractured fairy tales with a little mystery.” Booklist “Thoroughly delightful—I’m interested in what case Gretel will work on next.” KidsReads.com “This spoof of Brothers Grimm fairy tales will have readers laughing out loud.” Library Journal




Once upon a Crime by Ed Gorman

Once upon a Crime

In the hands of some of the most respected mystery writers of the decade, stories such as the confinement of Rapunzel, the peril of Little Red Riding Hood, and many others are given a compelling, suspenseful twist. But unlike the well-known traditional tales, the endings found here aren't always the familiar ones you remember - or expect. In Sharyn McCrumb's "Gerda's Sense of Snow," an ingenious retelling of a classic, Gerda must rescue her best friend Kay from the Snow Queen, a crack dealer whose white powder erases pain - and makes the user her slave. A troubled teen assumes seven separate personalities after her wicked stepmother, determined to be the fairest of them all, drives her to an isolated cabin - and to dangerous deeds - in "Heptagon" by Joan Hess. In a charmingly contemporary adaptation of "The Six Swans," a country singer tries to outwit his agent by hiding a promising new act in a secluded cabin. But the agent has devious plans of her own. in "Swan Song" by John Lutz. And an uproarious new version of "The Emperor's New Clothes," by Simon Brett, has a top gangster finding salvation in televangelism - until a young gang member reveals the leader's true nature.

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Hardback Editions

June 1998. USA Hardback

Title: Once upon a crime
Author(s): Various
ISBN: 0-425-16301-6 / 978-0-425-16301-6 (USA edition)
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover
Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA

Paperback Editions

October 1999. USA Mass Market Paperback

Title: Once Upon A Crime
Author(s): Various, Ed Gorman
ISBN: 0-425-17128-0 / 978-0-425-17128-8 (USA edition)
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA

Audio Editions

August 1998. Canada Audio Cassette

Title: Once Upon a Crime
Author(s): Martin Harry Greenberg
ISBN: 0-88646-461-7 / 978-0-88646-461-5 (Canada edition)
Publisher: Dh Audio
Availability: Amazon Amazon CA



Once Upon a Crime

Iskar Kekere is barely four years old, as his entire family is eliminated by criminals - slaughtered, raped and killed as he watches. He therefore grows up with only one aim in life – vengeance. He grows up in the streets and due to his ruthlessness becomes a criminal Don as a teenager. Involved in all possible criminal undertakings, he kidnapped, assassinated, brutally and sadistically killed, sold drugs as well as humans and ran prostitution rings amongst others. He soon becomes the most prolific bank robber. Now the most feared criminal, he kidnaps the president of his country and his family just for the fun, while killing all his female friends – girl friends, fiancées and “wives” Ike, the one-man army and hero of all the assignment series of novels is unleashed on him by the government. In mind tingling and action packed episodes that involved foot-to-the-pedal car chases, gun fights and the most fantastic hand-to-hand combats, he is taken out together with his entire gang. Peace returned after that to the benefit of the law abiding citizens.

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Nancy Drew, Girl Detective Super Mysteries #2: Once Upon a Crime

AR. 5.6 (6 Points, Quiz #106719)

Someone is trying to sabotage the charity project Nancy Drew is working on with famous mystery writer Hazel Perrault, and Nancy is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery before the project--and the big fund-raising gala at the end of it--is ruined.

Publisher Description:
Once upon a crime, in a faraway land know as River Heights.

Hi, it's me, Nancy Drew. I thought meeting my hero, mystery writer Hazel Perrault, would be a dream come true. As soon as I found out she was joining forces with a local charity to build a community center for wayward teen girls, I knew I wanted to help.

But instead of building and decorating, I'm, stuck doing all the cooking and cleaning for all the other volunteers! Yuck! Worse yet, I have a hunch that someone is trying to sabotage the project - and the big fund-raising gala at the end of it.

My fairy-tale adventure is turning into a nightmare, and if I can't solve this mystery, I'm not sure any of us will be able to live happily ever after.

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The Official FOMAC Website - Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime delivers the deadly best of your favorite mystery & suspense authors and few new names on the rise. These twenty-four stories are guaranteed to lock your mind, your spine and your trigger finger into the action on the page and keep you reading between the lines.

Dive into a world where the color of justice is a shade of gray, where revenge is a dish best served stewed and where every good bad guy (and gal) gets their 15 minutes of infamy.

A side-note to murder, mayhem and suspense:

Once Upon a Crime is a group of stories collected and presented as a tribute to Pat Frovarp and Gary Shulze of Once Upon a Crime Bookstore in Minneapolis and booksellers & librarians everywhere.

When Gary began treatment for leukemia, the community of authors they support banded together to highlight the incredible and irreplaceable contribution they’ve made to the lives of readers and authors in their community and around the nation.

Proceeds benefit the Memorial Blood Bank.

