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Biodanza - Isbn:9789562604338

Category: Other

  • Book Title: Biodanza
  • ISBN 13: 9789562604338
  • ISBN 10: 9562604330
  • Author: Rolando Toro
  • Category: Dance therapy
  • Category (general): Other
  • Publisher: Editorial Cuarto Propio
  • Format & Number of pages: 300 pages, book
  • Synopsis: This book is written by the creator of Biodanza (Dance of Life), teacher, poet, artist, Rolando Toro (1924-2010). It seeks to explain the nature and potential benefits of Biodanza.

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Publications, articles, and book reviews by art historian Kees Kaldenbach, various, outreach, perspective views, view of delft, mozart, vincent van Go

Publications and Lectures by Drs* Kees Kaldenbach, independent scholar, "Privatgelehrter"


Breaking news: Radio interview in Dutch. Dutch national radio, November 19, 2015.

'Vermeer's View of Delft and His Vision of Reality' in: Artibus et Historiae 6 (1982) pp. 9-35. This article was written in collaboration with Dr. Arthur K. Wheelock Jr, curator of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.and has been widely cited.

'Perspective Views ' in: Print Quarterly (June 1985) pp. 86-104. Subsequently this article has appeared in a Japanse translation at Kobe Museum, Japan). My study was originally published in two parts in a Dutch magazine on book history, 'De optica, een leerzaam kijkvermaak' and 'Opticaprenten, uitgevers, graveurs, tekenaars' both in: De Boekenwereld part 1 (January 1985) pp. 2-12 and part 2 (March 1985) pp. 4-12.

'Abraham Rademaker, nieuwe biografische gegevens en een verkenning van zijn getekende werk ' (New Biographical Data and a Survey of his Drawings) in Leids Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, achttiende eeuwse kunst in de Nederlanden. Delft 1987, pp. 165-176.

A study on the drawings collected by Joanna Koerten: "Tekeningen uit het album amicorum (Stamboek) van Joanna Koerten Blok. (1650-1715)" (Amsterdam 1988). In Dutch only.

Pilgrimage Through Life; Travelling in the Footsteps of Vincent van Gogh '. Amsterdam, 1990. This book also appeared simultaneously in a Dutch version: 'Pelgrimstocht door het leven; Reizen in de voetsporen van Vincent van Gogh ', Amsterdam, 1990. These two books are a combination of art history and historical cartography. Contributions by Michel Didier. See the excerpt of about 20 historical maps on this home page www.xs4all.nl/

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a Life ( an unpublished book manuscript ) based on several major biographies and the full text book set of Mozart's Collected Letters (published in German). Historical image material from the archives and museums of Salzburg and Vienna has been added. Note: This manuscript awaits a publisher (possibly a book or CD-rom or DVD-publisher). One of the promising items is an extremely large and detailed 18th Century figurative city plan of Vienna, from the collection of the Austrian National Library (Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek). A full size copy of this print is in the archive of the author. Compare the Birds' Eye Flight of Delft! Possibilities for a succesful DVD or CDrom and creating an interactive Vienna & Mozart world are truly exciting.

'Iconologie, het kind en het badwater' in Lier en boog, tijdschrift voor Esthetica en Cultuurfilosofie. vol 7 nr 2 (1991) 98-104. Book review of Jan Baptist Bedaux, The reality of symbols, Gary Schwarz, SDU, Den Haag / Maarssen, 1990.

'Een wandeling door het Gezicht op Delft' (A Walk Through the View of Delft) published in the special Vermeer exhibition newspaper which was printed by the Haagsche Courant (March-May 1996) and handed out at the great Vermeer exhibition in The Hague.

Trudy Klaver: mijn leven (My Life- see excerpts). This book was produced by a typesetter in Desk Top Publishing for private family use. Published in Alkmaar 1997. I took care of editorial work on both text and images and management of the DTP book production, being the son of the author Trudy Klaver.

This internet site on Vermeer etc. was built, expanded and maintained.

