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Mutineer's Moon - Isbn:9780671720858

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: Mutineer's Moon
  • ISBN 13: 9780671720858
  • ISBN 10: 0671720856
  • Author: Weber
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Baen Books
  • Format & Number of pages: 320 pages, book
  • Synopsis: It wasn't insanity, but it was fanaticism. They'd suffered a hell on earth for thousands of years to bring this moment about. He knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that even if they heard and understood what Hector was saying, they were going ...

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Mutineer - это

Mutineer — Mu ti*neer. n. [See .] One guilty of mutiny. [1913 Webster] … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

mutineer — index insurgent, malcontent Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 … Law dictionary

mutineer — (n.) one guilty of mutiny, c.1600, from Fr. mutinier (16c.), from M.Fr. meutin rebellious (see MUTINY (Cf. mutiny) (n.)). As a verb from 1680s … Etymology dictionary

mutineer — ► NOUN ▪ a person who mutinies … English terms dictionary

mutineer — [myo͞ot΄ n ir′] n. [Fr mutinier < OFr mutin: see MUTINY] a person who takes part in a mutiny … English World dictionary

Mutineer — This article is about the music album. For the act of mutiny, see Mutiny. Mutineer Studio album by Warren Zevon Released May 23, 19 … Wikipedia

mutineer — UK [ˌmjuːtɪˈnɪə(r)] / US [ˌmjut(ə)nˈɪr] noun [countable] Word forms mutineer. singular mutineer plural mutineers someone who takes part in a mutiny … English dictionary

mutineer — [[t]mju͟ːtɪnɪ͟ə(r)[/t]] mutineers N COUNT A mutineer is a person who takes part in a mutiny … English dictionary

mutineer — noun Date: 1604 one that mutinies … New Collegiate Dictionary




Mutineer по Русский, перевод, Английский-Русский Словарь

en All but a handful of these (the teacher, the nurse, the pastor- who are persons recruited from outside the island by the Pitcairn Government and employed on a temporary basis- and their respective families) are native Pitcairners, i.e. they are all descended from the original settlers- some of the mutineers from HMS Bounty and the Tahitian men and women who accompanied them- who arrived in Pitcairn in January ‧ and whose descendants have constituted the sole population of Pitcairn ever since

en Pitcairn was uninhabited when castaways from HMS Bounty ( ‧ mutineers and ‧ olynesians) arrived there in

en In informal consultations on ‧ ctober, the Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Tuliameni Kalomoh, briefed Council members on the situation in Guinea-Bissau since the ‧ ctober memorandum of understanding was signed between the Government and the mutinous soldiers

en When MONUC first cantoned Mutebutsi's forces in Bukavu on ‧ ay after the initial ceasefire was obtained, it did not disarm the mutinous troops

en The islanders are descended from mutineers from HMS Bounty, which arrived in Pitcairn in ‧ and the Polynesians who accompanied them

en The Commission recommends that further investigations be undertaken to establish the full identities of the following persons and their possible involvement in this event: the PNTL Deputy Commander for Aimutin Mauclau, Patricio da Silva, Carlito Sousa Gutteres, aka Carlotta Soares, Sebai Gutteres, Jeronimo Antonio Freitas, Luis Freitas, Nando Geger, Luis R. da Silva, Maumeta Colo, Tinu Labe, Cecar Tiu Mutin. Alex Titu, Cacu Mau, Luciano, Amata, Jose, Vicente, Ernesto, Manuel, Ciquito or Akito, Fernando, Chebay, Edocai, Maumeta, Arui and Tito

en However, in March and April ‧ personnel discovered arms and ammunition caches hidden in the waters of Lake Kivu on the Democratic Republic of the Congo side near areas in Bukavu recently controlled by Mutebutsi's mutinous forces

en The problem of the mutineers could have been defused, as President Houphouët-Boigny had done on an earlier occasion in

en When in autumn of the same year the troops, faithful to Spanish crown, approached La Paz, there appeared a discord among the mutineers. after which some of them went to the Yungas valley, where soon they were defeated.