Once Upon a Crime includes:

"Flyover Country" by Max Allan Collins & Barbara Collins
"Perfectly Grimm" by C.J. Box
"Merrick" by Ken Bruen
"Last Laugh" by David Housewright
"An Issue of Women and Money" by Michael Stanley
"Dumber than Dirt" by Libby Fischer Hellmann
"Snow Birds" by Gary Phillips
"Pink" by Maureen Fischer
"Santa’s Little Helper" by Anne Fraser
"The 17th Rule of Highly Effective Bank Robbers" by Troy Cook
"Puck" by Pat Dennis
"Why I Write Mysteries by Gordon Matthews" by Pete Hautman
"Eddie’s Dungeon" by Chris Everheart
"Contender" by William Kent Krueger
"Den of Iniquity" by Lori L. Lake
"You Can Be Too Thin" by Gary R. Bush
"Jibber Jabber" by Reed Farrel Coleman
"The Surrogate" by Anthony Neil Smith
"Cat’s Meow" by Mary Logue
"Uninvolved" by Lois Greiman
"Rage Against the Machines" by Terri Persons
"Live Bait" by Sujata Massey
"Dumb Luck" by Marilyn Victor
"I Seen That" by S.J. Rozan
and an introduction by Vince Flynn

[On "Flyover Country"] Barb Goffman, Short Story 365. "A Manhattan book editor has flight trouble and ends up with a night-long layover in Iowa. She’s crabby and lets folks know it. To her surprise, everyone in Iowa ends up being super nice, and they bring out the best in Miss Snooty — so much that she turns into Miss Nice and decides to ditch her big-city life and move to Iowa. Does she have her happily ever after? I’ll let you see for yourself, but here’s a clue: this story is in a crime anthology. Recommended."



Once Upon a Crime (Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Super Mystery, #2) by Carolyn Keene

Once Upon a Crime (Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Super Mystery, #2)

Once upon a crime, in a faraway land know as River Heights.

Hi, it's me, Nancy Drew. I thought meeting my hero, mystery writer Hazel Perrault, would be a dream come true. As soon as I found out she was joining forces with a local charity toMore Once upon a crime, in a faraway land know as River Heights.

Hi, it's me, Nancy Drew. I thought meeting my hero, mystery writer Hazel Perrault, would be a dream come true. As soon as I found out she was joining forces with a local charity to build a community center for wayward teen girls, I knew I wanted to help.

But instead of building and decorating, I'm, stuck doing all the cooking and cleaning for all the other volunteers! Yuck! Worse yet, I have a hunch that someone is trying to sabotage the project -- and the big fund-raising gala at the end of it.

My fairy-tale adventure is turning into a nightmare, and if I can't solve this mystery, I'm not sure any of us will be able to live happily ever after. Less

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Community Reviews

Caylee rated it it was amazing

almost 9 years ago

Recommends it for: Meg,jill

I started reading this book for my next english project the genre is mystery i still have not finished my book The Wish but that should be coming up in the fantasy genre but this book is pretty good so far there is really good detail and there is a good plot.

Stephanie rated it really liked it

I enjoyed the subtle borrowings and hinting from one of my favourite fairy tales, Cinderella. It was interesting to see how a Nancy Drew story would pan out if it were a fairy tale.

Mylena rated it liked it

over 6 years ago

I like this book so far, but it is not my favorite book!
It is good entertainment if you are bored:)

Darcy Stewart rated it really liked it

almost 6 years ago



Once upon a Crime (book)

Once upon a Crime (book)

Once upon a Crime (book)

Infobox Book |
name = Once Upon a Crime
title_orig =
translator =

image_caption =
author = Michael Buckley
illustrator = Peter Ferguson
cover_artist = Peter Ferguson
country = United States
language = English
series = The Sisters Grimm series
genre = Fantasy Mystery novel
publisher = Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
release_date = 2007
English_release_date =
media_type = Print (Hardback )
pages =
isbn = ISBN 0-8109-1610-4
preceded_by = The Problem Child
followed_by = Magic and other Misdemeanors

Once Upon a Crime is the fourth book in The Sisters Grimm series written by Michael Buckley.

Sabrina, Daphne, Relda, Mr. Canis and Hamstead travel to New York City to save Puck, to where Faerie Kingdom currently exists. After going through the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. they arrive at a bar called the Golden Egg, where past it lives the royal family, or Puck's parents. Sabrina and Daphne deliver Puck to Titania. the Queen, who is overwhelmed. But Oberon. the king, who had kicked Puck out was angered, and saying that humans and Puck was not needed in the kingdom. However, after the sisters Grimm are discovered as Veronica Grimm's daughters, the people of Faerie are overwhelmed. Sabrina and Daphne had thought for so long that Veronica was not involved in the family business, but she had been. Oberon then agrees to cure Puck, but Puck would still be banished when he was healed and would have to leave Faerie afterwards. While the Faerie people were shaking hands and admiring Sabrina and Daphne, the shocking news comes that Oberon had been murdered. Sabrina and Daphne are asked to find the murderer and bring him to justice, with Moth, Puck's fianceé.