1999: 3D project, with the Delft University of Technology:

The ships in View of Delft; lading to the most exact dating of this painting ever published. This article describes the ships on Vermeer's View of Delft and discusses various implications the newly found historical information. The article is in Dutch but here on Internet www.xs4all.nl/

kalden/ where you will also find a summary.

The original magazine publication is in Tijdschrift voor Zeegeschiedenis. Vol. 19 nr. 1 (April) 2000: "Trekschuiten, haringbuizen en vrachtschepen op Vermeers Gezicht op Delft". In 2001 a reprint has appeared in Historisch Jaarboek voor Delft, the year book of the Historische Vereniging Delfia Batavorum.

'A 3D Flight over Vermeer's Delft in 1660'. extended abstract in Leonardo, Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. vol 33, nr. 1, 2000, p. 59.

'Het Straatje van Johannes Vermeer: Nieuwe Langendijk 24-26? Een kunsthistorische visie op een archeologisch en bouwhistorisch onderzoek' in Bulletin KNOB (Koninklijk Nederlandse Oudheidkundige Bond), Vol. 99 nr. 5-6, november-december 2000 p. 239-249. The contents of this article is not valid anymore as Prof. Grijzenhout published findings on 19 november 2015. The correct address is Vlamingstraat canal 40-42.

Subsequently in 2002 a German version has appeared:' " >> Die kleine Strasse << von Johannes Vermeer: Nieuwe Langendijk Nr. 22-26? Ein kunstgeschichtlicher Blick auf eine archäologische und baugeschichtliche Untersuchung" in Die Denkmalpflege. I-2002. English readers see the English internet version on this precise location of The Little Street which has now been determined. Caveat! The contents of this article is not valid anymore as Prof. Grijzenhout published findings on 19 november 2015. The correct address is Vlamingstraat canal 40-42.

An article about a Vermeer Virtual Reality project in Delft University of Technology, 2001.

'Plans of Seventeenth-Century Delft with Locations of Major Monuments and Addresses of Artists and Patrons ' in Walter Liedtke (ed.), Vermeer and the Delft School. exhibition catalogue, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City and Yale University Press, New Haven, p. 557-565. This article was severely abridged. The full encyclopedic text - ever updated and expanded - is now on internet www.xs4all.nl/

A large historical pinpoint map with full caption list. Title in Dutch: Johannes Vermeer en de DELFTseschool. Woonhuizen van Delftse kunstenaars en kunstverzamelaars uit de zeventiende eeuw in kaart gebracht. Sijthoff pers, Rijswijk, 2001. This map appeared in Dutch both as a large high quality print and as a newspaper print in the Delftsche Courant. 31 March 2001. Full colour map which is available from the author - in a limited print run .

Another separate limited print English edition of this map exists, published in Amsterdam: Johannes Vermeer and the DELFT school, a chart of Homes of Delft Artists and Patrons in the Seventeenth Century, Amsterdam, 2001. This beautifully printed large wall map may be ordered here .

A quick time walk through the south gates of Delft - Quick-time movie showing a walk through the gates, depicted by Vermeer in the View of Delft. This epoch making project was supported and executed by the Department of Industrial Design of the faculty OCP (Design Engineering and Production) of the Delft University of Technology.

Book review of Grove Dictionary from Rembrandt to Vermeer. Published in Visual Resources, fall 2001. Book title "From Rembrandt to Vermeer, 17th-century Dutch Artists" edited by Jane Turner, published in the The Grove Dictionary of Art series, GroveArt, St Martin's Press, New York City, 2000.

C. Willemijn Fock: Het Nederlandse interieur in beeld, 1600-1900 Waanders, Zwolle, 2001. Book review in Dutch in de Delftsche Courant. 30 Maart 2002.

Internet re-publication of Obreen 1877. Fully searchable complete text of the 1877 Obreen publication of the Guild Book of Delft Master Painters, Engravers, Sculptors, Faience Potters etc. in the seventeenth century. See www.xs4all.nl/

kalden/ and click the the tab Artists & patrons.