en Pursuant to this statement, the High Commissioner alerted the Special Rapporteur to the alleged massacres of civilians, soldiers and police by the RCD-G (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie-Goma, Congolese Rally for Democracy-Goma) authorities and the mob killings of individuals by unruly crowds who responded to a call to rebellion by mutinous soldiers who had occupied the local radio station in Kisangani

en In Gabon, on ‧ anuary ‧ mutineers in the central prison in Libreville reportedly took four prison guards hostage, among them one pregnant woman, put fire to parts of the premises and occupied the police post

en The problem is neither the reintegration of the mutineers. nor article ‧ of the Constitution, but rather the candidacy of a certain man for the presidency of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, the candidacy of Mr. Alassane Dramane Ouattara

en Revolts erupted, led by unpaid soldiers and police, and several civilians were killed in clashes between mutinous soldiers and presidential guards.

en At the same time, other troops based in the Ruzizi plain also began to move towards Bukavu, while the mutinous elements loyal to Colonel Mutebuzi, who had taken over the Nguba district in Bukavu, were engaged since the morning in looting stores, markets and carefully selected residences while also committing acts of flagrant human rights violations

en At the informal consultations of the whole held on ‧ ay ‧ the members of the Council received a briefing by the Secretariat on recent developments in the Central African Republic, in particular military attacks by mutinous soldiers on the residence of the President, Ange-Félix Patassé, which had resulted in ‧ fatalities

en An example was the recent trial and conviction of those responsible for rape and pillage in December ‧ during clashes between the national armed forces and mutineers

en While the Government of Rwanda understands the Security Council's condemnation of the excessive force that may have been used by the RCD-Goma forces to crush the mutiny, it was shocked by the fact that the Presidential statement is silent about the call for genocide made by the mutineers and their attempt to hand over the city of Kisangani to President Kabila

en Those who escaped were not able to identify the assailants, but they suspected that they were either rebels or mutineers from State forces such as the FAB seeking to sabotage the peace process

en One breaking development that the Council monitored closely was the situation in Kisangani following the seizure of the principal local radio station by mutinous elements of RCD-Goma

en The mutinous troops were by then in the vicinity of the airport at Kavumu, which was defended by MONUC, and on the outskirts of Bukavu

en A European national, the head of a local NGO, was raped at her home by Colonel Mutebuzi's mutinous troops

en Artefacts such as stone tools, which were made by Polynesians prior to the arrival of the mutineers. are on display

en Public work, which is required by law of all men and women between ‧ and ‧ years of age, is partly a relic of the society created by the mutineers and partly a necessity born of the basically tax-free economy

en The Government can be credited with a number of specific actions in this area, including the modernization of the army, training of personnel, deployment of military units in the interior of the country, the reintegration of ex-mutineers into the army and the appointment of several of them to positions of responsibility



Mutineer - definition of mutineer by The Free Dictionary

mutineer mutineer

[ˌmjuːtɪˈnɪəʳ] n → ammutinato/a


( ˈmjuːtini ) pluralˈmutiniesnoun

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For a moment the exhausted mutineer made a tremulous motion of his cramped jaws, and then painfully twisting round his head, said in a sort of hiss, "What I say is this --and mind it well if you flog me, I murder you

The crew was mostly Cork an' Kerry men, barrin' one Marylander that wanted to go back, but they called him a mutineer. an' they ran the ould Manila into Skibbereen, an' they had an illigant time visitin' around with frinds on the ould sod fer a week.

The incipient mutineer was more outraged than ever, then, at what he denounced as the partiality shown the captain's table over the other tables in the ship.

Well," said Captain Good, "I have been round the world twice, and put in at most ports, but may I be hung for a mutineer if ever I heard a yarn like this out of a story book, or in it either, for the matter of that.

For a moment Number Three stood watching the battle, and then he too sprang in to aid his fellow mutineer .

This old man was merely the seed of McCoy, of McCoy of the BOUNTY, the mutineer fleeing from the hemp that waited him in England, the McCoy who was a power for evil in the early days of blood and lust and violent death on Pitcairn Island.

There was nothing left for me but death by starvation or death by the hands of the mutineers .

The city, notwithstanding the incredible perseverance of its mayor, had attempted a sort of mutiny for a surrender; the mayor had hanged the mutineers .