But before they took on the case, Sabrina and Daphne decided to learn more about their mother, which also may lead to clues about the murderer. Sabrina discovers that another family had moved into their apartment. However, she only found photographs, their mothers wallet, and letters in the house, and no journal. In the wallet, however, Sabrina discovers a business card of Ebenezer Scrooge, a man that appeared in " A Christmas Carol ", who could speak to the dead. This was proof that Veronica had been involved with Everafters and Sabrina realizes that she may be able to speak to the spirit of Oberon and ask him about who had kidnapped him. It turned out that Oberon had drank poisoned wine carried into his room by one of his sons, Cobweb.

Sabrina, thinking that Cobweb may be roaming about in an abandoned subway area, travels to a subway station controlled entirely by dwarfs. On their way in chasing Cobweb, they meet the Yahoos, who threw them off track. However, Cobweb turns out, pleading innocent. Sabrina, however, did not believe him and chased after him, which led Cobweb to fly to Liberty Island. But on their way to the island, their ship is ruined by pirates. and they have a fight with cannons. They narrowly ecape, with the help of Moth's pixies, but then Moth orders the pixies to use the cannon on Cobweb, who is killed. The sisters Grimm then come face to face with Mrs. Smirt, their caseworker. who believed that she could no longer leave them with Relda, thinking that she was the one who had caused the pirate war. Sabrina and Daphne are once again sent back to the filthy orphanage. but someone had decided already to take them in. But he turns out to be a person who had just gotten out of jail the day before, doing time for murdering seven people with a crowbar. Sabrina realizes that Cobweb couldn't have killed Oberon after hearing something their new "daddy" said—"You don't go back to help someone if you want to hurt them." It didn't make sense for him to kill someone he was so loyal to, especially since he came back to check on the sisters twice—not the actions of a guilty man. The girls are quickly rescued by Bess, Canis, and Hamstead. They head back to Faerie to tell Titania that Cobweb did not kill Oberon. Moth turns out to be the criminal; she poisoned Sabrina and revealed to the dying Sabrina that she killed Oberon and framed Cobweb because she wanted to marry Puck, which she couldn't do if Puck was sent away from Faerie. She framed Cobweb because he was the King's most loyal supporter. She poisoned Sabrina because Moth realized that Puck liked Sabrina—"You think you have his heart, don't you, human? Well, it's something you never should have had and I'm taking it back."—and Sabrina was the only one of the group (Titiana, Relda, Daphne, Sabrina, Moth, and Mustardseed)going to see Scrooge to talk to Cobweb's spirit that could talk to ghosts. If the queen found out the truth, Moth would, at least, be banished. Puck comes out of his cocoon just in time.Puck ends up saving Sabrina by putting her in her own cocoon. She quickly recovers. Sabrina, Daphne, Puck, Relda, Titania, Mustardseed, and the rest of the fairies attend Oberon's funeral. Puck is now officially the King of Faerie. Puck and Sabrina stay behind, talking. Puck tells Sabrina that his father originally didn't want Puck to rule Faerie—"When I was barely out of diapers he took me aside and told me I would never be king. He said I was a disappointment to him and he would never give up his throne to me."—and that it was Puck's mother, Titana, who gave him his title: The Trickster King. He tells her that he hated his father, because he "took every opportunity to remind me that I was weak and stupid". After the funeral there is a fight between Bess's former boyfriend and Hamstead over Bess. Hamstead wins, but in the prosess reveals that he is one of the Three Little Pigs, a fact he had been trying to hide from Bess. He leaves, embarrassed. Sabrina then goes with Puck, Daphne, and Relda to the Wizard of Oz, Veronica Grimm's self-proclaimed best friend, to find out more about her mother. They find their mother's journal, but Oz tries to stop them from taking the journal, revealing that he is part of the Scarlet Hand. He sets a mechanical Wicked Witch of the West on them but they manage to escape with the journal. Oz escapes in a hot air ballon. Sabrina finds her mother's speech that she was supposed to give to the Everafter population in New York the night she disappeared, and says the speech for her mother. After Sabrina gives her mother's speech to the Everafters, Sabrina, Daphne, Relda, and Canis go back to Ferryport Landing; Hamstead decides to stay with Bess to get married after Bess comes after Hamstead before he leaves and reveals herself to be The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon.

Since Puck was to be the new king everyone thought he was staying in Faerie to rule,In the end it turns out that Puck comes home with the Grimms and apparently brought a toy along with him in the form of the six-story high mechanical witch.

*Sabrina Grimm
*Daphne Grimm
*Granny Relda Grimm
*Mr. Canis
*Sheriff Hamstead
*King Oberon
*Queen Titania

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010 .

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Once Upon a Crime by Dawn Stewardson


a long, long time ago, Abby Northberry and Ryan Vaughn were teenagers in love. And then someone robbed her father's jewelry store. Even after Ryan was arrested, Abby couldn't believe she'd been so wrong about her handsome prince.

The reality was, Ryan Vaughn spent six years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. When he returned to Clear Rapids, harder and wiser, he swore he'd find whoever framed him and stole his life. Clearing his name was the only way he could reclaim what he'd lost-his son, the woman he loved more than life itself. and their happily ever after.

But the closer he got to the truth, the closer he and Abby came to losing each other all over again. Full Synopsis

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