>>Die kleine Strasse

Photo by BBC director Roger Parsons, during a BBC interview, aired on BBC-2 SATURDAY 29th March, 2003 at 7 PM London time. The interviewer is Andrew Graham-Dixon. He has grown to become the art pope after 2012.

BBC television: The madness of Vermeer - Secret lives of the artists. Interviewer Andrew Graham -Dixon. Now on Youtube. At the exact time of 35 minutes. 39 seconds the interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon parks the bike and enters my home. What you do not see in the movie is the rest of the crew: lights, sound, cameraman, continuity, the director. The item was surprisingly filmed at my home in one take. Thanks to Andrew's quality of asking the right questions at the right moment. Beforehand I had to clean up my desk, though.

Internet opening of Vermeer's House and Studio at Oude Langendijk, Delft. Plans and elevations, complete inventory of all objects; presentation in 3D Virtual Reality. Grand Opening 17 januari 2003. Go to my site and click Vermeer in the yellow field on top.

'Renaissance Art, a CG re-creation lets viewers get up close and personal with a unique 15th-century masterpiece' [review of a CD-ROM on Van Eyck, the Adoration of the Lamb, Ghent Cathedral]. in Computer Graphics World. February 2004. Electronic version of this article.

New DVD on the Van Eyck "Ghent Altarpiece", in: 15 Jahre. Computer. Art. Faszination. Dot-verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 2004. See also www.dot-online.de

Updates in web site www.johannesvermeer.info

Talk in Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts, KNAW. "Art History research welded into Internet multimedia programs." This Research Gallery Lecture was organised by the Virtual Knowledge Studio during the Launch of a research programme on October 11, 2006 in the Trippenhuis, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam. The Launch will be the occasion to take stock of the state of the art with respect to e-research in the humanities and social sciences and new research practices. Scholars from a variety of disciplines meet with specialists from the creative industry.

Internet Book reviews

2007. Lecture tour, USA, Easter 2007: Two Speaking engagements at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.

2007. Lecture for the Marcel Proust Society, Delft, 2007

2008, may. Lectures on cruise ship to Oslo and environs.

2008, September-October. Lectures on cruise ship to Rome, Athene, Istanbul and environs.

Lecture in the framework of the Fagel conference in Trinity College, Dublin, September 2008.

2008: Book. An in-depth museum travel guide on the works of Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh. Museumgids Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh. Compleet museum-schilderijen overzicht. Text Kees Kaldenbach. Lists and cartography by publisher Scriptio. See cover on the right.

2009, September-October. Lectures on cruise ship to Stockholm, St Petersburg and environs.

2009, october Golden Age Lecture, in Colloquium Gouden Eeuw kring (circle), Amsterdam.

2010, January. Two Lectures in Dublin:

1) 8th Biennial Conference Communicating, Remembering, Reconstructing
an Interdisciplinary Conference for Low Countries Studies Dublin, 6 - 7 January 2010. See Lecture Kaldenbach on Museum web sites.

February 2010: Article in the Dutch magazine of Physical Education teachers on the effects of PE and Biodanza:

"Feeling lost at gym, and then 'coming home '. Statements about PE and alternative forms of moving, especially Biodanza", bnein g the English version of the article in Dutch: "Ontheemding en daarna “thuiskomen”. Statements over gym en Alternatieve vormen van bewegen, met name Biodanza". in KVLO Tijdschrift voor Gymleraren, nr 2 van 26 februari 2010.

Enrichment programme on board a cruise schip, Mediterranean sea.