We'll give him talk for his money, and one by one all the boys'll come in and he'll have a nest of nine hundred mutineers to squat in an' give drink to.

I saw his hand go to his belt; I saw the pistols stuck there for mutineers .

If the officers are able to prevent a mutiny, we have nothing to fear, while if the mutineers are victorious our one slim hope lies in not having attempted to thwart or antagonize them.

On the contrary, it seemed to her certain that had he not been there she would have perished at the hands of the mutineers and of the French, and that he had exposed himself to terrible and obvious danger to save her, and even more certain was it that he was a man of lofty and noble soul, able to understand her position and her sorrow.



Mutineers Moon

Mutineers' Moon

Plot summary Edit

The book’s premise is that the moon is a massive space ship controlled by a self-aware computer that wants its rightful crew back aboard.

The book begins with a prologue recording a mutiny aboard the planetoid -sized Utu -class starship of the Fourth Imperium (a more-than-55,000-year-old technologically advanced multi-star system empire), the Dahak. led by its Chief of Engineering, the ambitious and psychopathic Captain Anu. Anu's ostensible reason for mutiny is to lead his followers to refuge on some remote planet where presumably the genocidal wrath of the "Achuultani", a mysterious alien race that periodically exterminates all intelligent life it can find, and which has destroyed the previous three Imperiums, will pass over them.

The loyal crew is taken by surprise, and unable to defeat the mutineers. Faced with no choice, the captain orders Dahak to execute "Red Two Internal"—a command which will flood the entirety of the interior of the vessel with extremely deadly gases and compounds; this action will force both mutineers and loyalists to the lifeboats, and the vessel will then, acting on its other orders from the captain, allow back in the Dahak only the loyal crew and blow the disloyal members out of space. Red Two unfortunately entails the death of the captain as well. Because of his death, he is unable to command Dahak to destroy the mutineers as they leave aboard warships, not lifeboats, and the captain is equally unable to undo Anu's systematic sabotage of the power generators, intended to kill Dahak by starving it of power and thereby rendering it open to conquest by Anu's forces.

Unfortunately for Anu, Dahak' s computer systems catch the sabotage before it utterly wrecks all the power plants. but the damage is so severe that it is forced to cease all communications and non-necessary expenditures of power. Indeed, the damage takes decades to repair—by which point none of the loyal crew is still alive or able to contact the Dahak. Outnumbered and outgunned by the mutineers, the loyalists have been systematically sought out and exterminated. This places the ship in a dilemma in which it cannot return to the Imperium as it has been ordered to, but nor can it exterminate the mutineers as other, equally important, orders dictate. This impasse lasts for approximately 50,000 years, until the Earthling's early space program sends up one Lieutenant Commander Colin MacIntyre to map the dark side of the heavenly body Dahak had camouflaged itself as—the Moon. as a "dress rehearsal" for a similar trip scheduled for Mars.

His mission is hijacked by Dahak and his death is faked; had MacIntyre returned with his data, Dahak ’s cover would have been blown. While aboard, Dahak (the AI. not the vessel proper) explains the situation to MacIntyre, and prevails upon him to, as a descendant of the loyalists, become Dahak ’s newest captain, and to quickly exterminate the mutineers—quickly, because Imperium installations are being methodically destroyed, sure signs of the beginning of the latest Achuultani incursion. MacIntyre reluctantly accepts. The first step to making him the true captain is to massively revamp his body surgically, granting him superhuman resilience, speed, and strength, in addition to the built-in electronics granting matchless control of Imperium technology.

While Dahak has known for thousands of years where Anu's forces have bunkered up—under the South Pole in Antarctica —their base is protected by extremely strong force fields, force fields so strong that to penetrate them and destroy the base would require Dahak' s heavy weaponry, which would inevitably kill a significant percentage of the human population of Earth; an untenable action, to say the least.

MacIntyre returns to his old home to renew contacts with his elder brother, Sean, and to enlist him in a scheme to discover the mutineers' agent in the space program. It initially succeeds, but when he and Sean attempt to contact the agent, they discover their scan of the space program building was detected, and that it was a trap. MacIntyre and Sean fend off some of the mutineers (at the cost of Sean's life), but MacIntyre is rescued by an acquaintance, who sends him through a tunnel where he is captured by another group of mutineers.

This group, led by former missile tech Horus, was a dissident splinter faction of Anu's, which turned against him after the mutiny. Despite supporting Anu during the mutiny itself, Horus and his crew committed a double mutiny against Anu and fled into hiding on Earth. Once they reached Earth, they entered stasis so that the crew would be able to survive however long it would take for civilization to reappear on Earth (Anu at the time enforced primativism). Now, with civilization and technology emerging on Earth, his group has begun a passive, behind-the-scenes war against Anu. Because they are heavily outnumbered in weaponry, they have been forced to always play it very carefully. As a result, the crew of the battleship has created a huge network of humans, many of whom are descendants of Nergal 's crew. However, the arrival of the MacIntyre means that the end has begun, for Dahak has at last taken a hand in the game. Eventually, this group and its battleship, the Nergal. joins MacIntyre, and they embark on a grand plan to destroy Anu: first, they rapidly and effectively destroy a number of important installations that Anu's terrorists and other forces are based out of (convincing Anu to withdraw all of his important personnel back to the main base), then they have their agents inside the Antarctica base steal the codes to gain access for them; finally, they fake a major defeat, and when Anu relaxes, certain that they were cowed and hurt, their now-at-liberty agents send them the codes and they launch a full assault, backed up by Dahak's orbital weaponry.

The assault costs them dearly, but Anu is killed and his forces captured or dead. With the full revelation of Dahak ’s power, the world's governments have little choice but to submit to the Planetary Governor MacIntyre. However, Colin has little time to unify the world, because the Achuultani draw ever nearer, and the Imperium is silent, even when Dahak ’s communication systems are repaired. At the end, MacIntyre leaves the world under the care of old Horus, and departs for the nearest Fleet Imperium base, hoping to call upon Imperial assistance.

Concept and creation Edit

Author David Weber says the genesis for this book began with a question: "Assume that Earth doesn't actually have a Moon, but rather a giant starship disguised as our Moon which has been there for at least 50 or 60,000 years. Where did it come from, why did it come here, and why hasn't it left?" Weber says the answer to those questions built the foundation for this book and its sequels. [1]



Promise the stars

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Mutineer's Moon - ISBN:9780671720858

Mutineers' Moon
Dahak #1
David Weber Riverdale: Baen, 1991. ISBN: 0-671-72085-6. Pp. 315

Review © 2007 Branislav L. Slantchev

Before Weber hit it big with Honor Harrington, there was Colin MacIntyre, a hot-shot NASA pilot whose training flight over the Moon. well, over what we think is the Moon but what in fact is Dahak. a humongous battleship of the Fourth Imperium that had stood a silent watch over the Earth for over 50,000 years. Yes, you read that right: our moon is actually a warship. The original moon was apparently destroyed when this impostor replaced it (although we are never really told just what sort of havoc an object with such mass would have on this planet before it got rid of the old Moon). It's not exactly clear what business the Imperium has building these monsters but at any rate, it is here and it is self-aware.

Which means, of course, it's probably getting lonely after all these thousands of years. But it's actually worse, for Dahak is on a mission from god (well, okay, on a mission from his original Captain whose last orders could be treated as the word of god for all practical purposes as far as the ship is concerned). So even though it's not the case that "in the beginning was the Word," it most surely appears that in the end it will be. For the instructions to Dahak are quite clear: it is to orbit around Earth until it destroys every last one of the mutineers that attempted to take it over but failed. Since these guys fled to Earth, Dahak must now just wait for them to surface so it can kill them.

Simple? No? Weber then takes us on an increasingly unbelievable journey where he tries to weave hare-brained conspiracy theories that link world governments, Islamic terrorists, and assorted warmongers to these mutineers who are led be a certifiable nutcase by the name Anu, which I am guessing is short for Anubis given the blatant references to Egyptian religion elsewhere in the book. Basically, the bad guys come out of kryo every century or so to wreak havoc and steal some fresh bodies, but other than that they seem content just biding their time beneath the ice of Antarctica (thank god Weber didn't involve Atlantis in this but he came close). This and battle a splinter mutineer group whose sole purpose in this is to provide the muscle for MacIntyre, making his defeat of the bad guys a bit less unbelievable. as in Earth not resting on the back of an elephant resting on the back of a tortoise but on turtles all the way down.