Fall - Winter 2010

Boekbespreking / Book review of Jaap Evert Abrahamse, De grote uitleg van Amsterdam. Stadsontwikkeling in de zeventiende eeuw (Toth; Bussum 2010) 432 p. ill. €39,90 ISBN 9789068684919

In the light of Geert Grote: Andachtsbild and images of spirituality in the sacred and the profane world

New in November 2012. Presenting a ground breaking and "terrifically exciting" 11,000 word article on MASSAGE & SEXUALITY. published on November 3, 2012 in a Sexuology yearbook - on the internationally controversial topic of Massage & Sexuality. Book title: "Integral and Transpersonal Sexology; Human sexuality and Intimate Relationships from an Integral, Transpersonal and Somatic Sexological Perspective" Edited by Dr Tara Long." Edited by Dr Tara Long.

November 2012: An article on Rembrandt’s Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert. its historical value, provenance, auction policy, auction price, acquisition and status http://kalden.home.xs4all.nl/verm/rembr_uyttenboogaard.html

Album Amicorum by Koerten Blok A source document on an early Friends' album.

As a result of 10 months of archival study: these articles were published on 12 November, 2014

Full Mannheimer article 9200 words, without notes, or a separate PDF included with 130 notes.

A nasty article on Mannheimer in the German Army Magazine Signal, 1940

Mannheimer buying from Russian museums. who were forced to sell by order of Stalin

Mannheimer art distributed in Dutch museums (outside the Rijksmuseum)

Mannheimer art collection, nearly entirely perished in the London Blitz

Notes in Dutch: diverse aantekeningen in het Rijksarchief

If you would like to read a LARGE in-depth academic text on Vermeer, neuroscience and perception, please go to

2013: BBC shoot in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

BBC 4 TV programme shoot in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, March 28, 2013 just before the formal opening. Kaldenbach in red jacket. Behind the middle cameraman interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon. The director approaching from the right.

In the middle: daughter Suzanne, who has not been there 12 years, Kees Kaldenbach and interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon.

April 23, 2013. Art presentations. Film shooting in Rijksmuseum with IVS television, Japan. Google: Rijksmuseum Kaldenbach.

In 2014-2015 I re-published many of my articles on the web site Academia.edu

One was a very early article of mine, ca 1988. about an album amicorum of the scissor paper cut artist Joanna Koerten Blok. In Dutch only.

November, 2015. On 18 november. I was called to the studio of Dutch National Radio (NOS) for the news programma Oog op Morgen. Where I gave an 8 minute live talk on Vermeer and his Little Street painting. The reason was the upcoming revelation of the exact spot on Vlamingstraat canal nr 40-42 in Delft.

Breaking news: Radio interview in Dutch. Dutch national radio, November 19, 2015.

Some fine Amsterdam maps:




Biodanza - ISBN:9789562604338


Spontaneous Painting
»Purchase the book from Amazon. Balboa Press or your local bookseller or preferred online retailer
Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4525-5333-7
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4525-5332-0

This groundbreaking book presents a new perspective on art and the power of symbols to evolve our innate potential and consciousness. Spontaneous Painting is a 21st century method that everyone can do to create the culture of peace inside out.

  • ISSSEEM presents Dr Susan Bello "Spontaneously Painting Subtle Energy"
  • Teaching Children To Express Their Inner World (Published in Encounter, vol. 15, Number 3, Autumn 2002) (download PDF )
  • What Is Biodanza? (Lecture presented at the American Group Psychological Association, 2003) (download PDF )
  • Archetypal Art As A Means Toward Wholeness (Published in Exceptional Human Experience, Vol. 12, No.1, June 1994) ( download PDF )
  • An Evolutionary Pedagogy - Whole Brain Learning: The I.am.ITM Method of Spontaneous Painting by Susan Bello Ph.D, ATR (download PDF)



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    Wiki: Biodanza

    Biodanza (neologism from the Greek bio (life) and the Italian danza (dance), literally the dance of life ) is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. It seeks to promote the ability to make a holistic link to oneself and one's emotions and to express them. Biodanza also claims to allow one to deepen the bonds with others and nature and to express those feelings congenially. http://altairedstates.co.uk/