Fundamentally nothing more than a brain candy, this first entry in the Dahak Trilogy fails on just about every level. It's an easy read but the characters are just flat and uninteresting. The one glimmer of hope dies very soon during an attack on a house, and it's all downhill from there. The love-story between MacIntyre and Jiltanith (with her exceedingly annoying tendency to speak what the Cliff's Notes tell us was Shakespearean English) is juvenile with all that hatred getting turned into passion. There are several interesting but underdeveloped characters like MacMahan: Weber could have explored the moral ramifications of the plan the good guys implement instead of just dismissing them with a short note about them thinking about those. Or maybe Weber truly believes in that memorable sentiment echoed in Verhoeven's Starship Troopers . "We're in it for the species, boys and girls," so the survival imperative trumps any sort of artificial morality. Or does it? If we survive in that way, what are we going to be?

The novel is pretty weak even in the military department where Weber usually excels. The plan of the counter-mutineer mutineers reeks of implausible logic, especially because its success depends entirely on the enemy drawing appropriate conclusions (which he nearly did not and would not have had his staff been less afraid of him). Maybe Dean Acheson was right when he noted that "military recommendations are usually premised upon the meticulous statement of assumptions that as often as not are quite contrary to the facts and yet control the conclusions." Of course, with Weber playing God in his own novel, none of these military plans are subject to the classic Clausewitzian friction that would have undone them all in real life.

The final gripe about this novel is that there's just way too much going on for a such a simple and short work. The galaxy-spanning Fourth Imperium, the relentless Shiva of an enemy in the Achuultani, all the changes that earthlings must adapt to. It's all too much and it happens in too short of a time. In fact, it's as if the main confrontation is going to be between whatever remains of the Imperium (probably nothing) and the other aliens, so this action on Earth is merely a sideshow, a stepping-stone toward the larger stage. Since Earth would have no chance against the Achuultani unless the mutineers are defeated, their end is foreordained by the existence of two other novels after this one. Ruins the suspense a bit, I would say.



Mutineer's Moon - ISBN:9780671720858

L'anarchiste et le diable:

<< Fascinant! >> - Tony Tremblay, Bande à part, Radio Canada

<< C'est beau, c'est trés beau! >> - Marguerite Paulin CINQ FM, Montréal

<< Une impeccable traduction. >> - Le Couac

The Anarchist And The Devil Do Cabaret

" An incredible collection of writings from the indefatigable anarchist raconteur, sex(ism) workshop producer, activist and poet. Loosely based around a European tour with his anarchist cabaret band - Rhythm Activism - this is much more than a collection of journals. Though it is partly that. With wit, candor,and the skill of a true storyteller, Nawrocki weaves simple tales of life, history, travel, resistance and revolution into a coherent tapestry of a life on the road, a life of revolt, and a life steeped in history, tradition, and culture. Truly wonderful." - Free Republic

Many of the pieces have the roughness & shimmer of raw silk" - The Gazette, Montréal

"A truly exceptional offering of creative resistance." - Briarpatch, Regina

"Nawrocki proves he has a uniquely impressive ability to empathize with pinpoint accuracy" - The Echo, Vancouver

"A lifetime of finding politics & poetry in the street & taking them back there in revitalized & articulate form" - The Province, Vancouver

"This book is fabulous" - CTV News, Montréal

"Good agitprop" - The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"Fearless" - Morningside, CBC Radio

"Raw" - Radio Canada TV

" A rendezvous with poetry & a breath of freedom" - Rebelles, Montréal

"Never a doubt about the clarity of Nawrocki's voice. (it) kicks the heads of authoritarian society" - Montréal Mirror

"One of the most important pieces of political art this decade" - Vice Magazine, Montréa l

Norman Nawrocki has written and published several books of fiction and poetry in both English and French with publishers like Black Rose Books, AK Press, Lux Editeur, etc. He is also included in numerous anthologies ('City Lights,' 'Rebel Musics,' 'Resist!' etc.). Most of his books are available from any reputable bookstore worldwide, in public libraries, or directly on-line from Les Pages Noires Distribution .