    Biodanza claims to be a "human integration system of organic renewal, of affective re-education, and of relearning of Life's original functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias through music, singing, movements and group encounter situations". Toro, Rolando (2008). Biodanza. Editorial Cuarto Propio, Santiago, Chile. ISBN 978-956-260-433-8. http://biodanza.org/

    It is a method which aims the development of human capacities, including the feeling of happiness, communication skills and improving of relationships. http://www.biodanza.co.za/

    Biodanza was created in the 1960s by the Chilean Anthropology and Psychology Rolando Toro, http://www.biodanzabh.com.br/ the Biodanza system is now found in 54 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Africa United States, Ireland and Russia. http://biodanza.org/index.php?option=com_weblinks&view=categories&Itemid=88&lang=en

    Biodanza has been featured on CNN Chile. CNN Chile 19 Feb 2010 on BBC TV Making Slough Happy: a four-part series on Positive Psychology featuring Biodanza as one of the Happiness interventions: Episode 2, Tuesday 22 November 2005, BBC2 and national newspapers in the UK, and in lifestyle magazines in the UK Dance the heart-ache away, Cosmopolitan 1997; Geoff Dalglish, Grab a Partner, Mens Health December 2000; Stress Busters 10, FHM, April 2004. -quoted at http://altairedstates.co.uk/ and South Africa. O the Oprah magazine South Africa, January 2005 -quoted at http://altairedstates.co.uk/

    The UK Daily Telegraph describes Biodanza as "a series of exercises and moves that aim to promote self-esteem, the joy of life and the expression of emotions. Lots of bounding around and hugs".



    Gabrielle Roth - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

    Gabrielle Roth

    Gabrielle Roth (February 4, 1941 – October 22, 2012) was an American dancer and musician in the world music and trance dance genres, with a special interest in shamanism. She created the 5Rhythms approach to movement in the late 1970s; there are now hundreds of 5Rhythms teachers worldwide who use her approach in their work.

    Roth worked at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. She also founded an experimental theatre company in New York, and wrote three books, created over twenty albums of trance dance music with her band The Mirrors, and directed or has been the subject of ten videos.

    Gabrielle roth the mirrors trance Early life

    Born in San Francisco, Roth was originally inspired to dance, aged seven, by seeing a ballerina through the window of a dance school, deciding that was her vocation. She found a book that showed the ballet positions and started to practice in her bedroom, eventually coming to have ballet lessons. She attended Roman Catholic schools and listened to the music of the local fundamentalist church.

    Roth described being inspired by the dance of Spanish gypsy La Chunga and by seeing the Nigerian National Ballet. She trained in traditional dance methods, suffering from anorexia during her teenage years. Roth paid for college education by teaching movement in rehabilitation centres. Following college she lived and worked in Europe for three years, during the mid 1960s. During this time she visited the concentration camps memorials in Germany that she had studied during college.

    She injured her knee in a skiing accident in Germany and later again in an African dance class. At 26, she was told that she needed surgery and wouldn't dance again and resigned herself to the prognosis. She entered a depression and later retreated to Big Sur in California, joining a group at the Esalen Institute. She became a masseuse there. She found that her body healed itself through dance, despite what the doctors had said. Gestalt psychiatrist Fritz Perls asked her to teach dance at the Esalen Institute and she set out to find a structure for dance as a transformative process. Out of her work at Esalen she designed the 'Wave' of the 5Rhythms approach, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness.


    Roth's book, Sweat Your Prayers. begins with an autobiographical prologue, "God, Sex, & My Body", in which she writes of the contradictions in her personality that led her to dance. She comments, "I loved to work out my body but I hated the mirrors". She notes that she was taught by Catholic nuns "with eyes trained to scan for sin" and that her first dance teacher was "an old woman with frizzy dyed red hair, a funny accent, and a long thin stick" who would beat her whenever she made a mistake, initiating in Roth a severe inferiority complex. In college, she became pregnant. She found her lover insensitive to the news and had an abortion three days later.