Dinner for Dissidents

More rabble-rousing poems, songs and lyrical musings from Montreal's celebrated rebel wordsmith. This third volume in Nawrocki’s ‘Brain Food Trilogy’ also contains new original, compelling art by Caro Caron. Gord Hill. Matta. Tournesol Plante. Poderiu. Jesse Purcell. Tôma Sickart. Maurice Spira. Tania Willard —and a recipe. Includes poems about racial profiling, repression in China, war resisting, Cub Scouts, globalization casualties, on-the-job direct action and more. A book for anyone craving new ways of thinking towards a world without rulers and ruled.

80 pages; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", illustrated; ISBN 978-2-9805763-1-7 Price: $12 plus shipping

Lunch for Insurgents

Another incendiary poetic collection of insightful commentary, oral molotovs and daring fantasies from the rebel wordsmith arguing why a socially just, war-free, healthy world here and now, should be on everyone’s ‘to do list.’

Includes original, compelling art by Canadian artists Caro Caron. Gord Hill. David Lester. Matta. Maurice Pressé. Maurice Spira. Benoit Tremblay. Tania Willard , Yvetta Wu from Hong Kong and Poderiu from Portugal.

80 pp; illustrated; ISBN 978-2-9805763-0-0

Breakfast for Anarchists is Norman Nawrocki's newest collection of rebel verse, fantasy, rant, short fiction and anarcho agit prop recipes.

It contains over 30 stirring, provocative capsules of Nawrocki's trademark wit, passionate rage, love and reflection.

Also includes original artwork & photos by North American artists Linda Dawn Hammond, Albo Jeavons, David Lester, Maurice Pressé, Benoît Tremblay, Miriam Verburg and Zazalie Z.

Breakfast for Anarchists is Volume I of 'The Brainfood Trilogy' Volumes 2 + 3 will be Lunch for Insurgents and Dinner for Dissidents.

In bookstores June 30, 2007, 80 pages, $12, or from Les Pages Noires

L'Anarchiste et le diable Voyages, cabarets et autres récits ( LUX Editeur. 2006) is a 300 page French translation of his last book of short stories, 'The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret'. It's available in better bookstores everywhere, from the catalogue page, or from luxediteur.com


Normally, I'd hide my diary under my bed, hoping no one would dare look. Here, now, I ask you to take a peek. Flip the pages. Read what happens when my bandmates and I decide to inject a bit of imported, Canadian anarcho rock 'n roll into the outstretched arms of Europe. Live, as 'Rhythm Activism,' we perform high grade political cabaret guaranteed to shake, rattle and question. How? We take the best of traditional European cabaret, combine it with the worst of American TV, throw in cutting-edge and traditional music full of surprises, add some slapstick, costumes and masks and underpin everything with a serious social message. We also get people dancing - from Berlin to New York.

---Click here to read excerpts---


'NO MASTERS! NO GODS! Dare to Dream,' by Norman Nawrocki

If you're feeling powerless in front of lying politicians, thieving corporations, and Jeep Cherokee mindsets, then read anarcho-cabaret author/agitator Norman Nawrocki's NO MASTERS! NO GODS! Dare to dream.'

NO MASTERS! NO GODS! Dare to dream' is Nawrocki's third collection of urban tall tales, short fiction, 'news' poems, dreams, rants and rhymes. It pulls together new unpublished work and pieces from some of his theatre musicals and cabarets. The result: another timely shot of what he calls 'creative resistance' for all those aching for radical social change.

He writes about 'velorutionaries,' 'east end kids,' squeegee punks old and new, hackers, mutineers, and plain hungry folk who question the right of 'neo-neanderthals' in suits and ties to institutionalize misery. In 50 pages of sometimes satiric, sometimes poignant prose, he exposes the everyday injustices that ordinary people suffer in the name of 'profits' and greed and offers a vision of how things could be different.

Nawrocki writes about the growing frustration and anger of those below who are tired of State platitudes and corporate apologists, and want radical changes - now. He also writes about lousy lovers, Québec nationalism, homophobia and the future of Montréal.