    Roth writes that she felt the importance of privacy to her kind of dance while teaching at Esalen in a room "lined with picture windows". Passers by would stare in during sessions. Roth comments, "this was tragic, as the majority of my students were paralytically self-conscious when it came to moving their bodies." She noticed that her students had difficulty breathing. Her book Sweat Your Prayers ends with her vision of spreading dance across the world, the power of movement "leading us back into the garden [of Eden], back to the earth, whole and healed, spirit and flesh reunited".


    Roth was a faculty member at The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (Stockbridge, Massachusetts) and has taught at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies (Rhinebeck, New York). She trained for three years with Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica School and set up her own experimental theatre company in New York.

    The Moving Center teaches her work through her school in New York; it has certified over 400 5Rhythms teachers worldwide. She teaches experimental theatre in New York based on her 5Rhythms. Roth was music director of the theatre company The Mirrors and has been a member of the Actors Studio. Roth directed theatre productions of Savage Love. by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin, at The Culture Project (Mercer Street, New York City).

    Roth wrote three books: Sweat Your Prayers: Movement as Spiritual Practice. Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman. and Connections: The 5 Threads of Intuitive Wisdom. She founded The Moving Center School in 1977 in New York.

    With the Mirrors

    Roth performed and recorded as Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors and produced over 20 albums.

    YogaChicago describes Jhoom as "pure energy and bliss. Intense rhythms". Hot Indie News describes Still Chillin' as "without question yoga music" that "lends to an ambient, trance-like, meditative state". Awareness Magazine writes that the music pulses "creating a rhythmic aura that transports the listener", in a way that is perfect for yoga. Michael Riversong writes of "Silver Desert Cafe" on Tongues that "I always dance when it comes up".

    Roth and the Mirrors provided music for Michelle Mahrer's film, Dances of Ecstasy. in which Roth has an acting credit, appearing as herself. The New York Times review noted that "Whirling Dervishes from Turkey, Orisha Priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil, shaman healers from the Kalahari and dancers in a Gabrielle Roth workshop in New York, pulse to the same beat".


    The 5Rhythms movement system, founded by Roth in the late 1970s, focuses on five body rhythms: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness and is "a way to become conscious through dance". The movement has spread worldwide with 245 registered teachers.

    The 5Rhythms have been the subject of at least one Ph.D thesis, and some academic publications. The Huffington Post described Roth as "an incredibly influential teacher of meditative dance".

    Charlotte Macleod, writing in the London Evening Standard. describes dancing Roth's 5Rhythms as a kind of antidote to life in a large city, and how she was attracted to a dance class by a video of Thom Yorke. The class leaves her "mentally and physically refreshed, and oddly connected to the other dancers." The dance was "a kind of moving meditation" for her.

    Christine Ottery, writing in The Guardian. states that "ecstatic dancing has an image problem" and "encompasses everything from large global movements such as 5 Rhythms and Biodanza to local drum'n'dance meet-ups". She suggests that readers may "find 5 Rhythms a good place to start", and does so herself: "Nervously, I stretch and warm my muscles. As the rhythms take off, I shake off my shyness." She dances in different ways, alone or with partners. "My body is expressing itself - it's utter abandonment and a complete high."

    In 2007, Roth founded the non-profit 5Rhythms Reach Out which offered classes in 5Rhythms to various groups, including those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, other dementias, and cancer.

    Personal life

    Roth's son is Jonathan Horan, honored by her to lead the 5Rhythms forward into future generations around the world

    Roth was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in 2009 and died on October 22, 2012, aged 71.

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  • Ritual
  • Bones
  • Initiation
  • Totem
  • The Raven Classics – 4-CD boxed set
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  • Music for Slow Flow Yoga
  • Music for Slow Flow Yoga 2 Other producers
  • Path: An Ambient Collection (1995) Windham Hill Records
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  • Secret Egypt (1995) Mystic Fire Video (Directed by Sheldon Rochlin)
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  • The Great Lesson: A New Film About Mind and Body: Featuring Gabrielle Roth References

    Boris Grebenshchikov



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