---Click here to read excerpts---

'NO MASTERS! NO GODS! Dare to dream' (cover design by MECCA NORMAL 's Jean Smith) is distributed in the USA & Europe by AK Distribution, and in Canada, directly by the publisher, GET TO THE POINT/SMARTEN UP! PUBLICATIONS, #304 - 1320 Salsbury, Vancouver, BC, V5L 4B3, Canada ( tel/fax 604-253-8106).*

NO MASTERS! NO GODS! Dare to dream
by Norman Nawrocki
50 pages
1/2" by 8 1/2", two colour cover, stiched with dust jacket cover
ISBN 0-9697112-2-0 Price: $9.95

rêves, soupirs et sacres vers un monde libertaire

The first collection in French of anarchist inspired short fiction, songs and poems from internationally celebrated cabaret artist & writer Norman Nawrocki. Includes pieces about "Ronald Fucking McDonald;" squatting; direct actions on city buses; anarchist waitresses; polka riots; forbidden love.

Depuis les jungles du Chiapas jusqu'aux ruelles de Montréal, Chasseur de Tornades nous entraîne dans son tourbillon de légendes urbaines et de cansons rebelles.

Il bascule sur son passage les mythes médiatisés d'un immuable ordre social, laissant derrière lui une seule alternative: emvosager un monde passionné en pleine révolte. Chasseur de Tornade est l'envers anarchiste du cul-de-sac quitidien des McJobinnes et de l'ordre du jour des grandes entreprises.

--Click here to read excerpts--

RA lyricist/vocalist Norman Nawrocki's riotous first book, published by AK Press. Samples the best from his prolific output since 1986.

New unreleased material & pieces from his recordings, theater musicals & cabarets. A lively & timely shit of "creative resistance for those aching for radical social change.

Rebel Moon is a "cabaret on paper" of dangerous poems and forbidden words. It's also an anarchist critique of injustice and a call to action - direct action.

Within is a vision of a world without bosses, lousy lovers or supermarket rip-offs, where our wildest dreams of freedom are offered back to us as legitimate possibilities. Witty, informative and hard-hitting, Rebel Moon helps catapult a culture of resistance into the 21st century.

Poems from Rebel Moon have been translated into Persian, by an Iranian Anarchist Journal:
"Neither God NOR State Nor Bosses"
NAKHDAR: A Persian Anarcho-Communist Journal Spring
2002 Issue#2
NAKHDAR POBOx 380473 Cambridge Massachusetts
02238-0473 USA

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David Weber - Example Problems

David Weber

David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. born in Cleveland. Ohio. In his stories, he creates a consistent and rationally explained technology and society. Even when dealing with fantasy themes, the magical powers are treated like another technology with supporting rational laws and principles.

Many of his stories have militaristic. particularly naval. themes, and fit into the Military science fiction genre. He challenges current gender roles in the military by assuming that a gender-neutral military service will exist in his futures. As he often places female leading characters in what have previously been seen as traditionally male roles, he is able to explore the challenges faced by women in the military and politics.

His most enduring character is Honor Harrington whose story, together with the "Honorverse " she populates, has been developed in 12 novels, and four shared universe anthologies, as of spring 2004.

Contents Published Works

Many of Weber's books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the 'Baen Free Library' or, in the case of more recent books, in the form of sample chapters (typically the first 25 or 33% of the book). Where the links below include '/library/' in the URL, they are the whole text of the book. Weber's publisher, Baen Books, is a pioneer in the sale of books in various electronic formats and all the linked titles below can be downloaded for payment when they are not available for free.

The hardback edition of War of Honor contained "The Honorverse CD", which amongst other things held electronic copies of the entire series to that point (including the collection books up to Changer Of Worlds ). The CD label explicitly states that the contents are freely distributable and the CD itself has been mirrored on various web-sites. This CD was only the first: there have now been seven other releases.

Honor Harrington Series

External links are to online copies of the books at two sites run by Baen Books. baen.com and webscription.net . except upcoming books which are hosted at jiltanith.thefifthimperium.com courtesy of Baen's Bar.

Worlds of Honor Collections

Short Stories related to the Honor Harrington Series - edited by David Weber

Novels related to the Honor Harrington Series Heirs of Empire series War God Series



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